Round 4: Martin Funke (Xyz Toolbox) vs. Spyros Melissaratos (Fire Fist)

[p]Round 4! Martin Funke from Erfurt, Germany is up against Spyros Melissaratos (Kefalonia, Greece). Both Duelists are 3-0 but will want to keep that momentum going for the rest of the day. Only victory will help that cause, so let’s see how the Match plays out![/p]

Funke could guarantee that nobody else was running a Deck like his today.

[div]Melissaratos won the die roll and chose to go first. He did so with [ff bear] and 3 Set cards.

Funke opened with [b]Vortex Trooper[/b], sending 2 cards back to his Deck and drawing 2 more. [df] was up next along with 2 Set cards.

Melissaratos played [mst] on [df] and entered his Battle Phase. [vtroop] was destroyed and Funke lost 1600 Life Points. Funke drew a card as Melissaratos Set [ff tenki] from his Deck. In [mp2] Melissaratos played Tenki but was halted by [mst].

Funke Summoned [b]Armored Bee[/b], explaining its effect to his opponent. Bee attacked and Melissaratos activated [ff tensen] in response. The Bee was stung as [ff bear] granted Melissaratos another Set Tenki. Funke Set a [st] in [mp2] and passed.

“Let’s try again, activate Tenki.” Melissaratos added [ff gorilla] to his hand and Summoned it. Funke responded with [tt] and Melissaratos used [ff tenken] to save Gorilla, only to see [bth] banish it anyway!

Funke checked Melissaratos’s hand count before Summoning [reaper]. “Best spend 2000 points…” [sw] negated the Summon.

Melissaratos Summoned [ff dragon] and Tributed 2 of his [st]s to revive [ff bear]. “He’s a bit smaller now.” “Just for now” was the reply. Melissaratos attacked with both monsters and Set 1 [st] through Bear’s effect. In Main Phase 2 he played his [ff tensu] to Summon [gww]. All 3 monsters combined to form [16], declaring Spell Cards. He Set 1 card to finish.[/div]

Fists of Fire, Master of Shocks!

[div]Funke Summoned [tgu] which was stopped by [veiler] as he Set a [st].

Melissaratos declared Trap cards this time with Shock Master and Summoned [rabbit]. [bom] flipped it down quickly as Shock master then took down [tgu].

Funke Summoned [rocket] to get [blaze], and destroyed the set Rabbit in battle.

Melissaratos attacked with Shock Master, and declared Spells again.

Funke Set a monster and a [st].

Melissaratos Summoned [ff dragon] and used its effect to revive [ff bear], following up with [storm] to seal the Duel.[/div]

Melissaratos wins Duel 1!


From an Greek island to a German metropolis, this Duelist made a long trip to be here.

[div]Funke kicked off Duel 2 with [tkr]. Melissaratos laughed and suggested “just him?”. “Not just him” as Funke Set a card.

“Like I said (referring to [tkr]), he’s a big friend of mine.” Melissaratos destroyed it with [hole], and played [ff tenki] to search for [ff bear]. “I Summon the Bear”, which Melissaratos did before attacking directly. He Set 1 card to finish.

Funke Summoned [psiblocker] and prohibited [ff bear] before Setting 2 cards.

Melissaratos Set 1 [st], followed by another.

Funke drew and declared [warning] before Summoning [zephyros]. Melissaratos flipped [row] over and Funke sent Zephyros to the Graveyard.

Melissaratos attacked with Bear into [mf], only for [lance] to force the attack through. Unfortunately he miscalculated and lost his Bear anyway. He set a card and declared “Summon the next Bear”.

Funke declared [row] this time, explaining why the card’s much better for him than [prohibition]. He Summoned [ddwl] next, attacked [ff bear] and banished it after Melissaratos got to Set [ff tenki]. [psiblocker] then attacked directly. Funke then played [df].

Melissaratos activated [ff tenki] and added [ff gorilla] to his hand before Summoning it.

Funke declared [row] again and Summoned [rocket] to get [blaze], activating it. He then bounced it back to his hand to Summon [zephyros], followed by [xyz]ing [maestro]! Maestroke put the Gorilla face-down and attacked with both monsters.

Melissaratos Summoned another Gorilla and used its effect to target [b]Breakthrough Skill[/b], which was activated. That negated his Gorilla and [row] kicked in again. Funke got rid of Maestroke.

Funke declared [row] again and Summoned [smonk], discarding [blaze] to Summon [lyla]! Lyla destroyed Rivalry and Funke Xyz Summoned [zen]. He used its effect to Set [psiblocker] before [fs]ing it and declaring another card; this time it was [ff tensen]. Both monsters attacked directly and Melissaratos conceded for Duel 3.[/div]

We’re going to Duel 3!


''STOP!'' (Blocker Time!)

[div]Melissaratos started Duel 3 and drew his first card 1 second before Time was called. 5 turns remained after this one. He Summoned [ff dragon] and played [ff tensu], which gave him a Set [ff tensen]. Tensu’s effect Summoned [gww]. He then Xyz Summoned (to which Funke exclaimed) “[ff tigerking]!”. “Yes, King of the bear, the Snake, the Hook…” The banter was great in this Match. Melissaratos Set a second card.

Funke played [hole] and attacked directly with the [zephyros] he Summoned before Setting a card ([return]), which was destroyed by [mst].

Melissaratos Summoned another Warwolf and attacked over Zephyros.

Funke Set 1 monster and a [st].

Melissaratos played [storm] to clear both backrows and followed up with [rabbit]. He banished it to Summon… it turns out he forgot about the [gww] in his Graveyard! Rabbit returned to the field as he took a warning. He chanced an attack with it regardless and ran into…. [reaper]! That sealed the Match in Funke’s favour![/div]

Martin Funke emerges victorious!


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