Round 5 Feature Match: Terence Figueiredo vs. Manuel Dainius

In round 5, the reigning French champion Terence Figueirdo is facing Manuel Dainius, a German player from the Nordrhein-Westfalen area that did rather well in the last couple of tournaments. Terence has some World Championship experience and he’s one of the players to look out for, so we can expect to see some big moves from him.

While Dainius decided to stick to his Blackwing deck that he’s well familiar with, Figueiredo is piloting X-Sabers, scoring him a 3-1 result so far.


Terence Figueiredo, the reigning French Champion and former World Championship competitor


Both players rolled a “3” and Dainius was able to trump Figueiredo’s “5” with a “6”. He opted to go first, Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and play passed to the French champion for the first time.

Figueiredo Summoned [fulhelm], attacked directly and Set 3 Spell or Trap Cards in his Main Phase 2.

Dainius added a face-down card to both of his zones before ending his turn.

Figueiredo declared an attack into the face-down monster, which was revealed to be [vayu] when Dainius activated [icarus]! He got rid of [bom] and [fulhelm].

Figueiredo simply Set a Spell or Trap Card.

Dainius passed without any actions.

Figueiredo drew into [airbellum]. He declared an attack, but [bom] stopped the Tuner.

Dainius Summoned [blizzard], bringing back [vayu] from the Graveyard. He attacked into [airbellum], destroying it, Set a Spell or Trap Card and ended.


Thanks to Blizzard, Dainius was able to gain control of the field.


Figueiredo took his time, considering his next move. He checked his face-down Spell and Trap Cards twice before activating [cold wave]. Dainius didn’t look pleased. He checked his hand and let the spell resolve. Then, Figueiredo Summoned [emmersblade], which traded with [blizzard] and Special Summoned [fulhelm]. [fulhelm] was able to destroy [vayu] in Battle, brought back [emmersblade] and in Main Phase 2, both monsters were Tuned to [hyunlei], wiping Dainius’ back row!

Dainius passed without doing anything.

Another [emmersblade] for Figueiredo, which attacked directly together with [hyunlei] to reduce Dainius’ Life Points to 1800. The French champ revealed Gottom’s Emergency Call, Dainius had a peek at his opponent’s Graveyard, conceded game 1 and proceded with sideboarding.


Terence Figueiredo wins Duel 1!


Both players wasted no time and went on with game 2. Dainius wanted to start again and did so by Setting a card to each zone.


Manuel Dainius tried to make an impact with his Blackwing deck today.


Figueiredo had [sj], [enemy], [consec], [darksoul], [bom] and [rai oh]. He Set [consec] and passed.

Dainius had [wanghu], which was able to destroy [consec] in battle.

On his following turn, Figueiredo had [rai oh], but [bom] stopped the monster from doing any damage.

Dainius wanted to stomp over the face-down [rai oh] with his [wanghu], but Figueiredo had a [bom] on his own.

[rai oh] tried again to get rid of [wanghu], however, [mf] destroyed the attacker. Figueiredo Set [darksoul] and passed.

Dainius wanted to go on the offense again and Flip Summoned [wanghu], but [tt] cleared the field. [bora] was Summoned next and did some damage, bringing Figueiredo down to 6300 Life Points.

[darksoul] in the End Phase got Figueiredo [fulhelm]. He drew for his turn and had to think for a bit with [cold wave] and [monk] in his hand (as well as [fulhelm]), but finally decided to summon the [monk]. He discarded [cold wave] for the effect, Summoned [cat] next and then Tributed it for [airbellum] and [darksoul]. He Tuned [airbellum] and the [monk] to [arcanite], removed both counters and destroyed [bora] as well as a face-down [brain]. During the End Phase, [darksoul] left the field (thanks to the effect of [cat]) and Figueirdo searched his deck for [faultroll].

Dainius started his turn with [allure] and thought for quite a while before opting to remove [sirocco] from game. He Summoned [blizzard], which in turn Special Summoned [bora] to the field. Both monsters were Tuned to bring out [armed wing]. The Synchro Monster destroyed [arcanite] in battle and Figueirdo took another 1000 points of damage thanks to the effect of [armed wing].


Battle of the Synchro Monsters!


Figueiredo had [bogknight], allowing him to add [fulhelm] to his field. He used [enemy] to switch Dainius’ [armed wing] to Defense Position and ran over it with [fulhelm]. He Summoned [airbellum] thanks to the effect of [fulhelm] and attacked directly with it, discarding [wanghu] from Dainius’ hand in the process. [bogknight] opted to not attack – “I just summoned him to have a field!”, Figueiredo explained.

Dainius activated [storm], destroying a Set [sj]. He followed it up with a Set monster before passing for his turn.

Figueiredo drew into [mind]. He asked: “Another Jujitsu Master?”, activated [mind] to gain control of the monster and flipped it, revealing it to be in fact another [jujitsu]. [sangan] was Summoned as well and everything attacked to leave Dainius with only 600 Life Points. [sangan] provided Figueirdo with a [emmersblade] and he ended.

Dainius revealed his newly drawn card: [mst] and conceded the match. Figueiredo said: “You weren’t really lucky with your draw”, and both players shook hands, wishing each other luck for the following rounds.


Terence Figueiredo wins the Match!


The French Champion is still well on track to make it to day 2, making the most out of his options with his X-Saber deck.


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