Round 7 Feature Match: Hanif Moradi vs. Thomas Morrissey

08.09.2012 | 19:31 |

Hanif Moradi currently has a 5-1 record and 15 points in the tournament. He’s Dueling against Thomas Morrissey, who has 13 points with a 4-1-1 record, in our Round 7 Feature Match! A victory for Moradi will give him a great shot at a Top 32 finish. But Morrissey won’t make that victory easy for Moradi. Morrissey will be giving this Duel his all in order to maximize his chances of securing a good position in Day 2!

Duel One

Hanif Moradi

Hanif Moradi

Moradi opened up with Big Shield Gardna, Asura Priest, Ego Boost, Night Assailant, and 2 copies of Premature Burial. He Set Big Shield Gardna and ended his turn.

Morrissey Summoned Fabled Ashenveil and attacked Moradi’s face-down Big Shield Gardna. Morrissey lost 1000 Life Points and Big Shield Gardna switched into Attack Position with its effect. Morrissey Set a card to his back row before ending his turn.

Moradi drew Skill Successor next turn. He Summoned Asura Priest and used it to attack Fabled Ashenveil. He used Ego Boost on Asura Priest to give it 1000 ATK during attack declaration. Moradi’s 2700 ATK Asura Priest destroyed Fabled Ashenveil and dealt 1100 points of damage to Morrissey’s Life Points. Moradi Set Skill Successor in Main Phase 2 and then returned Asura Priest to his hand in the End Phase.

Morrissey Set a monster and passed.

Moradi drew Jinzo! He Tributed Big Shield Gardna to Summon it and attacked Morrissey’s face-down monster. It was a Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter! Ryko destroyed Jinzo and sent 3 cards from the top of Morrissey’s Deck to his Graveyard.

Morrissey Summoned Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite and attacked Moradi directly with it, dropping Moradi down to 6400 Life Points.

Moradi drew Ring of Destruction next turn. He activated Premature Burial and paid 800 Life Points to Special Summon Jinzo from the Graveyard! Then he attacked Zephyros to destroy it and deal 800 points of damage to Morrissey.

Jinzo revived!

Jinzo revived!

Morrissey activated Snatch Steal to take control of Jinzo! He attacked directly with it, and Moradi dropped down to 3200 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, Morrissey Tributed Jinzo to Summon Cybernetic Magician.

Moradi drew Old Vindictive Magician next turn! He Set Night Assailant and Ring of Destruction. Play passed to Morrissey.

Morrissey attacked Moradi’s face-down Night Assailant with Cybernetic Magician, and Night Assailant destroyed Cybernetic Magician with its effect. In Main Phase 2, Moradi Summoned Goblin Elite Attack Force. Morrissey Set a card to his back row before ending his turn.

Moradi drew Bait Doll next turn. He activated it to target Morrissey’s face-down Forbidden Lance, revealing it. Forbidden Lance was returned face-down since it wasn’t a Trap Card, and then Bait Doll went back into Moradi’s Deck. Next, Moradi flipped Ring of Destruction to try to destroy Goblin Elite Attack Force; but Morrissey Chained his Forbidden Lance to reduce it to 1400 ATK and make it immune to the Ring of Destruction. Next, Moradi activated Premature Burial! He gave up another 800 Life Points to Summon Jinzo to the field for a third time this Duel, and attacked Goblin Elite Attack Force. Goblin Elite Attack Force was destroyed, and Morrissey lost 1000 Life Points. Moradi Set Old Vindictive Magician before ending his turn.

Morrissey Summoned Slate Warrior and attacked Jinzo! In the damage step, he activated Forbidden Lance from his hand to reduce Jinzo’s ATK to 1600 and destroy it in battle with Slate Warrior. Moradi dropped down to 2100 Life Points as a result of the attack.

Moradi drew Card Trooper and Set it.

Morrissey attacked Moradi’s face-down Old Vindictive Magician with Slate Warrior, and Old Vindictive Magician destroyed Slate Warrior with its effect.

Moradi drew Creature Swap. He activated Creature Swap to trade his Card Trooper for Morrissey’s Cyber Valley and then attacked Card Trooper with Asura Priest; but Morrissey activated Power Frame to negate the attack and strengthen his Card Trooper!

Moradi entered his End Phase and returned Asura Priest to his hand.

Morrissey Special Summoned Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite from his Graveyard by returning Power Frame to his hand next turn. Then he used Card Trooper to attack Cyber Valley, and Moradi banished Cyber Valley to negate the attack and draw Dark Bribe from his Deck. Morrissey Set a card to his back row before ending his turn.

Moradi drew Dark Resonator next turn. He Set it along with Dark Bribe and then ended his turn.

Morrissey sent Exarion Universe, Metal Reflect Slime, and Yaksha from the top of his Deck to his Graveyard to give his Card Trooper an extra 1500 ATK. Then he attacked Dark Resonator with Card Trooper. Dark Resonator’s effect kept it on the field, but Morrissey destroyed it in battle with a follow-up attack from Zephyros.

Moradi drew Chainsaw Insect next turn. He attacked Card Trooper with Chainsaw Insect, and Morrissey activated Power Frame; but Moradi negated it with Dark Bribe, allowing Morrissey to draw a card. Card Trooper was destroyed by Chainsaw Insect, and Morrissey dropped down to 200 Life Points. Morrissey drew a card thanks to Chainsaw Insect’s effect.

On the next turn, Morrissey Normal Summoned Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter and activated Creature Swap! He swapped his Ryko for Moradi’s Chainsaw Insect, and an attack from Chainsaw Insect wiped out Moradi’s last 200 Life Points!

Thomas Morrissey manages to defeat Jinzo 3 times in a single Duel to win Duel 1!  Hanif Moradi will be going first in Duel 2.

Duel Two

Thomas Morrissey

Thomas Morrissey

Moradi opened up with Skull Archfiend of Lightning, Old Vindictive Magician, Fiendish Chain, Creature Swap, and 2 copies of Night Assailant.

Moradi's opening hand in Duel 2!

Moradi's opening hand in Duel 2!

He Set Night Assailant and Fiendish Chain before ending his turn.

Morrissey Summoned Botanical Lion and then attacked Moradi’s face-down Night Assailant. Night Assailant’s effect destroyed Moradi’s Lion.

Moradi drew Fortress Warrior and Set it.

Morrissey Summoned Beast King Barbaros and attacked Moradi’s face-down Fortress Warrior; but Fortress Warrior’s effect kept it on the field. Morrissey Set a card before ending his turn.

Moradi drew Airknight Parshath. He activated Creature Swap to trade his Fortress Warrior for Moradi’s Barbaros, and then Tributed Barbaros to Summon Airknight Parshath. He attacked Fortress Warrior, not realizing that Fortress Warrior prevents all Battle Damage in addition to protecting itself!

Morrissey Summoned Yaksha and activated its effect.



Moradi Chained Fiendish Chain to negate Yaksha’s effect.

Moradi drew Card Trooper and Summoned it. He sent 3 cards from the top of his Deck to his Graveyard to bring it up to 1900 ATK and then attacked Yaksha with Card Trooper, destroying both monsters. Moradi drew Power Giant with his Trooper’s effect.

Morrissey Summoned Card Guard and used its effect to put a Guard Counter on Fortress Warrior. Then he attacked Airknight with Card Guard and flipped Prideful Roar! He paid 300 Life Points to give his Card Guard 600 ATK, wiping out Airknight in battle. Morrissey dropped down to 7700 Life Points.

Moradi drew Axe of Despair. He discarded Old Vindictive Magician to Summon Power Giant and then attacked Card Guard to destroy it in battle and deal 600 points of damage to Morrissey. Moradi Set Night Assailant before ending his turn.

Morrissey Set a monster and passed.

Moradi drew Ego Boost. He Flip Summoned Night Assailant and used its effect to destroy Morrissey’s face-down Grave Squirmer. Then he Tributed Night Assailant to Summon Skull Archfiend of Lightning. Skull Archfiend of Lightning attacked Fortress Warrior, and then Power Giant made a second attack against Fortress Warrior. Card Guard’s counter protected Fortress Warrior from being destroyed.

Morrissey Summoned Slate Warrior and activated Raigeki! His Skull Archfiend of Lightning and Power Giant were destroyed! Morrissey attacked directly with Slate Warrior, dropping Moradi down to 5800 Life Points.

Moradi drew Kunai with Chain. He Set it and passed.

Morrissey attacked directly with Slate Warrior, reducing Moradi down to 3900 Life Points.

Moradi drew Raiza the Storm Monarch next turn, but had no way to Summon it. He ended his turn with Ego Boost and Kunai with Chain face-down, and with Raiza and Axe of Despair in his hand.

Morrissey attacked directly once again with Slate Warrior on his next turn; but Moradi used Kunai with Chain to block the attack and switch Slate Warrior to Defense Position. Morrissey Set a monster before ending his turn.

Fortified field.

Fortified field.

Moradi drew Bazoo the Soul-Eater and Summoned it. He banished Old Vindictive Magician and 2 copies of Night Assailant from his Graveyard to boost it to 2500 ATK and then attacked Slate Warrior. Slate Warrior’s effect activated when it was destroyed, reducing Bazoo’s ATK by 500.

Morrissey Flip Summoned Exarion Universe and then activated Snatch Steal! He gained control of Bazoo, and then banished 3 monsters from his Graveyard to boost it up to 2900 ATK. Exarion Universe and Bazoo attacked Moradi directly, wiping out Moradi’s last 2100 Life Points!

A huge play with Raigeki allows Thomas Morrissey to turn Duel 2 around and take the 2-0 victory over Hanif Moradi! Morrissey is advancing with 16 points in the tournament; but Hanif Moradi isn’t out of the competition just yet, because he’ll be advancing to Day 2 with 15 points!