Round 5 Feature Match – Jackson Spadaro (Burning Abyss) vs Jordan Treacher (Qliphort)

It’s now Round 5 here at YCS Sydney, and the stakes are getting higher as every round passes. Jackson Spadaro is playing his Burning Abyss Deck against Jordan Treacher’s Qliphort Deck. Which Duelist will go into Round 6 with a 5-0 record?

Game 1

Jackson won the die roll and elected to go first.

Jackson’s hand contained 2 [ba graff], 2 [rubic], and a [ba cir]. He begun by Special Summoning [rubic] and Normal Summoning Graff. He then Xyz Summoned [dante] and used its effect by detaching Graff. Dante’s effect sent 3 cards to the Graveyard – [tour], [upstart] and [sw]. Graff’s effect Special Summoned [ba scarm] from the Deck. Jackson then Special Summoned [ba cir], then Xyz Summoned a second [dante], and detached [ba scarm] to send [rubic] to the Graveyard. In the End Phase, he added [tour] with Scarm’s effect.

Jordan’s opening hand contained [pot of duality], Summoner’s Art, [upstart], and 2 [q scout]. He played [upstart] and drew [q towers]. Summoner’s Art searched his third [q scout]. He activated [q scout] and activated [pot of duality], revealing [q shell], [upstart] and [mst]. He took [mst] and shuffled the rest into the Deck. He then used Scout’s effect and added [q carrier] to his hand (8000 > 7200). He activated [q carrier], but realised that he couldn’t Pendulum Summon this turn because of [pot of duality]! He Set 2 cards and passed his turn.

Jackson drew a card. He used [dante]’s effect by detaching [ba cir], sending [ba alich] [karma], and Calcab, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss to the Graveyard. Cir’s effect Special Summoned [ba scarm], and Calcab returned Jordan’s Set [mst] to his hand. Jackson then Special Summoned [rubic] and Synchro Summoned [virgil]! Virgil shuffled Jordan’s face-down into the Deck by discarding [ba graff], and after Summoning a monster from the Deck Jackson dealt over 9000 damage in one turn!

With explosive combos right out of the gates, Jackson’s Burning Abyss Deck shut down Jordan’s Qliphorts extremely quickly. Will the second Duel be any different?

Game 2

After a quick Side Decking session, both Duelists are ready to play again.

Jordan will play first in this game. His opening hand contained 2 [q scout], [q shell], [q carrier] and [dust]. He activated [q scout] and used its effect, adding [saq] to his hand (8000 > 7200). He then Normal Summoned [q carrier], equipped it with [saq], Set [dust], and ended his turn.

Jackson started the Duel with [rubic], [ba cir], [ba alich], [bth], and [mst]. He drew a card and used [mst] to destroy Jordan’s [dust]. He then Special Summoned [rubic], Normal Summoned [ba cir], and Synchro Summoned [virgil]. Rubic was Special Summoned from the Graveyard thanks to Cir. Jackson then used Virgil’s effect, discarding [ba alich] to shuffle Jordan’s [saq] into his Deck. Virgil then attacked [q carrier], dropping Jordan to 6500 LP. Jackson Set 2 cards and passed his turn.

With no threatening cards in play, Jordan is in serious trouble against Jackson's Burning Abyss onslaught.
With no threatening cards in play, Jordan is in serious trouble against Jackson’s Burning Abyss onslaught.

Jordan drew a card then used [q scout]’s effect, but Jackson chained Dust Tornado, causing Jordan to lose the LP but get nothing for it (6500 > 5700)! He played a second Scout, and used its effect successfully to grab [q carrier](5700 > 4900). He then activated Carrier and Pendulum Summoned his [q carrier] and [q scout] from his Extra Deck. Jackson’s [bth]destroyed and banished Carrier. He equipped [saq] to [q scout], and Tributed it for [q shell], and [saq] searched for [q disk]. Shell attacked and destroyed [rubic], then its second attack destroyed [virgil] (8000 > 6400). Jackson drew a card thanks to Virgil. Jordan passed the turn.

Jackson drew a card and considered his Extra Deck options before Normal Summoning [tour]! He Special Summoned [ba cir] from his Deck, and Xyz Summoned [dante]. He detached [ba cir] to send [tour], [pwwb], and [ba scarm] to the Graveyard. Cir summoned [virgil] back from the Graveyard, and when Jackson went to use Virgil by discarding [ba graff], Jordan immediately started packing up his cards!


Jackson moves onto the sixth round with 5 wins and no losses to his name!

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