Round 3: Wayne Pinkney (Geargia) vs. Aiden Lawlor (Constellar)

It’s round 3 at Nationals and we’re getting serious with two fantastic players! Wayne Pinkney is playing Geargia against Aiden Lawlor’s Constellars!

“I was terrible at the game till I met you!” said Lawlor to Pinkney as they shuffled their Decks. Pinkney responded with “can I have a dice I’m unprepared as usual!”

Get my best side! - Wayne Pinkney
Get my best side! - Wayne Pinkney

[header]Game One[/header]
Pinkney won the roll and started. He played [g accel] and Special Summoned a second [g accel]. He overlaid into [ggx] and detached bringing [g armor] to hand. He set three [fd] [st] and passed.

Lawlor set four [fd] [sts] and Normal Summoned [con pol].

Pinkney drew and Lawlor [mind crush]ed [g armor] from Pinkney’s hand. Pinkney used [ggx] to get another [g armor] to hand. He attacked and in the damage step [honest] dropped to the Graveyard. He set two [fd] [sts] and ended.

[pod] revealed a [fiendish] and two [con som]s and Lawlor brought [fiendish] to his hand. He set another [fd] [st].

Pinkney set a [fd] Monster Card and ended.

Pinkney plays personally with precision!
Pinkney plays personally with precision!

Lawlor passed.

Pinkney passed.

Lawlor passed.

“Did you actually just both pass that many times?” I asked the players to make sure I hadn’t gotten it wrong. I was in for a treat in later games. Pinkney flipped [g armor] and Lawlor chained [fiendish] which fell to a [mst]. [g armor] fetched [g arsenal] to hand. He Normal Summoned [g arsenal] and tributed activating its effect. Lawlor flipped [vane] in response. Pinkney sighed and flipped his [g armor] [fd].

Lawlor passed.

Pinkney flipped [g armor] and brought [g arsenal] to hand! He flipped [g armor] back [fd] and passed.

Lawlor activated [ff tenki] and brought [ff bear] to hand. He Normal Summoned [ff bear] and Pinkney chained [sw]!

Pinkney flipped his [g armor] face up bringing his advantage into overdrive! He brought [g accel] to hand and Normal Summoned [g arsenal]. He attacked and was met by a [mf]. In [mp2] he played [hole]. He set two more [fd] [sts].

[con pol] hit the field and Pinkney thought long and hard about what to do. “It’s tough isn’t it?” he asked no one in particular. Lawlor attacked and was met by [fiendish]! It was caught in an [mst] and in response Pinkney played [coth] and targeted [g arsenal]. In [mp2] he summoned [con kaus] and attempted to overlay into [eek] but the [horn] parped sending it to the Graveyard.

[g accel] was Special Summoned and [geargiano] was fetched with [g arsenal]. He used the effect and Summoned another [g arsenal]. He overlaid into [ggx] and detached to get [g mk2] to hand. He attacked directly and set two [fd] [sts].

[con som] is Normal Summoned and met a [bth]. Lawlor laughed and set a [fd] [st].

[ggx] gets [g accel] back to hand and he summons [g mk2] Special Summoning [geargiano]! He overlaid into [gt alucard] and destroys a [fd] [wiretap]. He attacks directly and sets two [fd] [sts].

Lawlor Normal Summoned [con som] and Pinkney chains [fiendish] to which Lawlor conceded!
[b]Pinkney wins game one![/b]
[header]Game 2[/header]

Lawlor would like to give a shout out to his Year 10 class!
Lawlor would like to give a shout out to his Year 10 class!

Lawlor chose to go first. He played [ff tenki] and got [ff bear] to his hand. He Normal Summoned [tkr] and set two [fd] [sts].

Pinkney started a blind turn with three [fd] [sts] and a [fd] Monster.

Lawlor set another [fd] [st], played it safe, and ended his turn.

Pinkney counted in his head and passed.

Lawlor also passed.

“The atmosphere is electric!” joked the Judge. Pinkney played another [fd] [st] and ended.

Lawlor followed suit.

Pinkney played yet another [fd] [st].

[ff bear] hits the field and it falls into the [bth].

[g arsenal] was played and it was [bth]!

“It’s a grind game, the first one to give out!” shouted Pinkney. Lawlor passed.

Pinkney set a [fd] [st] and ended.

Lawlor did the same.

Pinkney did nothing on his turn.

The turn that lasted a thousand ages
The turn that lasted a thousand ages

Lawlor pinged.

Pinkney ponged.

Lawlor Normal Summoned [con kaus].

Pinkney passed, surely the stalemate would break soon.

Lawlor Normal Summoned [con pol] and declared [con kaus] and [con pol] at Level 5. They overlaid into [tiras] who is [black horn]ed.

Pinkney replaced his newly found [st] Zone with a fresh [fd] [st].

[con kaus] hit the field and Lawlor ends.

Pinkney set a [fd] Monster Card.

[con alg] hit the field; [con kaus] and [con alg] is announced to be level five. They are overlaid into [zen]. It mets another [horn]. He passed.

[g arsenal] is played and [g accel] is Special Summoned. [g arsenal] attacked and almost crashed against a [mf] but [mf] is [wiretap]ed. And both [g arsenal] and [tkr] leave the field! “We might actually do something now!” said Lawlor. In [mp2] [g armor] was flipped and [fiendish] is activated. It was nearly saved by a [mst] but [veiler] comes out stopping [g armor] anyway. [ggx] was overlaid into and the effect got [g accel] to hand. [mind crush] got rid of the [g accel]. Pinkney flipped [geargiano] and tributed it to Special Summon [g accel]. He set a [fd] [st] and ended.

Lawlor played a [ff tenki] and searched out [con kaus]. [pod] reveals [tt] [fiendish] and [con pol]. [con pol] entered the hand. Lawlor set three [fd] [sts].

Pinkney put his head in his hands and used [ggx] to get [g mk2]. [mind crush] saw it and sent it to the Graveyard. He attacks directly! The first damage of the game! He activated [coth] still in the Battle Phase but it met a [mst].

Lawlor kicked off his turn with a [trap stun]. He played [con pol] and [con kaus] and Pinkney discarded a [maxx]. He overlaid into [eek]. [eek] detached and [g accel] brought [geargiano] to the field. [geargiano] fetched a [g mk2] to hand. [eek] attacked leaving Pinkney with a clear field again.

[g mk2] is Summoned and [veiler] messed it up. Pinkney set two and ended.

Pinkney discarded [maxx] at the start of Lawlor’s turn. [eek] attacks into a [dprison] which is stopped by a [wiretap]. Lawlor set a [fd] [st].

[g mk2] is Normal Summoned who Special Summons [geargiano]! Lawlor overlaid into [30] and attacks into an [honest]. The crowd groaned! Pinkney sets another card and passes.

[eek] attacked into a [dprison].

Pinkney drew into a [tt] and conceded!
[b]The game is a draw![/b]

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