Round 7 Feature Match: Piyal Peiris vs. Jim Kin Wang

With the German Piyal Peiris on the second table of round 7, a player that always included the Volcanics engine in his decks at the past few tournaments, we hoped for a interesting match. His opponent was Jim Kin Wang, a player from the Netherlands, relying on the popular X-Saber monsters.

Piyal Peiris, always having a Volcanic Shell up his sleeve

Kin Wang won the die roll and started the game by Setting a card to each zone.

Peiris Special Summoned [cd], attacked into [sangan] that got Kin Wang a [cat] from his deck. Peiris moved on to Main Phase 2, he Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and ended.
“Trap Dustshoot!”, joked Peiris, but Kin Wang wasn’t amused. He Set 3 Spell or Trap Cards and passed.

Peiris’ [cd] attacked directly and Kin Wang opted to take the damage. Peiris Set another monster and passed.

Kin Wang checked his face-down Spell or Trap Cards before Summoning [cat]. He sacked it, bringing out [airbellum] and [darksoul]. Peiris had [bth], but Kin Wang showed why he only Sat 3 cards on his last turn, revealing a [sj]. He Tuned his monsters to [hyunlei], targeting Peiris’ last face-down Spell or Trap: [bom]. It was chained in order to turn the Synchro Monster face-down, but Kin Wang had Gottoms’ Emergency Call! He chained it to Summon [airbellum] and [darksoul] to the field once more and brought out [faultroll]! He then used [brain] to steal [cd] and Tuned it together with [airbellum] to [stardust]. There was still more to come! [faultroll] brought back [airbellum] and Kin Wang was ready to attack.

[stardust] destroyed [sangan] in battle, [airbellum] went in next, discarding [airbellum] from Peiris’ hand. [faultroll] did some more damage and play proceded with Main Phase 2. [airbellum] and [faultroll] Tuned to [gottoms] and Kin Wang got rid of all his monsters, save [stardust] to strip Peiris of all the remaining cards on his hand! In his End Phase, he got to search his deck, but it didn’t seem like that would make the difference in this match.

Peiris drew for his turn and immediately started to shuffle his Graveyard into his deck a sure sign that he conceded the Duel.


Jim Kin Wang wins the first Duel!


By waiting patiently for his chance and setting up his combos, Kin Wang was able to overcome Peiris defenses a turn later thanks to [cat] and Gottoms’ Emergency Call, leaving the German without an option.


Jim Kin Wang, gaining an early lead in the match.


Sideboarding didn’t take long, with both players being rather familiar with the mirror match. Then Peiris drew into his opening hand. He Set a card to each zone and passed.

Kin Wang had [dust], [tt], [ro], [fulhelm], [bogknight] and [faultroll]. He Summoned [bogknight], Special Summoning [fulhelm] thanks to its effect and attacked with [fulhelm] into [ryko]. He Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and ended his turn.

Peiries Special Summoned [cd], but Kin Wang revealed [ro]. He then followed it up with [rocket] and searched his deck for [blaze]. Kin Wang had to ask about the effect, [blaze] hit the field, but the Dutch player used [dust] on it. Peiris Set another Spell or Trap and ended.

Play was back to Kin Wang. He Summoned [sangan], [bogknight] traded with [rocket] and he ended his turn.

Peiris Summoned another [rocket]. It got him another [blaze] and attacked over [sangan] that got Kin Wang [emmersblade].

Kin Wang simply Set a Monster Card on his following turn and he passed.

[blaze] hit the field. [shell] was discarded to destroy the Set [emmersblade] before Peiris passed again.

Kin Wang continued to play a little more defensively. He Set a Spell or Trap Card and ended.

[rocket] attacked directly and the attack left Kin Wang with 4400 Life Points. Peiris then used the effect of [shell] to search out another copy from his deck. He Set a Spell or Trap Card and ended.

Kin Wang Set [darksoul] and passed.

Peiris discarded another [shell] for the effect of [blaze], he Set a monster (as he wasn’t able to attack due to the effect of [blaze]) and ended. [darksoul] got Kin Wang [fulhelm] from his deck, leaving him with 3 cards in his hand.

In his turn, Kin Wang activated [trunade]. Peiris had to check his Graveyard first, asked his opponent if he wanted to chain anything and when Kin Wang declined, both players returned their Set Spell or Trap Cards to their respective hands. [mind control] got Kin Wang [pachy], he Summoned [fulhelm] to the field and wanted to Synchro Summon [pachy] and the Tuner, however, [pachy] prevented him from doing so. He Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and ended his turn.

Peiris activated [blaze] and discarded his last copy of [shell]. He Set 4 Spell or Trap Cards face-down and ended his turn. It seemed like he had that game in the bag.


Peiris' field didn't look a lot like other X-Saber decks.


Kin Wang only Set a Monster Card face-down.

Peiris Summoned [rai oh], but Kin Wang had [tt]. Peiris flipped [sj], paying half his Life Points to make sure he could gain the upper hand in this match. He destroyed [emmersblade] in battle and Kin Wang wanted to start searching his deck, however, Peiris’ [pachy] prevented him from doing so.

Play was back to Kin Wang. He activated [brain], targeting [rai oh], but Peiris had [bom]. Kin Wang then Summoned a [rai oh] of his own, however, Peiris had all the answers now, revealing a [bth]. Before [rai oh] had a chance to hit the Removed From Game pile, Kin Wang conceded the game.


Peiris makes a strong comeback, equaling the score!


Thanks to his unique tech with [rocket], [shell] and [blaze], Peiris was able to gain the upper hand in this close match and destroy some of Kin Wang’s threats. He wouldn’t have the element of surprise on his side again, but at least he still had a chance to win this match.

Kin Wang drew into his opening 6, before Setting a card to each zone.

Peiris had [blaze] and Kin Wang let it resolve. [shell] hit the Graveyard, which resulted in Kin Wang’s [sangan] biting the dust. It discarded a [cat] from Kin Wang’s deck. Peiris decided to do some searching of his own and he paid 500 Life Points for the effect of [shell]. He Set a card to each of his zones and passed. During the End Phase, [mst] destroyed [bth].

Kin Wang let the cat out of the bag, Summoning [cat] and immediately Tributing it for its own effect to Special Summon [airbellum] and [emmersblade]. He Tuned both of his monsters to [hyunlei], destroying [blaze]. He attacked into Peiris’ face-down monster: [sangan]. Peiris searched his deck for [monk], Kin Wang Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and searched his deck for [bogknight] during the End Phase (effect of [darksoul]).

On the following turn, Peiris Summoned [rocket]. He searched his deck for [blaze], used the effect of [shell] and added a third copy to his hand. He activated the Continuous Spell Card, discarded [shell] and got rid of [hyunlei]. He Set 2 more Spell or Trap Cards and passed his turn.


It was getting hot in the Feature Match area thanks to Blaze Accelerator.

Kin Wang Summoned [airbellum]. Peiris was fine with that, but he looked a little less amused once [mind control] was played. However, Peiris still had [bom] and used it to turn the opposing [airbellum] face-down, making it impossible for Kin Wang to Synchro Summon! An attack by [rocket] later, play was back to Peiris.

The German sent his [rocket] into the face-down [airbellum], destroying it. He passed without further actions.

[bogknight] from Kin Wang allowed him to Special Summon [emmersblade]. [emmersblade] was sent into [rocket] and got Kin Wang a [fulhelm] from his deck. Kin Wang then used a [bom] from his hand to flip [rocket] face-down. He attacked with [fulhelm] and Peiris couldn’t help but laugh a little. His [rocket] had 1400 DEF and stood strung with Kin Wang’s [fulhelm] only having 1300 ATK. Kin Wang shook his head in disbelief. He tried to laugh it off and sent [bogknight] into the [rocket]. He finally got rid of the card that caused him so much trouble and he passed his turn.

Peiris used his last [shell] for [blaze] before activating [pot]. He drew into another [shell], discarding it again for [blaze] to also get rid of [fulhelm]. He used the effect of [shell] to get another copy from his deck before Summoning [rocket]. This brought him another copy of [blaze], he Set another Spell or Trap Card and ended this huge turn!

Kin Wang only Set a Spell or Trap Card and ended.

Peiris attacked directly with [rocket], he Set a Monster Card and passed.

On the following turn, Kin Wang had [bogknight]. He attacked into Peiris’ face-down monster, but [prison] was activated to stop the attack. Gottoms’ Emergency Call was chained by Kin Wang, but Peiris chained another copy of the Trap, selecting the same targets: [airbellum] and [darksoul]! A strong answer by Peiris, putting a halt to Kin Wang’s comeback!

Kin Wang intended to activate [bth] to get rid of his own [airbellum], but Peiris claimed he wasn’t able to activate the card (because the Summon of the monsters wasn’t the last thing that happened during the resolution of the chain – two more cards resolved). The table judge quickly checked with the Head Judge who ruled that it was in fact not possible to activate [bth]. [prison] removed [bogknight] from game and Kin Wang was done with his turn, feeling a little helpless now.

Peiris attacked with [airbellum], but [bom] stopped the Tuner. He still dealt some damage with [rocket] and passed.

Kin Wang had [rai oh], destroying a face-down [sangan] from Peiris. He Set a Spell or Trap Card and ended.

Peiris now Flip Summoned the [airbellum] he took over from his opponent earlier. He traded [rocket] with [rai oh] and dealt 1600 points of damage with the Tuner.

All Kin Wang could do was Set a 3rd Spell or Trap Card.

Peiris thought that [storm] was the ultimate answer, however, Kin Wang revealed [sj]. The following attacks reduced Kin Wang’s Life Points to 0 and he revealed his other face-down cards: 2 copies of [bth].


Piyal Peiris makes a strong comeback, winning the 2nd and 3rd Duel to win the Match!


Piyal Peiris’ unique tech in form of the Volcanic combo allowed him to catch an opponent off-guard and gain a huge advantage in the match, clearing the way for a victory.


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