Round 6: Vitjan Glavicic (Wind-Up) vs Adrian Rogowski (Prophecy)

[p]Round 6 sees Slovenian Duelist Vitjan Glavicic face off against Adrian Rogowski, who made the trip from Frankenthal to get here. Both of these Duelists are competing in their first YCS, and both are undefeated! Only one of these two will leave this table with an X-0 record, so let’s find out who that Duelist will be.[/p]

Glavicic was having a good run in his first YCS.

[div]Glavicic opened the match with [tgu], Summoning another copy and Xyz Summoning [w maity]. He then played [w fac], used Zenmaity’s effect to Summon [w rabbit] and add [w mag] to his hand. He Set 1 card.

Rogowski started his turn and Glavicic banished Rabbit to trigger Factory and add [w shark] to his hand. Rogowski played [storm] and then [sb secrets] added [sb master] to his hand. He Summoned [breaker] and got a Spell Counter. He activated [sb master]. He copied the effect of [sb secrets] to add [sb fate] to his hand. Breaker took down Zenmaity in battle and Rogowski set 2 [st]s to finish.

Glavicic brought back [w rabbit] and played [mst] to target [sb fate], which banished 2 cards to flip rabbit down. Glavicic [fs]ed it and [ns]ed [w mag], followed by [w shark]. Magician Summoned another copy and [tt] wiped the field of everything; Rabbit banished Magician, triggering the other to Summon another Rabbit, all of which were destroyed afterwards. He set his 3 remaining cards.

Rogowski played [sb eternity], targeting [sb secrets], which was played to add [sb mag] to his hand. He Summoned Magician and Glavicic responded with [fchain]. Rogowski had [bom] though to guarantee he got the effect off; he added [sb tower] to his hand before playing that too.

Glavicic brought back [w mag] and Set a [st].

Rogowski used Tower’s effect to put [sb secrets] to the bottom of his Deck and draw another card. He [fs]ed [sb mag] to add [sb secrets] to his hand. That in turn was activated to get him another Magician. He Summoned it and added [sb power] to his hand before [xyz]ing [shelf]. [sb power] boosted its ATK as he entered his Battle Phase. Glavicic played [ced], Rogowski immediately played [sb wisdom] but [sj] negated it, sending [shelf] back to the Extra Deck.

Glavicic Set 1 card.

Rogowski drew and returned [sb secrets] to his Deck. [kycoo] was Summoned as he passed.

Glavicic passed.

Rogowski returned [sb wisdom] this time and played [sb secrets] to get [sb mag] which was Summoned to get him a [sb eternity]. He used it to return [sb master] to his hand. Master was played and he copied Secrets to get [sb power]. Power boosted Kycoo and [ced] sent it back to his hand when he attacked. Rogowski set 1 card to finish.

Glavicic Set a [st].

Rogowski used Tower again to return [sb secrets], his engine was in full flow. He Summoned [pr temp] and activated another Tower. Temperance was Tributed to Summon [pr high], which was banished with [bth]. [sb mag] went to [def] and he ended his turn.

Glavicic [ns]ed [w rat] and revived [w rabbit]. Rogowski drew a card with [maxx] as Glavicic set another card.

Rogowski drew and Glavicic used Rabbit to trigger [w mag] to Summon another Rabbit. Rogowski passed on the Tower effect this time. [sb secrets] got him a [sb life]. He Summoned Breaker which was banished by [bth]. [reborn] revived [pr temp], which was Tributed to Summon [pr high]. High Priestess’ effect banished [sb secrets] to destroy the Set [hole]. Priestess attacked Magician which Rabbit banished, so it took the hit instead.

Glavicic brought back his 2 monsters and turned [w rat] to [atk], before using it to revive [w rabbit]. [sw] halted that opportunity though, destroying Rat. Glavicic [ns]ed another Rat and revived the Rabbit anyway. “I knew he would!” Rogowski claimed, he had no way to stop Glavicic’s plays this turn now. Rat revived [w mag], triggering the other one to Summon [w shark]. Glavicic [xyz]ed [leviair] and brought back Rogowski’s breaker with it. That let him Xyz [ddw], though he instantly wished he’d Summoned something else. “….I had game!” Pressing on he turned Shark into a Level 5 and Magician Summoned Shark, which also turned to level 5. Glavicic Summoned [adreus], using it to destroy [pr high]. He attacked with all his monsters, proclaiming “if only I summoned [papi]”.

Rogowski used Tower to return [sb power]. He played [sb life] and revived [pr high]. Priestess destroyed Adreus and rather than see his opponent run the clock out Glavicic conceded with 2 minutes remaining.[/div]

Rogowski shows off the full power of his Deck in Duel 1!


Rogowski's Deck played itself to perfection in Duel 1.

[div]Glavicic started Duel 2 with seconds left on the clock. Time was called as he played [ff tenki] to search for [w rabbit]. [w fac], Rabbit and [w shark] hit the field as he Summoned [w maity]. That gave him [w mag]. Another Shark was Summoned! That triggered Magician which brought out another copy. [16] hit the field and Spells were locked out as he Set 2 more cards. What an opening!

Rogowski Summoned [ifl] and immediately entered his Battle Phase! At the cost of 2000 Life Points it took down Shock Master and he Set 4 cards.

Glavicic used [mst] to destroy [sb fate]. [w maity] brought out [w mag] and factory gave him [w rat]. [storm] was played and cleared the backrows. Now Glavicic had to get around that Lily. He thought long and hard (“I won’t misplay this time…”) before using Rat to revive Magician. That triggered the other Magician which Summoned [w rabbit]. He [xyz]ed [ddw] and [leviair]. Leviair brought back [w rat], reviving [w rabbit]. [ddw] got rid of the Lily with its effect and Glavicic attacked with all his monsters to bring Rogowski down to 700 Life Points.

Rogowski conceded next turn, and the Match got what was a fair result as none of these players deserved to lose.[/div]

The Match ends in a Draw!


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