Round 5 – Mark Guan (Kozmo) vs Ryan Slot (Performapal)

We’re halfway through day 1 of YCS Sydney 2016, and there are still undefeated Duelists trying to maintain their win streak! Ryan Slot has come from Melbourne with the very popular Performapal Performage Deck, while Mark Guan, a Sydney local, has brought his Kozmo Deck to a current 4-0 score. Which of these Duelists will continue undefeated to Round 6?

Mark won the die roll and decided to go first. His hand contained [k farm], [k town], [k slip], [a scythe], and [kaiser col]. He Normal Summon [k farm], activated the Colosseum, Set 1 card to his backrow and passed the turn.

Ryan started with [pm plush], Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, Performapal Monkeyboard, [maxx], and Draco Face-Off. He drew a card and activated Monkeyboard. He searched for Performapal Skullcrobat Joker, then Normal Summoned it to search for Performapal Lizardraw. He entered his Battle Phase, and attack [k farm] with Skullcrobat, but Mark used its effect to Special Summon another monster. Ryan chained Draco Face-Off, choosing between [lptd] and [vector]. Vector was Special Summoned. Farmgirl Special Summoned [k slip]. Mark’s Sliprider destroyed his own Set [a scythe], Special Summoning it! Ryan chose not to continue his attack. In Main Phase 2, Ryan activated Performapal Lizardraw and used it to draw a card, then passed the turn.


Mark drew [teleport]. He activated [k town], and used it to add his banished [k farm] back to hand (Mark 7700). He Normal Summoned it, then attacked Performapal Skullcrobat Joker with [a scythe]. Then, he attacked [vector] with [k slip], and directly with Farmgirl (Ryan 5650). Mark used Farmgirl’s effect to add [k dark] to his hand (Mark 7200). He then banished Farmgirl for her effect, but Ryan chained [maxx]. Mark Special Summoned [k dark] and Ryan drew a card. Mark attacked directly with the Destroyer (Ryan 2650). He then Xyz Summoned [con ple] to return [k town] to his hand. He activated it again, and added Farmgirl to his hand again (Mark 6900). He Set [teleport] to end his turn.

Ryan drew [pm mc]. He activated it, and Mark chained [con ple] to return [k dark] to his hand. [pm mc] reduce Pleiades’ ATK to 1500. Then, Ryan Normal Summoned Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer, and attacked Pleiades with it (Mark 6450). In Main Phase 2, Mark used [teleport] for Kozmo Tincan, then Ryan played [wavering], destroying his Pendulum Monsters, dealing 500 damage to Mark (5950), and searching for Performapal Monkeyboard. He activated Monkeyboard, and searched for Performapal Lizardraw. Ryan activated Lizardraw, then destroyed it to draw 1 card. In the End Phase, Tincan added [k dark] and sent [k slip] and [k dark ec] to the Graveyard (Mark 5450). Then, Mark banished the Tincan to Special Summon [k dark], which destroyed Ryan’s Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer.

Mark drew a card, and an attack from [k dark] closed out the game!

Even with a ton of search and draw power, Ryan’s Performapals couldn’t keep up with Mark’s blazing fast Kozmo strategy. Will Game 2 be a different story?


After a challenging Game 1 and difficult Side Decking session, both Duelists are ready for Game 2. Ryan chose to go second, meaning Mark had the first move.


Mark began with [k slip], [k farm], [k fore], [kaiser col], and [a sanc]. He Normal Summoned [k farm], activated [kaiser col], Set 1 and passed.

Ryan’s hand had [maxx], [pm juggler], [cs], [tthn], and Performapal Skullcrobat Joker. He drew a card and Normal Summoned the Joker, which added Performapal Monkeyboard to his hand. He attacked [k farm], but Mark banished it, but Ryan chained [maxx] to its effect! Mark Special Summoned [k fore] and Ryan drew another [maxx]. Ryan cancelled his attack, and in Main Phase 2 he played [cs]! Mark flipped up [a sanc], Special Summoning [a scythe] and letting Ryan draw a Skullcrobat from his [maxx].


SYD R5 1
The [a sanc] turned a great situation for Ryan into a poor one very quickly!


Ryan swapped his Skullcrobat for Mark’s Scythe, but Ryan was still locked out of his Extra Deck this turn! Ryan activated Monkeyboard, and used it to search Performapal Lizardraw. He activated Lizardraw, then Pendulum Summoned Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer from his hand. The Sorcerer destroyed Monkeyboard to add Performapal Guitartle to Ryan’s hand. He activated Guitartle, and used Lizardraw’s effect to destroy itself and draw 1 card. He Set a card and passed the turn.

Mark drew [a igni], then [k fore] gave him 1000 LP (Mark 9000). He Set 1 card and ended his turn.

Ryan drew a card. He switched Scythe to Attack Position and attacked into [k fore], destroying Scythe (Ryan 7400). Then, he played Draco Face-Off, which Special Summoned [lptd], and put [vector] into the Extra Deck. Then, he attacked and destroyed Performapal Skullcrobat Joker with Luster (Mark 8950). In Main Phase 2, Ryan Synchro Summoned [ignister], then activated Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, and used Performapal Guitartle’s effect to draw a card. Ignister’s effect targeted Pendulum Sorcerer for destruction, but Mark used [a igni] to destroy it first! Mark Set [a mora]from his Deck, and Ryan ended his turn.


Mark drew a second [a igni], then gained 1000 LP thanks to [k fore] (Mark 9950). He Set the Ignition and ended his turn.

Ryan drew Performapal Monkeyboard! He activated it, and Performapal Guitartle allowed him to draw a card. Then, Monkeyboard added Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer to his hand. [ignister]’s effect targeted Monkeyboard, but Mark had a second [a igni]! He destroyed the Monkeyboard and Set a second [a scythe]! Ryan passed the turn. “Maybe next turn I can get rid of that Forerunner,” Ryan laughed.

Mark drew [maxx], then gained another 1000 LP with [k fore] (Mark 10950). Mark thought heavily before attacking with his Forerunner into [ignister] (Mark 10900). Then, he banished it to Special Summon Kozmo Tincan in Defence mode. Then, he used Tincan’s effect, but Ryan negated it with [tthn] (Mark 10400)! Mark used its effect to banish itself, but Ryan used [maxx] to draw a card when [k slip] was Special Summoned. Mark ended his turn.


Ryan drew a card. He activated Performapal Lizardraw, and drew a card from Performapal Guitartle. Then, he used Lizardraw’s effect to draw a card. Then Ryan used [ignister]’s effect, destroying Guitartle to shuffle [k fore] into Deck. He then Normal Summoned Performapal Skullcrobat Joker, but had no cards left to add! He activated [lptd] and Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, then Pendulum Summoned [vector], Luster, and Skullcrobat Joker. Attacks with all of his monsters dealt 10150 damage, and then [wavering] dealt the last bit of damage Ryan needed!

SYD R5 3

A slow game quickly exploded out of control once Ryan could remove the [k fore], allowing him to end the game in a single turn even when Mark had gained 3000 extra LP! Who will emerge victorious in Game 3?


Mark decided to go first. “I swear, it’ll be Farmgirl, Kaiser, Set 1 again won’t it!?” Ryan remarked.

Mark opened [k dark], Kozmo Dark Eclipser, [maxx], [kaiser col] and [coth]. Not quite as lucky as the first 2 games. He Set 2 cards and passed the turn.

SYD R5 4

Ryan began with 2 Performapal Lizardraw, 2 Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, and [vector]. He drew a card, then activated Pendulum Sorcerer and Lizardraw. Then, Ryan Normal Summoned Vector. Then he Pendulum Summoned his other Sorcerer, which destroyed itself and the other Sorcerer, and added Performapal Monkeyboard and Performapal Guitartle to his hand. Ryan entered his Battle Phase, and Vector attacked directly (Mark 6150). In Main Phase 2, Ryan activated Guitartle, then used Lizardraw’s effect to draw a card. At this point in the Duel, time was called in the round! Then, Ryan activated Monkeyboard, and Guitartle let him draw a card. He then searched for another Pendulum Sorcerer with Monkeyboard and ended his turn.


TURN 1: Mark drew [k dark]. He passed the turn.

TURN 2: Ryan drew [luster]. He Pendulum Summoned 2 Performapal Pendulum Sorcerers, then used its effect to destroy Performapal Monkeyboard and add another Monkeyboard to his hand. Then, he activated Performapal Lizardraw, and drew a card from Performapal Guitartle. He destroyed the Lizardraw to draw another card, then Normal Summoned Performapal Skullcrobat Joker. Attacks with all of his monsters finished the game on the spot!

Even though he didn’t Summon any Performage monsters in this entire Match, Ryan Slot moves on undefeated with his Performapal Performage Deck!

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