Round 6 Feature Match: CJ Vaughan vs Kye Johnston

We’re now heading into round 6. It’s been a long day and players have just two more rounds to play before finding out if they make it back to day 2. This round we have CJ Vaughan from Canberra playing Sky Striker Orcust against Kye Johnston from Brisbane playing Infernoid. Both of them are at 4 wins and a draw so one loss could potentially put them in an elimination bracket.

Duel 1:

R6 CJ hand

Kye wins the die roll and chooses to make CJ go first. CJ opens a hand of Sky Striker Manoeuvre – Afterburners, Reasoning, Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring and Orcust Harp Horror. He chooses to start with Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage adding Sky Striker Mecha -Hornet Drones, summoning Sky Striker Ace – Kagari and tries to add back Sky Striker Mobilize -Engage. Kye responds with Psy-Frame Gear Gamma to negate and destroy Sky Striker Ace – Kagari and also summon itself and Psy-Frame Driver from his deck. CJ then activates Reasoning. “Oh boy!” exclaims Kye before he calls 3. The first card off the top of CJ’s deck is Orcust Cymbal Skeleton which is sent to the graveyard. CJ sets one monster and ends his turn and this banishes the 2 Psy-Frames.

Kye draws for turn and activates One for One discarding another copy of Psy-Frame Gamma from hand. CJ thinks for a second and then uses Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to negate. Kye Normal Summons Infernoid Decatron and uses its effect to send an Infernoid Seitsemas from his deck to the Graveyard. Next he activates Monster Gate tributing Infernoid Decatron to send the top 5 cards of his Deck to the graveyard before Special Summoning a second Infernoid Decatron. In the sent cards include a second Infernoid Seitsemas, an Infernoid Harmadik and an Infernoid Patreulea. He is ready to go. Using his Infernoid Decatron, this time he sends and Infernoid Sjette from his deck to the Graveyard. He Special Summons an Infernoid Seitsemas from his Graveyard by banishing an Infernoid Harmadik and Infernoid Patreulea.  He activates Lair of Darkness before entering Battle Phase. He attacks the Set Orcust Harp Horror with Infernoid Seitsemas and then with the Infernoid Decatron and then used its copied Infernoid Sjette effect to banish a card from CJ’s Extra Deck. He then tributes the Infernoid Decatron to banish the Orcust Harp Horror from the Graveyard. Kye then summons a second Infernoid Seitsemas from the graveyard and ends his turn Summoning a token off Lair of Darkness.

CJ draws for turn and activates Sky Striker Manoeuvre – Afterburners attempting to destroy Infernoid Seitsemas but he Kye tributes it to banish an Orcust Cymbal Skeleton. Unable to deal with the second Infernoid Seitsemas, he decides to concede and go to next duel.


Duel 2:

CJ decides to go first this game despite what happened last game. He opens a hand of Dark Ruler No More, Orcust Harp Horror, Orcust Cymbal Skeleton, Scrap Recycler and Infinite Impermanence. He Normal Summons Scrap Recycler and sends Orcust Harp Horror to the Graveyard before banishing it to Special Summon Orcust Knightmare from his deck. He Link Summons Galatea, the Orcust Automaton and then banishes Orcust Knightmare to send World Legacy – World Wand from his deck to the graveyard. By Banishing World Legacy – “World Wand” he can Special Summon back Orcust Harp Horror before using Galatea to put back World Legacy – “World Wand” to set and activate Orcustrated Babel from deck. He Xyz Summons Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star to attach a Orcust Knightmare before using Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star and Orcust Harp Horror to Link Summon I:P Masquerena. He sets one card and passes his turn.

On Kye’s turn, CJ uses Orcust Harp Horror to summon Orcust Cymbal Skeleton from his deck. Kye Normal Summons Infernoid Decatron but his effect is negated by an Infinite Impermanence. Kye Link Summons a Linkuriboh using the Infernoid Decatron. He banishes the Infernoid Decatron from the graveyard to Special Summon Infernoid Patrulea. Kye activates the effect of I:P Masquerena to Link Summon a Knightmare Unicorn discarding a Orcust Harp Horror to shuffle Infernoid Patrulea back into the deck. Kye activates Monster Gate tributing Linkuriboh and sends 12 cards from his deck to the graveyard before hitting Infernoid Decatron again! He declares the effect of Infernoid Decatron but CJ responds banishing Orcust Cymbal Skeleton to summon back Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star, and Infernoid Decatron sending Infernoid Seitsemas. CJ declares Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star effect to send to the graveyard but Kye tributes Infernoid Decatron as cost to banish Orcust Harp Horror from CJ’s graveyard. Kye follows up with Void Imagination sending an arsenal of 6 Infernoid Monsters from his deck to Fusion Summon Infernoid Tierra. Infernoid Tierra activates 2 effects forcing both players to send 3 cards from their Extra Deck to the Graveyard. While CJ chooses 3 monsters he feels he doesn’t need, Kye has built his extra deck for this situation sending 2 Elder Entity N’tss and Psy-Frame Lord Omega. Next up Infernoid Tierra also sends the top 3 cards of each players deck to the graveyard. Now both Elder Entity’s will trigger attempting to destroy Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star and Orcustrated Babel. CJ responds with Orcust Knightmare sending a Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher from his deck to the graveyard. Kye activates another Monster Gate tributing Infernoid Tierra but only sending one card before a Psy-Frame Driver is special summoned. Kye activates the effect of the Psy-Frame Lord Omega in his graveyard targetting the Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher in CJ’s graveyard prompting CJ to banish the top 8 cards of his deck to special summon the Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher not wanting to lose access to it. Kye Summons an Infernoid Seitsemas from his graveyard and a Infernoid Harmadik from hand. He uses Infernoid Harmadik’s effect to destroy Gizmek, the Serpentron Sky Slasher. He links away his 2 Infernoids to Link summon Knightmare Phoenix and immediately Special Summons back the Infernoid Seitsemas from his graveyard. He uses Knightmare Phoenix and the Infernoid Seitsemas to Link Summon Crusadia Equimax. Next he Special Summons Infernoid Attondel and Infernoid Devyaty to the zones Equimax points to putting it to 7700 attack and declares an attack on Knightmare Unicorn. Knowing that he can the Infernoids can tribute the Equimax removing the attacking restriction, CJ extends the hand shake.

R6 Kye win


Kye Johnston goes into the last round of swiss of the day with a 5-0-1 record with his Infernoid Deck.

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