Round 6 Feature Match: Dimitri Bellaiche vs Lormier Josse

[p]We’re back at Table 1 for another Feature Match! Dimitri Bellaiche didn’t have to travel far as he hails from Paris while Lormier Josse made the trek from Nice to get to the Feature Match table. Bellaiche’s currently undefeated in this tournament with Blackwings whereas Josse’s gone this far with Disaster Dragon. Only one Duelist will emerge with an 6-0 record after this and we’re about to find out who that is![/p]

The hometown Duelist's undefeated with Blackwings today!

[p]Bellaiche won the roll and chose to go first. He Set [warning], [icarus] and [book] before Summoning [bora] and ending.
Josse [ns]ed [wyvern] and entered his Battle Phase. Bellaiche responded with [book] to flip Wyvern face-down. Josse Set 3 Spells or Traps before moving to his [ep] where Bellaiche tributed Bora for [icarus] and hit 2 copies of [lance]!

Bellaiche [ns]ed [blizzard], [ss]ed [bora] and [synch]ed [armed wing], Armed Wing took down Wyvern and dealt some Life Point damage to Josse.[/p]

Josse Summoned another [wyvern] and passed.

Bellaiche attacked over the Wyvern with Armed Wing and Set [econ].

Josse passed.

Bellaiche attack directly with Armed Wing and set [tt].

Josse Summoned [dread] and passed. Setting low DEF monsters would be a bad idea right now.

[p]Bellaiche drew and considered his options. Armed Wing attacked, and [dread] was switched to [def] with [econ] to deal even more damage. Josse added [exploder] to his hand thanks to Dread’s effect.[/p]

[p]Josse [ss]ed [vice] and removed it from plat to Summon [redmd], which got hit with [warning]. With his key play shut off Josse [ns]ed [exploder] and attacked into Armed Wing to destroy both monsters, but Bellaiche ended the Duel next turn by using [reborn] on Josse’s [redmd] to attack for game![/p]

[armed wing] puts in the hard work lead Bellaiche to victory in Duel 1!


Josse started Duel 2 with [sarco] (searching for [future]) and [drago]. He revealed [wyvern] in his [ep] to keep Drago around.

Bellaiche Summoned [shura] and entered his Battle Phase. Shura attacked and Josse flipped [mf] to destroy the Blackwing. Bellaiche Set 2 Spells or Traps in [mp2] and passed.

Josse’s [drago] attacked directly and Bellaiche took the hit. Josse Set a monster and revealed a second [drago]. He’d get [future] next turn.

Bellaiche drew [reaper] and Set [vayu] before passing back to Josse.

Fusing in the Future, but setting up big combos right now!

[p]Josse added [future] to his hand. He [fs]ed [wyvern] and attacked with it, only to lose his monster to [prison], and his other 2 cards to [icarus]. [future] came down next for Josse. He revealed [fhd] and sent [wyvern], [totem], [wyvern], [redmd] and [prime] to the Graveyard. In the end phase Josse removed [wyvern] to [ss] [redmd].[/p]

Bellaiche activated [duality], revealing [mst], [vayu] and [reborn]. He took Reborn and used [mst] to destroy [future].

Josse [ss]ed [prime] with [redmd]'[s] effect. Then he [ns]ed [drago]. Drago attacked and [reaper] blocked the attack. Josse revealed [vice] for Drago in his [ep].

Bellaiche passed, making no further plays.

Josse [ss]ed another [drago] with [redmd] and passed.

Bellaiche Summoned [shura] and attacked over a [drago] using [kalut] for an ATK boost. He couldn’t Summon anything with Shura’s effect thanks to the other Drago.

Josse get the destroyed Drago back with [redmd] and set a Spell or Trap. Red-Eyes took down Shura, and Josse revealed [vice] for both Dragos in the [ep].

All fear the mighty Reaper!

Bellaiche passed, that [reaper] was keeping him in the Duel.

Josse used [redmd] to Summon a [wyvern], and revealed [vice] again.

Bellaiche drew [sirocco] and passed.

Josse made no plays on his turn.

Bellaiche drew [prison] and Set it, losing it to [mst] in the [ep].

Josse passed back to Bellaiche right away.

[p]Bellaiche drew [mind]. He [ns]ed [gale], activated its effect, and had it promptly negated by [sim]! Bellaiche then used [mind] on [drago] and Summoned [brd]. He didn’t activate its effect because of Josse’s [prime], choosing to take down a [drago] instead. Bellaiche then ran the numbers in his head before ending.[/p]

[p]Josse activated [trunade], returning his [sim] to his hand. That let [redmd] [ss] [vice], and he Tributed it and [wyvern] for [yamata]! Josse Set 3 cards and then destroyed [brd] with [yamata], drawing 3 free cards in the process! Yamata when back to his hand in the [ep].[/p]

Bellaiche draw [dad] and play [reborn], targeting [gale]. Reborn was stopped by [warning], so he bluffed with a Set [whirlwind] instead.

[p]Josse Summoned [dread] and Tuned it with [prime] for [scrap d]. [scrap d]'[s] effect destroyed itself and [reaper], and Josse brough [scrap d] back again with [redmd]! This time Josse destroyed his Set [hole] and the [whirlwind]. Josse then removed [scrap d] to [ss] another [redmd] and Bellaiche conceded![/p]

Josse’s Dragons even the score!


Could Bellaiche take Duel 3 or will the Dragons reign supreme?

Bellaiche started the final Duel in this match with [duality], revealing [mf], [bora] and [warning], taking [warning]. He [ns]ed [shura] and Set 2 back row cards.

Josse activated [trunade] before [ns]ing [drago]. Drago ran over the Bora. Josse Set a Spell/Trap before revealing [totem] for Drago.

Bellaiche Set 3 Spells or Traps and a monster.

Josse attacked with Drago into a [prison]. He Chained [lance] but Bellaiche Chained his [i]second[/i] Prison! Drago was removed from play and Josse set a monste rin [mp2].

Bellaiche Summoned Blizzard to get a [shura] and [synch] [armed wing] before [ss]ing [bora]. Armed Wing over the Set [totem] and Bora attacked directly.

[p]Josse [ss]’ed his [totem] and tributed it for [redmd] (Totem counts as 2 Tributes if you Summon a Dragon-Type monster) which was negated by [warning]. [hole] destroyed Bellaiche’s 3 monsters, and Josse had the [reborn] to [ss] the [armed wing] he just destroyed! He attacked directly with his new monster.[/p]

Bellaiche drew [shura], and Set [reaper].

Josse Summoned [masked] and [armed wing] attacked the [reaper] which survived (Bellaiche still lost [lp] because of Armed Wing’s effect).

[p]Bellaiche drew, Summon [shura] and destroyed [masked] in battle. Bellaiche [ss]ed [gale] and [Josse] got an [exploder]. In [mp2], Bellaiche [synch]ed [brd] and wiped the field clean before [ss]ing [bwam] (removing [vayu] and Armed Wing from his Graveyard) and Setting [book].[/p]

Josse passed.

Bellaiche drew [mf] and attacked directly.

Josse drew and Set his new card.

Bellaiche attacked into the freshly set [mf], but he Chained his [book] to save the Armor Master! He Set his own [mf] in [mp2] and finished his turn.

Josse Set a Spell or Trap, but it couldn’t help him as Bellaiche sealed the Match with a direct attack next turn![/p]

Dimitri Bellaiche’s Blackwings remain undefeated!

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