Round 7 Feature Match: Andrew Jones vs Lachlan Finney

Round 7 is the last round of Swiss for Day 1 and players have come a long way. After this round, only players in the top 256 or have 12 points will be returning to continue their swiss rounds tomorrow. This round we are featuring two friends, both players from Wollongong, NSW with Andrew Jones playing Thunder Dragon not utilizing any additional engines and Lachlan Finney playing Dinomist! Yeah you read that right. It seems that like last year, a Dinomist deck has managed to sneak into the top tables and are keen to showcase their deck. Both players are sitting at a fine 5-1 score but want to go into day 2 maintaining just one loss.


R7 Andrew hand

Duel 1:

Andrew wins the die roll and elects to go first. He opens a hand of Aloof Lupine, Dimensional Fissure, Thunder Dragonroar, Thunder Dragon and Allure of Darkness. He starts by summoning Aloof Lupine banishing the Thunder Dragonroar from hand and a Thunder Dragonamatrix from deck. Thunder Dragonroar summons Thunder Dragondark from deck and then Andrew links his Lupine and Dark to summon I:P Masquerena, using Thunder Dragondark to add Thunder Dragon Fusion from deck to hand. Next, he discards Thunder Dragon twice leaving just one copy in his hand. He activates the Thunder Dragon Fusion returning back the 2 Thunder Dragon and the Thunder Dragonroar to Fusion Summon Thunder Dragon Titan. This time he discards a lone Thunder Dragon to add 2 copies of Thunder Dragon to his hand. He activates Dimensional Fissure before ending his turn.

Lachlan draws a card for turn and quickly reads Andrew’s cards making sure he understands their effects. He begins with activating Dinomist Charge, but Andrew responds with Thunder Dragonmatrix allowing him to use Thunder Dragon Titan to destroy the Dinomist Charge denying Lachlan the search. Lachlan places Symphonic Warrior Guitaar in his Pendulum Zone and uses its effect, discarding a Symphonic Warrior Miccs to Special Summon a second copy of Symphonic Warrior Miccs from his deck. He activates a Dinomist Stegosaur in the other Pendulum Zone prompting Andrew to use I:P Masquerena to Link Summon into Knightmare Unicorn, discarding a Thunder Dragon to shuffle the Symphonic Warrior Guitaar back into Lachlan’s deck. Luckily for Lachlan he has another high scale being Dinomis Plesios allowing him to Pendulum Summon just Dinomist Ceratops. He overlays the Dinomist Ceratops and the Symphonic Warrior Miccs into Cyber Dragon Nova and then Cyber Dragon Infinity. Andrew uses Infinity’s effect to attach Knightmare Unicorn as material before attacking directly for 2900 damage and then passes back with no cards in hand.

Andrew draws a Thunder Dragonmatrix for turn and isn’t amused. He banishes Thunder Dragon Fusion from his graveyard to add a Thunder Dragonduo from his deck to his hand. The Thunder Dragonduo gets special summoned by banishing a Thunder Dragon and Thunder Dragondark his graveyard. Andrew activates the effect of Thunder Dragondark to search and Lachlan chooses to negate with Infinity. Proceeding to the Battle Phase, Thunder Dragonduo is now strong enough to attack over Cyber Dragon Infinity. Andrew activates Allure to draw 2 and banishes a Thunder Dragonroar. Andrew uses Thunder Dragonhawk to Special Summon back Thunder Dragonmatrix and Tributes it to Summon Thunder Dragon Colossus before passing. Lachlan draws for turn and passes with no play.

Andrew draws and summons Aloof Lupine and Lachlan concedes shortly after.

R7 lachlan hand

Duel 2:

Lachlan chooses to go first game 2. He opens 2 Symphonic Warrior Guitaar, a Dinomist Charge, an Artifact Lancea and a Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended. He leads with Dinomist Charge to add a Dinomist Pteran. He places a Symphonic Warrior Guitaar in the Pendulum Zone and uses its effect banishing the other copy in his hand to Special Summon a Symphonic Warrior Miccs from his deck. He link summons Heavymetalfoes Electrumite and activates his effect. Andrew activates Infinite Impermanence from hand but Lachlan discards Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended to which Andrew replies “Hey that’s mine, you can’t use my card against me!” They both have a giggle before Lachlan places a Dinomist Stegosaur in his extra deck and Dinomist Charge adds the Dinomist Stegosaur back to his hand. Heavymetalfoes Electrumite’s second effect allows Lachlan to destroy the Guitaar and add it back to his hand and draw a card. He places the Guitar back in the Pendulum Zone along with a Dinomist Ceratops before Pendulum Summoning Dinomist Pteran, Dinomist Stegasaur and Symphonic Warrior Miccs. He XYZ Summons Gear Gigant X using the two Dinomists and Andrew chooses to summon Nibiru the Primal Being from his hand giving Lachlan a 6600 attack token. Lachlan passes his turn.

Andrew draws for turn and during Standby Phase, Lachlan discards Artifact Lancea. Andrew discards Thunder Dragon twice to add the third to his hand. He Normal Summons Thunder Dragonmatrix and tributes it to Special Summoning Thunder Dragon Colossus and adds another Thunder Dragonmatrix to hand. He attacks over the Primal Being Token and then direct before setting a card and passing back to Lachlan.

Lachlan draws for turn and Pendulum Summons a Symphonic Warrior Miccs and the Speedroid Passinglider that he drew. He overlays the two monsters to XYZ Summon Cyber Dragon Nova and then Cyber Dragon Infinity. He uses Infinity’s effect to attach Nibiru the Primal Being as a material and passes turn.

Andrew draws for turn and banishes a Thunder Dragonmatrix and Thunder Dragon Colossus to Special Summon Thunder Dragon Titan and attacked over Cyber Dragon Infinity before ending his turn.

Lachlan draws a Symphonic Warrior Guitaar which he Normal Summons and activates its effect to Special Summon Symphonic Warrior Miccs from the Graveyard. He uses the two Symphonic Warriors to link Summon Psy-Framelord Lambda. Andrew uses the effect of Thunder Dragonmatrix from hand and then Thunder Dragon Titan on the field to destroy the Psy-Framelord Lambda. Lachlan Pendulum summons the Symphonic Warrior Miccs from his Extra Deck and passes.

Andrew draws and activates back to back Allure of Darkness first banishing Dimensional Shifter and then Thunder Dragonduo. He activates Thunder Dragonhawk to Summon back Thunder Dragon while also using Titan to destroy the Symphonic Warrior Miccs. Andrew declares an attack with Thunder Dragon and Thunder Dragon Titan leaving Lachlan on 2500 LP. Andrew passes and Lachlan draws a Dinomist Charge. He activates it but Andrew has the Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. He Pendulum Summons Symphonic Warrior Miccs and attacks over the Thunder Dragon for 700 damage and ends his turn.

R7 gameplay

Andrew draws and activates Thunder Dragon Fusion and apologises to his team mate as they exchange a pleasant handshake. Andrew will be moving on to day 2 with a 6-1 score while Lachlan will try to win out with his Dinomist deck.

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