Round 5 Feature Match: Benedikt Junk vs. Francesco Tosini

Our Feature match for Round 5 pits Francesco Tosini’s Gladiator Beasts against the Scraps of Germany’s Benedikt Junk! Gladiator Beasts are a difficult Deck to beat but the new tricks of Junk’s Deck could just be the difference in this matchup. Both of these Duelists are undefeated at the moment, but only 1 of those will hold on to that record after this Round.

Francesco Tosini's hoping his Gladiator Beasts can take him to Day 2.

Junk won the die roll and kicked things off with [duality], revealing [s goblin], [s beast] and [s chimera], adding Beast to his hand. He Summoned it and Set 2 Spells or Traps to round out his turn.

Tosini Normal Summoned [tkr] and entered Battle Phase, only to be prevented from attacking by Junk’s [book]. He Set 2 back row cards and ended.

Junk attacked over the face-down Thunder King with [s beast] and Set another Spell or Trap.

Tosini Summoned [darius] and tried to attack, but Junk had another [book]! Tosini ended his turn.

Junk activated [upstart], bringing Tosini up to 9000 Life points as he drew a card. Junk Summoned [s beast] and declared an attack, but Tosini responded with [prison], after which Junk Chained [sstorm]! He sent [s chimera] from his Deck to the Graveyard, drew a card, and destroyed [s beast]. In Main Phase 2 Junk Normal Summoned [s chimera] from his hand and

Tosini responded with [warning]. Junk activated [duality] next, revealing [spy], [s beast] and [upstart], which he added to his hand and played. He drew another [upstart] off of that one and played it as well! This gave him [hole] which he used to destroy [darius].

Tosini drew, leading by 9000 Life Points to Junk’s 8000. He activated [proving], adding [hoplomus] from his Deck to his hand. He Normal Summoned it, and then attacked directly for 700 points of damage. At the end of the Battle Phase he ‘tagged’ Hoplomus out for [retiari], removing [s beast] from Junk’s Graveyard. He then Set a Spell or Trap and ended his turn as Junk activated [decree]!

Junk played [monk] and discarded [foolish] to Special Summon [s beast] from his deck. He then Tuned his 2 monsters together to Synchro Summon [stardust]. Stardust took down Retiari in battle and Junk Set [sstorm] in Main Phase 2, completing his turn.

Tosini Set a monster and a Spell or Trap.

Junk Normal Summoned [s beast] and attacked Tosini’s Set [secutor] with Stardust before Beast got to attack directly.

Tosini set his 4th Spell or Trap and ended his turn. During the End Phase, Junk activated [sstorm], sending [s searcher] to the Graveyard. He drew a card and destroyed [s beast] to complete Storm’s effect.

Junk drew for his turn and Normal Summoned [s chimera], Special Summoning [s beast] from his Graveyard. Tosini flipped [book] to turn Chimera face-down and prevent another Synchro Summon. Junk then played [reborn] to get Summoner Monk, and Tuned with beast to Summon [scrap d], using its effect to destroy Chimera and Tosini’s Set [warning]. Tosini drew a [reborn] of his own on his turn, but after checking the Graveyards conceded to get ready for Duel 2.

Scraps take Duel 1!


Benedikt Junk's Scrap Deck has served him well so far today.

Tosini chose to start Duel 2, and did so by Summoning [darius] and Setting 3 Spells or Traps.

Junk opened his Duel 2 account with [duality], revealing another Duality, [econ] and [decree], which he added to his hand (now holding 2 copies). He Set 3 Spells or Traps and ended his turn.

Tosini attacked with Darius, only to be halted by [book] which flipped it face-down. In Tosini’s End Phase Junk flipped Royal Decree, locking out both Duelists’ Trap Cards.

Junk Summoned [cydra] and then played [monk], using its effect to Summon [s beast] from his Deck. Tosini flipped Beast face-down with [book] and [cydra] attacked over [darius] for 400 points of damage.

Tosini Normal Summoned [secutor] and Special Summoned [ttiger]! He Tributed his Tiger and sent Secutor back to his Deck before Summoning it again (activating its effects). Secutor attacked the face-down [s beast] and Tosini took 900 points of damage. He got to Special Summon 2 more Gladiator Beasts though, which was his plan all along! He Summoned [bestiari] and [equeste]. Equeste’s effect got Tosini the Darius from his Graveyard (to his hand), and Bestiari destroyed Junk’s Set card, which was his second [decree]. Tosini then combined his Bestiari and Secutor to Summon [gyzarus], destroying the other Decree and [monk].

Secutor, Tiger, Secutor.. a classic Gladiator Beast combo!


Junk drew, Set a monster, then Synchro Summoned [s twin]. [s twin] destroyed the monster he just Set ([s beast]) to return Equeste to Tosini’s hand and Gyzarus to the Extra Deck. Junk tried to declare an attack with his monster, but was stopped by [prison], removing [s twin] from play.

Tosini Summoned Equeste again and attacked directly to bring Junk down to 6400 Life Points. Equeste went back to the Deck as Tosini Summoned [retiari] in its place, removing [s beast] from Junk’s Graveyard.

Junk Set [mst] (his only card) and passed.

Tosini attacked directly with Retiari and tagged out for [bestiari], destroying Junk’s [mst], which was chained to destroy

Tosini’s Set [warning].

Junk drew [hole] and passed.

Tosini Summoned [samnite] and attacked with both Gladiators, bringing Junk down to 2100 Life Points. At the end of the Battle Phase Tosini tagged out his 2 monsters for [laq] (2100 ATK) and [retiari], removing a [s beast] in the Graveyard from play.

Junk played [hole] and then attacked directly with his final [s beast].
Tosini Normal Summoned [laq] and attacked over [s beast]., before tagging out for [darius] to Special Summon the other Laquari from his Graveyard.

Junk Set a monster and passed, but conceded once Tosini revealed the [noc] in his hand!

Tosini levels the score!

Junk started the third and final Duel with [duality], revealing another Duality, [s goblin] and [s beast]. He took the Goblin, and Set a monster along with 3 cards to his back row.

Tosini Summoned [tkr] and activated [noc], removing Junk’s Set [snowman] from play. [tkr] tried to attack but was flipped face-down by [book].

Junk Special Summoned [cydra], Normal Summoned [s goblin], and Synchro Summoned [stardust] by combining his 2 monsters. He Set a Spell or Trap and then destroyed the face-down Thunder King in battle.

Tosini Set [equeste] and ended.

Junk destroyed Equeste with [stardust] and ended.

Tosini Summoned [darius] and set [book],which was destroyed with [mst] in the End Phase.

Junk took down Darius with Stardust on his turn.

Stardust Dragon puts the hours in to make sure Junk comes out on top!

The Life Points stood at 7200 to 8000, with Junk leading. Tosini passed, making no plays.

Junk attacked directly with [stardust].

Tosini Set a monster and [mst], which was destroyed by Junk’s Set copy in the End Phase.

Junk ‘s [stardust] attacked again, this time destroying the Set [murmillo]. He Set a monster in Main Phase 2 and ended his turn.

Tosini drew for his turn and Summoned [laq]. He tried to attack Junk’s face-down monster but was stopped by [econ], and [decree] was activated in the End Phase.

Junk Flip Summoned [spy], Special Summoned another from his Deck and attacked with all 3 of his monsters, a Spy and Stardust attacking directly.

Tosini Summoned [bestiari], destroyed a [spy] in battle and tagged for Darius to Summon [laq] from his Graveyard. He Set 1 Spell or Trap and ended, but the Match finished next turn as Junk Special Summoned [s goblin] with [reborn] to Synchro Summon [arcanite] for game!

Benedikt Junk wins Round 5 with Scraps!


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