Round 5: Jordan Ruff (Gadget Xyz) vs. Marvin Weber (Dino Rabbit)

[p]We’re at Table 12 for Round 5, as England and Germany face off! Jordan Ruff is undefeated with Gadget Xyz whereas Marvin has made it this far with Dino Rabbit. Both of these Decks can really take command of a Duel so it’ll be interesting to see how this Match develops! Weber wanted to say hello to his girlfriend who’s at home in Germany, and with that the Match began![/p]

The 2 Duelists square off.

[div]Ruff started Duel 1 with [diva] and Summoned a second copy from his Deck, before Xyz Summoning [ggg] right off the bat! He Set 1 card to finish his opening turn.

Weber Set 1 monster and 2 Spells/Traps.

Ruff Set 2 Spells or Traps of his own on the following turn.

Weber Summoned [saber] and flipped [ggg] down with [book] before ending his turn.

Ruff Summoned [yellow] and added [green] to his hand. He Flip Summoned [ggg] and Weber negated its Summon with [warning], destroying it. Ruff activated his face-down [offering] and paid 500 Life Points to Tribute Summon [caius], banishing Sangan. He then paid another 500 points to Summon [green], adding [red], and Weber conceded as he knew where this would end up![/div]

Ruff scores first!


Jordan Ruff watched his opponent make his move.

[div]Weber started Duel 2 with [rabbit], banishing it to Summon 2 copies of [kabaz], which quickly turned into an [dolkka]! He Set 2 Spells or Traps and ended his turn.

Ruff tried to destroy Dolkka with [smash] but Weber protected it with [lance] (Dolkka now had 1500 ATK). Ruff activated [duality] next to reveal [reaper], [tengu] and [limiter] (adding Reaper to his hand). He Summoned [dck] but Weber stopped it with [warning]. Ruff then Set 3 Spells/Traps to finish.

Weber activated [sarco], and would add [storm] to his hand in 2 turns time. He then Set a monster.

Ruff set a monster.

Weber set another.

Ruff passed on his next turn, making no plays.

Weber added [storm] to his hand and contemplated his options before playing it, only to get hit with [road]! Storm was negated and [sdd] was Summoned. Weber flipped over [b]Greenkappa[/b] to try and destroy Ruff’s 2 cards, but Ruff had the [warning] to stop it. Weber then Flip Summoned [snowman], targeting [sdd] and Ruff Tributed it, though Dolkka negated that effect and [snowman] survived! He then [ns]ed [sangan] Xyz Summoned [leviair], brought back [rabbit] and banished it again to Summon 2 [saber], which were both banished by [bth].

Ruff Summoned [diva] (not using its effect), Flip Summoned his [reaper] and Synchro Summoned [tghl]. Librarian took down Leviair in battle.

Librarian's back for the holidays!

Weber played [duality] and added [prison] to his hand after choosing it over [warning] and [kabaz]. He then Set it.

Ruff Set a monster and passed.

Weber attacked and destroyed the Set [red] before Setting another Spell or Trap.

Ruff Summoned [yellow] and [dolkka] negated its effect, destroying it.

Weber Set a monster and passed.

Ruff Tributed his Librarian for [caius], banishing [prison], only to get hit with another one when it attacked!

Weber attacked into Ruff’s [prison] with Dolkka, which was banished. He Flip Summoned his [saber], [ns]ed [guaiba] and Xyz Summoned [laggia].

Ruff Set [diva] on his turn.

Weber destroyed the Diva in battle.

Ruff Set a Spell or Trap.

Weber used [mst] to destroy the freshly-Set [offering], and attacked with Laggia again.

Ruff played his own [mst], destroying [warning] before ending his turn.

Weber attacked directly again and then used [sarco] to banish [poa].

Ruff played [duality] showing Weber a second Duality, [reborn] and the [prison] he added to his hand. But he wouldn’t get to use it as he conceded after losting the [mole] he Summoned to [mf]![/div]

Weber equalises!


Ruff's opening hand in Duel 3

[div]Ruff opted to start Duel 3 and did so with [dck] and 2 Set Spells or Traps.
Weber Summoned [tour] and [dck] negated its effect by Tributing itself. He then Set 2 Spells or Traps of his own.

Ruff Summoned [red] and added [yellow] to his hand. [red] attacked directly and Ruff Set a third Spell or Trap, before losing 2 of those ([road] and [bth]) to Weber’s 2 [mst][b]s[/b]!

Weber Summoned [rabbit] and banished to Summon 2 copies of [kabaz], which were destroyed by [tt] before he Set a Spell or Trap of his own.

Ruff Summoned [yellow] and added [green] to his hand before attacking directly and Setting a Spell/Trap.

Weber Summoned [guaiba] and attacked [yellow]. Ruff flipped [limiter] and Weber negated it with [lance]! [yellow] went down and Guaiba Summoned another copy. Weber Xyz Summoned [laggia] and ended.

Ruff drew to 4 cards in hand and weighed up his options. He Summoned [green] and added [red] from his Deck to his hand. He Set a Spell or Trap and played [smash], which Laggia negated, detaching both of its Xyz Materials in the process.

Weber Summoned [tour] and got another copy from his Deck, combining the 2 to Xyz Summon [leviair]. He detached a Tour Guide to Summon [rabbit], banishing that to Summon 2 [saber] and Xyz Summoned another [laggia]! All 3 Xyz Monsters attacked directly to reduce Ruff to 1500 Life Points. Ruff conceded next turn and it was all over![/div]

Marvin Weber turns the Match around and remains undefeated!


The Xyz Monsters team up to provide Weber with a victory!


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