Round 6: Marcus Patel (Fire Fist) vs Tony Lee (Mermail)

Round 6 is here and we’re all the way up here at Table 8! 13 year-old Marcus Patel from the UK has been blazing a trail of glory with his Fire Fist Deck, going undefeated so far. His opponent, Tony Lee from France has been doing the same with Mermail. Only one of these Duelists will remain undefeated when this Match is over, so let’s see who that’ll be!

Marcus Patel was having a good day so far!

Patel opened the Match with [pod], adding [mst] to his hand before Summoning [tengu]. He set 2 cards to finish.

Lee discarded [a drag] to Summon [a teus], adding [a pike] and [a megalo] to his hand. He then Summoned [diva], followed by [a mark]. He then Summoned another Megalo! Patel responded with [tt] as Lee added [a sphere] and [diva] to his hand. The field was swept clean as Patel Summoned another [tengu]. Lee set 2 cards.

Patel played [mst] to destroy [decree]. He followed up with [ff tensu] and [ff gorilla]. [a sphere] was destroyed by Gorilla’s effect as Patel’s monsters attacked directly. In [mp2] he [xyz]ed [dweller] and Set [pod].

[i]LP: 8000 – 4700[/i]

Lee Summoned [diva], but Patel used [fchain] to negate its effect.

Patel Summoned [ff dragon] and attacked directly with both monsters.

[i]LP: 8000 – 1300[/i]

Lee Set a monster, but it wasn’t enough to protect him as he conceded next turn.

[h2]Patel takes the lead![/h2]

Tony Lee was also undefeated up to this point.

Lee opened Duel 2 by Summoning [a teus] (discarding Dragoons). He added [a linde] and [diva] to his hand and Set a monster and [st].

Patel played [pod], adding [mcrush] to his hand. He played [df] and then [tkr], attacking Lee’s Set monster. Lee responded with [dust] on [df] so that [linde] would Summon [leed]. Patel set 3 cards.

Lee Summoned [diva] and brought out [a mark] with its effect. He [synch]ed [catastor] and Patel let it through. Lee then [xyz]ed [a gaios]. When both monsters attacked, [dprison][s] were played against them! Gaios used its effect to negate [tkr] and [a teus] was Summoned in [mp2]. Lee added [a mark] and [a pike] to his hand before Summoning [megalo]. He destroyed [road], added [a sphere] to his hand and Summoned [a leed]. Finally, he Set 1 card.

Patel used [mcrush] to discard Lee’s [a pike].

Lee’s monsters attacked, first taking down [tkr] and then hitting directly. Patel conceded on his next turn as we moved to Duel 3!
[h2]Lee levels the score![/h2]

Duel 3 was about to begin!

Patel started Duel 3 with [tkr], [df] and a set card.

Lee Summoned [diva] and brought out [a mark], [synch]ing [catastor] in the process, although [sj] took it down!

[i]LP 4000 – 8000[/i]

Patel Summoned [ff dragon] and attacked directly with both monsters as Lee Summoned [gorz]. Patel Summoned [maestro] in Main Phase 2.

[i]LP 4000 – 4300[/i]

Lee turned Gorz to [atk] and attacked Maestro, forcing it to detach a material.

Patel played [reborn] on [ff dragon], followed up with [ff tenki], adding Bear to his hand. Dragon then added [ff tensu], which was Set. Patel then Summoned [ff bear]. Bear’s effect destroyed [gorz].

Lee Set a monster.

Patel flipped [ff tensen], targeting Bear, which destroyed [a pike]. Patel then Summoned another Bear and attacked with all 4 of his monsters for game!

[h2]Marcus Patel remains undefeated![/h2]

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