Round 6: Kevin Thiebaut (Twilight) vs. Kartihan Viji (Wind-Up)

[p]Round 6! Kevin Thiebaut’s Twilight Deck (a combination of Lightsworn and Chaos) has been tearing up the top tables today, but can the French Duelist win his Feature Match against the Swiss sensation Kartihan Viji and his Wind-Ups? Let’s find out! [/p]

Thiebaut's Deck is a revived classic!

[div]Viji started the Match with [tgu]! He Summoned [sangan] and [xyz]ed [w maity]. He activated Zenmaity’s effect to Summon [w hun], Tributing Zenmaity to discard [gardna]. He followed up with [reborn] on Sangan, Summoning another Zenmaity, which got Rat. In his rush he detached [sangan] instead of [w hun] and had to Summon [w rabbit]. He set 1 card to finish.

Thiebaut Summoned [lyla] and was halted by [fiendish].

Viji worked his Wind-Up combos again to end up discarding [jd], [reborn] and another [gardna] while Summoning [17] and [zenmaines]. [17] took down Lyla and Zenmaines attacked directly.

Thiebaut Set a monster.

Viji attacked with [17] into [ryko], which destroyed it before sending 3 cards to the Graveyard. Zenmaines attacked directly. Viji Set a [st] to finish.

Thiebaut Summoned [trooper] and sent [sorc], [ryko] and [jain] to the graveyard to boost its ATK. Trooper attacked Zenmaines, which detached Hunter to protect itself. Zenmaines destroyed trooper in the End Phase to give Thiebaut a free card.

Viji attacked directly with Zenmaines again.

Thiebaut played [recharge], discarding [ehren] to draw 2 and send 2 cards to the Graveyard.

Viji attacked directly again and [gorz] was Summoned, along with a [def] Token. Viji Set another [st].

Thiebaut turned the Token to Attack Position and declared an attack with Gorz, to have it stopped by [fiendish].

Viji’s Zenmaines attacked the Token and detached a material. He Set a card and Zenmaines destroyed Gorz.

Thiebaut Summoned [bls]! Viji paid half his Life Points with [sj] to get rid of it. Thiebaut Set a monster.

Viji Summoned [w shark], followed by another one! One Shark attacked into [honest], which kept Thiebaut in the Duel. The 2 Sharks became Level 5 and [adreus] was Summoned, which destroyed [honest].

Thiebaut Set a monster.

Viji attacked with Adreus and [gardna] blocked the Zenmaines attack.

Thiebaut Set the [maxx] he drew.

Viji Summoned [w rabbit] and there was enough ATK on the board to seal the Duel.[/div]

Viji leads!


Viji made the most of his error to win Duel 1 regardless!

[div]Thiebaut started Duel 2 with [trooper], sending 3 cards to the graveyard to boost its ATK before ending.

Viji Summoned [tgu] and Thiebaut played [maxx]. Viji Summoned [sangan] and attacked with both monsters (Trooper gave Thiebaut a free draw) as [gorz] was Summoned.

Thiebaut played [recharge], discarding [jain] to draw 2 and send [honest] and [poa] to the Graveyard. He then played another, this time discarding [lyla] and getting a free [wulf] Summon! He then Summoned [sorcerer], banishing [lyla] and [trag]! Next up was [tkr] and all of his monsters were ready to attack, but Viji Summoned his own Gorz after the first direct attack. The Token was destroyed in battle.

Viji Summoned [tkr] and Gorz took down [wulf] in battle. Thunder King destroyed Thiebaut’s Token and he played [mind] in [mp2] to take [sorcerer] and banish it with its effect! He set a card to finish.

Thiebaut played [reborn] to target [lyla]. Viji let it go. Thiebaut destroyed [storm] with its effect and then played [hole]! 2 [jd][s] hit the field to demolish Viji’s remaining Life Points![/div]

Thiebaut evens the score!


Could Viji wind his opponent up enough to score another win?

[div]Viji opened Duel 3 with [tgu] and [sangan]! He [xyz]ed [w maity] and said “This time I will do it slow!”, obviously not wanting to make mistakes. He Summoned [w hun] and Tributed Zenmaity to discard [recharge]. [reborn] revived [sangan] and he [xyz]ed another Zenmaity to then Summon [w rat] which revived Hunter and discarded [bls]. The combo continued and he discarded [trag] before Summoning [zenmaines]. He set 2 [sts].

Thiebaut played [charge], sending 3 monsters to the Graveyard (including a [gardna]) to add [ryko] to his hand. He Set it.

Viji Summoned [w rabbit] and turned Zenmaines to Attack Position. Rabbit attacked into Ryko and Thiebaut destroyed [mst] before sending 3 more cards to the Graveyard. Zenmaines attacked directly.

Thiebaut passed.

Viji Summoned [tkr], Set a card and passed.

Thiebaut Summoned [lumina] and discarded [wulf], only to have his Lumina negated by [fiendish]. He then played [hole] and Viji banished his [w rabbit] and protected his Zenmaines. Thiebaut Summoned [jd] and lost it to [warning]. Zenmaines detached a material in the End Phase.

Viji Summoned Rabbit again and attacked with both monsters.

Thiebaut Summoned [trooper] and boosted its ATK. It attacked Rabbit which banished itself, so it took down Zenmaines instead.

Viji Summoned [tour], followed by another one. He ran the numbers and attacked with his 3 monsters, the last one bringing out [gorz] with Thiebaut on 200 Life Points! Viji [xyz]ed another Zenmaines. “I love Zenamines, my favourite card!” he commented.

Thiebaut started his turn as time is called and passed.

Turn 1: Viji passed.

Turn 2: Thiebaut Summoned [sorcerer] and targeted [zenmaines], banishing it. He turned his other 2 monsters to [atk] and entered his Battle Phase. [w rabbit] banished itself and Viji took the hits.

Turn 3: Viji brought back Rabbit and sat at 1400 Life Points to Thiebaut’s 200. Viji played [mind] to take [sorcerer] and banish itself. He Set a [st] and monster.

Thiebaut’s final turn: He declared an attack with Gorz but was halted by [fiendish]. The Token attacked [w rabbit], Viji let it go (and immediately realised his error), and Thiebaut discarded [honest] to deal exactly 1400 points of damage and win the Match! Incredible![/div]

Kevin Thiebaut wins by dealing exact damage!


Viji snatches defeat from the jaws of victory!

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