Round 6 Feature Match: Eden Zamir vs Robin Albrecht

Amidst all the established Decks we’ve got an interesting match at the top tables. Eden Zamir hails from Israel and has brought a teched out Debris Deck with him today. German Duelist Robin Albrecht is here with Blackwings, but with a unique build packing Main-Decked copies of Skill Dragon. Both of these Duelists are undefeated going into this round, but only one of them will remain so after this Match is over.

Eden Zamir's unique take on the Debris Deck has proven successful so far.

Albrecht won the roll and kicked things off with Blackwing – Shura The Blue Flame, before Setting Icarus Attack and another Spell or Trap.

Zamir Set Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter and 2 Spells and Traps before ending.

Albrecht attacked with Shura into Zamir’s Ryko, destroying Shura. Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Torrential Tribute and Caius the Shadow Monarch were sent from Zamir’s Deck to the Graveyard with Ryko’s effect. Albrecht Set another back row card and Summoned Blackwing – Bora the Spear. In Albrecht’s End Phase, Zamir activated Call of the Haunted, Special Summoning Gorz, then in a new Chain activated Royal Decree!

Zamir: "Call's negated, but Gorz is going nowhere!"

Zamir Tributed the Gorz, for Caius the Shadow Monarch, removing Bora from play and then attacking directly.

Albrecht drew Blackwing – Blizzard the Far North, Summoned Shura from the Graveyard and Tuned the 2 for Goyo Guardian (Level 6). Goyo took down Caius in battle and Albrecht Summoned it in Defence Position.

Zamir drew Doomcaliber Knight, Summoned it, and attacked Caius. That put Zamir’s 3rd DARK monster in his Graveyard, so he could potentially Summon Dark Armed Dragon at any time.

Albrecht drew Dimensional Prison, adding it to his hand of Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind and Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow. He Summoned Gale, Goyo attacked over Doomcaliber (which can’t be Special Summoned), and attacked directly with Gale for 1300.

Zamir drew Monster Reborn, Summoned his Gorz again, and attacked Gale. Albrecht discarded Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow to boost Gale’s ATK, and both monsters were destroyed. He Set Debris Dragon in Main Phase 2, commented on the situation by saying “I’m so getting bashed next turn,” and ended.

Sure enough, Albrecht’s Goyo Guardian destroyed and Summoned the Debris Dragon next turn.

Zamir activated Allure of Darkness, drawing Dandylion and Spirit Reaper, adding them to his hand of Cold Wave and Caius the Shadow Monarch before removing Spirit Reaper from play. He Set Dandylion to finish.

Albrecht Summoned Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame and turned Debris Dragon to Attack Position. Goyo Guardian destroyed the Set Dandylion and Zamir Summoned 2 Fluff Tokens, which were destroyed by Albrecht’s other monsters.

Zamir drew Cyber Dragon, Summoned it and Tributed it for his Caius the Shadow Monarch to remove Goyo from play, and destroyed Shura in battle.

Albrecht turned Debris Dragon to Defence Position and ended.

Zamir Summoned Doomcaliber Knight and ran over Debris Dragon with Caius before attacking directly.

Albrecht activated Allure of Darkness, removing Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn from play. He Summoned another copy, Special Summoned Blackwing – Bora the Spear, and tried to use Sirocco’s effect to boost Bora’s ATK but was stopped by Doomcaliber Knight. Albrecht passed without attacking.

Zamir took down Bora with Caius next turn.

Albrecht activated his topdecked Monster Reborn, Special Summoning Zamir’s Gorz the Emissary of Darkness (for those keeping track, this is the 3rd time it’s been Summoned from the Graveyard in this Duel). Zamir flipped it face-down with Book of Moon before it could attack though.

Zamir Summoned another Doomcaliber Knight and ended his turn, unable to take down Gorz.

Albrecht Flip Summoned Gorz and destroyed Doomcaliber in battle, bringing Zamir down to 1600 Life Points.

Zamir drew Enemy Controller and Set it.

Albrecht tried to attack with Gorz again but Enemy Controller stopped it.

Zamir drew Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter and Set it.

Albrecht took down Zamir’s Caius the Shadow Monarch with Gorz, opting not to risk attacking the Set Ryko before ending his turn.

Zamir passed his turn.

Albrecht attacked into the Ryko, which sent Spore, Royal Decree and Book of Moon to the Graveyard after destroying Gorz the Emissary of Darkness.

Zamir activated Spore’s effect on his turn, removing Dandylion to Special Summon it (which is now a Level 4 Tuner). Spore attacked directly for 400 Life Points, and Zamir Set Book of Moon in Main Phase 2 before ending.

Albrecht Summoned Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor and tried to attack Spore but was stopped by Book of Moon. The Duel has now shifted from a battle between monsters of over 2000 ATK to one of those under 1000 ATK.

A real clash of the titans!

Zamir drew Card Trooper, and activated Cold Wave in his Standby Phase. He Summoned Card Trooper and sent Mirror Force, Dark Hole and Cyber Dragon to the Graveyard to boost it to 1900 ATK. Spore destroyed the face-down Vayu in battle and Card Trooper finally attacked for game! “I ended up holding 7 Trap Cards on my field and in my hand!” was Albrecht’s response, showing just how crucial that Royal Decree was at the start of the Duel.

Zamir sets up an early Royal Decree, and after many swings in momentum finally wins Duel 1!

Robin Albrecht's hand was completely shut down by Royal Decree in Duel 1.

Albrecht chose to start Duel 2 and joked about how long Zamir took to shuffle his Deck. “Gotta keep shuffling, it’s good for your health!” was his excuse, clearly enjoying how the Match was unfolding. Both Duelists wished each other luck before the Duel began.

Albrecht started Duel 2 with Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame and 2 Set Spells or Traps.

Zamir activated Allure of Darkness, removing his Gorz the Emissary of Darkness from play. He Set Dandylion and 3 cards to his back row before ending.

Albrecht’s Shura attacked Dandylion and Zamir got 2 Fluff Tokens. Albrecht for Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor with Shura’s effect and took down 1 of the Tokens. Albrecht opted to not Synchro Summon in Main Phase 2, possibly expecting any Synchro Monster to be destroyed.

Zamir Summoned Lonefire Blossom and used its effect with priority, Tributing itself before Chaining Torrential Tribute to clear the field. Lonefire resolved and he Summoned another, which was Tributed to get Tytannial, Princess of Camellias from his Deck. “Bottomless Phase?” Albrecht didn’t have the Bottomless Trap Hole Set. Tytannial attempted to attack directly and Albrecht activated Dimensional Prison. Zamir Chained Royal Decree and Albrecht Chained Mirror Force… but Zamir had another Royal Decree! Mirror Force and Dimensional Prison were negated, and Tytannial’s attack went through.

Albrecht drew to 5 cards in-hand, and played Dark Hole to destroy Tytannial. He Normal Summoned Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame and attacked for 1800 points of damage.

Albrecht had the first Decree covered, but the 2nd one came out of nowhere!

Zamir drew Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter and Set it.

Albrecht’s Shura attacked into Ryko, and both monsters were destroyed. Zamir sent Debris Dragon, Cold Wave and Caius the Shadow Monarch to the Graveyard to complete Ryko’s effect.

Zamir Normal Summoned Debris Dragon, attempted to Special Summon Dandylion but was cut off by D.D. Crow. He attacked directly for 1000 Life Points and Set Book of Moon before ending.

Albrecht Summoned Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn, declared an attack, and was stopped by Book of Moon.

Zamir drew Caius the Shadow Monarch (exactly what he needed) Tributed Debris Dragon to Summon it, and removed Sirocco from play (inflicting 1000 points of damage in the process). He attacked for 2400 and ended his turn.

Albrecht Summoned Blackwing – Bora the Spear and attacked Caius, using the Kalut in his hand to take it down.

Zamir Set the Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter he drew and passed.

Albrecht’s Bora attacked into the Ryko. Both monsters were destroyed and Mirror Force, Dark Hole and Mystical Space Typhoon were sent to Zamir’s Graveyard. Albrecht Set D.D. Crow, hoping to survive another turn.

Zamir drew Cyber Dragon and Special Summoned it, taking down the Crow in battle, and Albrecht conceded after seeing his next card.

Eden Zamir is now 6-0 with his Debris Deck!

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