Round 6: Torben von Borstel (Madolche) vs Sascha Fabian (Firefist)

Here we see two Duelists going at it all out in Round 6 of YCS Berlin! It’s still all to play for to get into the second day! Torven von Borstel is playing his Madolche Deck whereas Sascha Fabian is playing Firefist. Borstel has a good matchup, so it’ll be interesting to see how Fabian deals with it!

[header]Game One[/header]

Borstel's Deck is filled with cake goodness!

Fabian wins the roll and chooses to go first. He plays [pod] and brings a [ff bear] to hand, [lance] and another [ff bear] go back to deck. He sets four [fd] [sts] and Normal Summons his [ff bear].

Borstel sets one [fd] [st] and plays a [ccd] in [atk]! Fabian hums to himself, deep in thought, before playing [sw].

Fabian attacks directly! [ff bear] gets [ff tenki] which is played and [ff tenki] gets [wolfbark] to hand. He sets one [fd] [st] and ends.

[mad chat] hits the field and [mad mewf] tries to make it home! It’s not very comfortable as it is played straight into a [fiendish]. He sets a [fd] [st].

Fabian sacrifices his [ff tenki] to destroy [mad mewf] and attacks directly. [ff bear] gets another [ff tenki] and uses its powers to get [ff gorilla] from the Deck. [ff gorilla] is Summoned and falls into a [bth]. Fabian finishes his turn downtrodden.

Borstel plays a [mad mewf] and Special Summons a [mad hoot], Fabian ponders long and hard over what to do and does nothing. [mad hoot] banishes [ccd] and [mad mess] is Special Summoned. [mad mess] delivers a [mad pal] to Borstel’s hand and he attacks! [ff bear] may go down, Fabian looks at his options shuffling his hand over and over. Fabian folds and Borstel gets a fresh hit to his lifepoints. The [mad hoot] is sent to a [prison]. He sets a [fd] [st].

Fabian Summons his [wolfbark]! He takes a [sw].

Borstel brings out [mad mewf] and declares the effect. A [fiendish] stops the itty bitty kitty in its delicious cake filled tracks. [mad mewf] and [mad mewf] overlay into a [gt alucard]! He detaches but it [veiler]ed. Borstel plays [mad pal] and brings out a [mad mess]. All of his monsters perish in a [tt]!

Fabian sets one [fd] [st] and ends.

Borstel brings out a [mad mess] and attacks directly! He also sets a [fd] [st].

[ff gyok] is played on the [fd] backrow and Fabian can do nothing more.

A [mad mess] enters the field and attacks directly! The second [mad mess] is hit with a [bom]. Borstel sets a [fd] [st].

[hole] is played with an [mst] in response, destroying Borstel’s [mad chat], monsters and his dreams.
Borstel plays a [spell striker] and Fabian scoops!
[header]Game Two[/header]

Fabian sides tactically!

Fabian goes first in Game Two and he’s out for revenge! He sets three [fd] [sts] and summons [ff bear].
Borstel summons a [mad mess] and copies the three [fd] [sts] play.

Fabian plays [ff gyok] and uses [dust] on Borstel’s [mst], which is chained in response on [ff gyok]. He plays [df] and a [ff tenki] and Borstel attempts to make Fabian’s monsters [overworked]. [lance] is played in time and [ff tensu] is destroyed to get rid of [mad mess]. [ff bear] attacks and gets [ff tenki] which in turn fetches a [ff gorilla] who is [overworked]!.

[rota] fetches a [spell striker] and [mad mewf] is played, [mad mewf] Special Summons [mad hoot] who special summons [spell striker]. [mad mewf] and [spell striker] overlay into [xm] who gets [mad mess], a second [mad mess] hits the field and two [mad chat]s are brought to hand. Both are played and the [mad mess]s overlay into [mad tiara]! [mad tiara]’s effect returns the [fd] [st] that Fabian was counting on and [mad chat] is sent back to the Deck. [mad tiara] attacks [ff bear] and [xm] and [mad hoot] attack directly.

Fabian draws into a [lance] and concedes!

[header]Borstel wins 2-0![/header]

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