Round 5 Feature Match: Jonathan Krauß vs. Florian Chitic

In the sixth round, we had (for the first time of the day) two German Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG players at the Feature Match table: Jonathan Krauß had to face Florian Chitic! Not only are they two well-known Duelists in Germany, Chitic also plays a pretty creative Deck which is why we wanted to document this Match.

Jonathan Krauß didn't seem too delighted when he learned his opponent to be Chitic...
Jonathan Krauß didn't seem too delighted when he learned his opponent to be Chitic...

Krauß won the dice roll and directly opened with [rai oh] and three face-down Spell/Traps.

Chitic also didn’t hesitate for a second: He Special Summoned [cd] to which Krauß responded with [bth]. Thus, Chitic simply Special Summoned another copy of [cd] and proceeded by declaring an attack which forced Krauß to activate his [bom] and flip [cd] face-down. In his Main Phase 2, Chitic Set a Monster Card next to [cd], then he activated [cs] swapping his just Set [shining angel] to Krauß.

Krauß Summoned [darius] and attacked the face-down [cd], shuffled [darius] back into his Deck with its effect in order to tag out [murmillo] to destroy [rai oh]. He then ended his turn.

Chitic was still really cool and Summoned [tomato]. He used it to attack the face-down monster (his recently Set [shining angel]), then he searched his Deck for a [ddwl] which ran over Krauß’ [murmillo] but did not remove it. Play was back to Krauß.

He stared at his face-down [dust], then he Summoned [prisma] revealing [gyzarus] and sending [bestiari] into his Graveyard. Thereon, he attacked Chitic’s [ddwl] for the first damage in the game and the removal of both [prisma] and [ddwl], and ended his turn.

Chitic attacked Krauß’ Life Points with his [tomato], Set a Monster Card and ended his turn.

Krauß Summoned [laquari] and immediately attacked [tomato], Chitic used its effect to Special Summon [sangan]. Krauß continued by returning [laquari] to his Deck in exchange with [darius]; Special Summoned [bestiari] with [darius]’ effect and eventually – after having returned his two Gladiator Beasts to his Deck – Special Summoned [gyzarus] to destroy Chitic’s two monsters; however, Chitic could add an [effect veiler] to his hand due to Sangan’s effect.

In his own turn, he Summoned [shining angel] and activated [smashing], then he attacked for 1400 damage.

Krauß again Summoned a [laquari] and attacked [shining angel] so that Chitic could Special Summon another [shining angel]. After that, Krauß decided to use [laquari]’s effect and Special Summoned [equeste] so that he could get his lost [murmillo] back from his Graveyard.

Chitic was delighted when he drew his [pot of duality], in no time activated it and revealed [decree], [bom] and [dark hole]. He picked [dark hole] and shuffled the other two cards back into his Deck. Then, he Tribute Summoned his [shining angel] for [caius], targetting [equeste] and attacking for some more damage.

Krauß could just Set a monster during his turn.

Chitic destroyed the Set [hoplomus] with [caius] and play was back to Krauß.

He didn’t seem to motivated and only Set a Spell/Trap.

Chitic simply went on by attacking for some more damage and again ended his turn.

Krauß repeated his second last turn, that is to say he only Set a Monster Card.

In contrast, Chitic Summoned [tomato], followed by a [cs] which made Krauß thinking a lot. He couldn’t do anything, so Chitic simply attacked his own [tomato], searched for another [tomato] and attacked for the victory!

Florian Chitic’s Mystic Tomatoes lead him to a 1:0!

Chitic was leading 1:0 after a rather easy game for him!
Chitic was leading 1:0 after a rather easy game for him!

Krauß for sure also wanted to open the second game. He anew did so by Summoning [rai oh] and Setting two face-down Spells/Traps.

Chitic only Set one card back row and a monster, during his End Phase, Krauß activated [mst] which destroyed Chitic’s [oppression].

Krauß seemed to like that, he Summoned [banisher] and attacked the face-down [ryko] which destroyed Krauß’ face-down [chariot]. Instead of proceeding by attacking with his [rai oh], Krauß wanted to end his turn when Chitic remarked that Krauß was about to forget to attack. Krauß stated “I didn’t forget it, I didn’t want to.”

So, Chitic activated [dark hole], followed by [reborn], targetting [rai oh]. He declared an attack with [rai oh] and Krauß didn’t do anything against it. After the Battle Phase, Chitic ended his turn.

Krauß Summoned [equeste] and Special Summoned [test tiger], tributing [test tiger] and returning [equeste] to his Deck. Then, he tagged out [murmillo] to destroy [rai oh], which Chitic wanted to avoid with [rai oh]’s effect, but thanks to a judge he learned that he couldn’t. Krauß hereupon attacked into [fader] and ended his turn after having Set a Spell/Trap.

Chitic Tributed his [fader] for [cd], then he attacked [murmillo] and ended his turn.

Krauß could not do more than Set another monster before play was back to Chitic.

He activated [pot of duality] and chose [tomato], hereon he Summoned [tomato] followed by a [cs]. Once again, he proceeded with his Battle Phase; attacking his own [tomato] with [cd]. He dealt additional 1000 damage to Krauß’ Life Points with the help of a [sangan] he Special Summoned with [tomato]’s effect.

So simple and yet so effective, Cyber Dragon and Sangan!
So simple and yet so effective, Cyber Dragon and Sangan!

Krauß didn’t seem to like the situation, he only had two cards in his hand and one Set Spell/Trap. He stared at them for a long time until he eventually Summoned his [bestiari] and attacked the face-down [hoplomus]. Then, he returned [bestiari] to his Deck and brought [laquari] to the field, hoping to survive in this way.

Chitic Summoned [shining angel], switched [hoplomus]’ Battle Position and attacked with all of his monsters for the second game and the Match!

Chitic’s searching monsters overran Krauß’ Gladiator Beasts!

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