Round 4 Feature Match: Jan Jensen vs Bernardo Guerreiro

[p]We head all the way up to Table 1 for this Round’s Feature Match! Germany’s Jan Jensen faces off against Portugal’s Bernardo Guerreiro! Jensen’s playing Chaos Plants while Guerreiro has brought Six Samurai to the table. Let’s get right to it![/p]

It's been a good day so far for Jan Jensen!

[p]Guerreiro won the die roll and chose to go first. He [ns]ed [kizan] and Set 2 Spells or Traps.

[p]Jensen started his Match with [charge], sending [lyla], [veiler] and [warning] to the Graveyard, getting a [ryko]. He Set a monster and a Spell or Trap before passing back to Guerreiro.[/p]

Guerreiro drew [reaper] and Set it.

Jensen considered his options before Setting a second monster.

Guerreiro drew [reborn] and passed, opting not to attack a potential Ryko.

[p]Jensen [fs]ed [ryko], Guerreiro responded with [warning] (paying 2000 Life Points for the cost). Jensen then [ns]ed [trooper] and dropped [poa], [foolish] and [tomato] off the top of his Deck before attacking over [kizan].[/p]

[p]Guerreiro asked how many cards Jensen had in hand (“4” was the reply) and activated [trunade]. He [ns]ed [kageki], [ss]ed [kagemusha] with its effect, and considered Flip Summoning his [reaper] before playing [reborn] on [kizan] instead. He [synch]ed [shi en], and then flipped his [reaper]. Shi En took down [trooper] and Jensen lost 2100 Life Points. Kizan destroyed Jensen’s Set [sangan], which got him a [debris]. Reaper then attacked directly, Jensen Summoned [gorz] and Guerreiro had 6 cards to choose from, hitting the [debris]! Guerreiro Set a Spell or Trap and passed.[/p]

Stardust Dragon gets to work.

[p]Jensen drew for his turn and examined the field before activating [mind] (targeting [shi en])which Shi En negated. He then played his own [trunade], following up with [lonefire] to [ss] [bulb]. Bulb Tuned with the [gtoken] to [synch] [stardust]. Jensen then activated [bulb]'[s] effect, sent [reaper] to the Graveyard and attacked with [stardust] over [kizan]. [gorz] destroyed [shi en] and in [mp2] Jensen [synch]ed [ded], sending Guerreiro’s [reaper] to the Graveyard! He Set 2 Spells and Traps before ending.[/p]

Guerreiro Set a monster and a Spell or Trap on his turn.

[p]Jensen used [ded]'[s] effect again and hit another [reaper]! [lonefire] was [ns]ed and its effect was activated. Guerreiro responded with [opp], Jensen Chained with [stardust]'[s] effect and [ss]ed [spore]. [spore] and [ded] attacked directly and [stardust] returned to the field in the End Phase.[/p]

Guerreiro had no way out and jokingly tried to activate [hole] (which was negated) before conceding!

[gorz] swings Duel 1 in Jan Jensen’s favour!


Bernardo Guerreiro travelled all the way from Portugal to this event!

Guerreiro kicked off Duel 2 with [tkr] and a Set Spell or Trap.

Jensen Set a monster and 2 back row cards. Guerreiro used [mst] to destroy one of them ([book]) in the [ep].

[p]Guerreiro drew [kizan] and attacked the Set [ryko], which took Kizan down with him sending [kinetic], [puppet] and [bulb] to the Graveyard. In [mp2], Guerreiro activated [gateway], [ns]ed [spirit]and got 2 Bushido Counters. However, when he [ss]ed [kizan], Jensen responded with [dust] on the Gateway, cutting off Guerreiro’s plans. Guerreiro equipped [spirit] to Kizan and ended.[/p]

[p]Jensen activated [charge], sending [puppet], [warning] and [sorcerer] to the Graveyard before adding another Ryko to his hand. He Summoned [lonefire] and used its effect to get another one before using that to get a [spore] in [def].Next came [mind] on [kizan], and Jensen [synch]ed [catastor] ([spirit] was destroyed). Catastor attacked directly.[/p]

And that Catastor is going..., going....

Guerreiro drew [hand], activated [smash] (destroying Catastor) and ended, not playing his [reborn].

[p]Jensen Summoned [sangan], lost a [veiler] from his Deck to Summon [bulb], and [synch]ed [arm]. [sangan] got Jensen a [debris] from his Deck. [arm] attacked directly to reduce Guerreiro to 4000 [lp].[/p]

Guerreiro drew [chain] and played [reborn] on [tkr] before attacking over [arm]. He Set [chain] and ended.

Jensen Set a monster and Spell or Trap on his turn.

Guerreiro passed.

[p]Jensen flipped [dust] to destroy [chain], and flipped his [ryko], to destroy [tkr], sending [tomato], [trunade] and [trooper] to the Graveyard in the process. [debris] got back the [trooper], which loaded Jensen’s Graveyard with [sorc], [trooper] and another [sorc]. Jensen removes [tomato] from play to [ss] a Level 5 for [spore], [synch]ed [scrap d], and Tunes his other 2 monsters to Summon [iron chain] and attack for game![/p]

Jensen’s Chaos Plants were too much for Guerreiro to handle!

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