Round 7: Lennart Diaz (Disaster Dragon) vs. Andrea Caruso (Monarchs)

[p]We’re nearing the end of Day 1 here at YCS Brighton and several Duelists still have a chance of making Day 2. 2 of those are Sweden’s Lennart Diaz, and Italy’s Andrea Caruso. Diaz is running Disaster Dragon while Caruso has updated the Frog Monarch Deck we last saw him use at YCS Milan a year ago. Both of these Duelists are x-1 at the moment, and need a win to imprive their Day 2 (and playoff) chances, so let’s see how this one develops![/p]

Can Diaz's Disaster Dragons devastate Caruso's crafty Monarchs?

[div]Diaz opened the Duel with [tkr], and 1 Set Spell or Trap.

Caruso started his turn with [mst], destroying his opponent’s copy. He Summoned [swap], sent [tree] to the Graveyard and returned [swap] to his hand. He then discarded another [tree] to [ss] the [swap], sending [ronin] to the Graveyard. Finally, Caruso banished [tree] from his Graveyard to Summon [ronin], and added [swap] back to his hand once again.

Diaz made no plays on his turn.

Caruso brought back [tree] during the Standby Phase and [ns]ed [swap], sending another [swap] to the Graveyard before returning the on-field copy to his hand.

Diaz attacked with [tkr] and destroyed [tree] in battle before Setting a Spell or Trap.

Caruso Summoned [tree] again, then used [storm] to destroy [warning]. He tributed Treeborn to Summon [caius], banishing [tkr] and attacking directly. In Main Phase 2 he played [reborn] on [swap] to send another [tree] to the Graveyard. He sent Caius back to his hand with [swap]’[s] effect and Xyz Summoned [ggg].

Diaz played [duality], revealing [sarco], [sj] and [gorz], adding the Sarcophagus to his hand before using it to banish [future] for 2 turns.

Caruso Summoned [tree] and then [swap] sending [dupe] to the Graveyard. [swap] attacked directly for 1400 points of damage before returning to Caruso’s hand yet again.

Diaz passed, knowing Caruso has the Caius to banish any of his monsters.

Caruso [ns]ed [swap] and attacked before returning it again. “Frogger” was working overtime today!

Diaz activated [future]! He sent 2 [wyvern], 2 [redmd] and a [drago] to the Graveyard, with [fhd] on the way in 2 turns time. He then played [sarco] to banish [reborn]. In the End Phase, Diaz banished [wyvern] and Caruso responded with [maxx]. [redmd] was Summoend and Caruso drew a free card.

Caruso Tributed [tree] for Caius again, banishing [redmd] and attacking directly to seal the Duel![/div]

Swap Frog puts the hard work in to give Caruso the lead!


Andrea Caruso has been running the same Deck for long enough to know everything about it!

[div]Diaz opted to go first in Duel 2 and did so with [drago], setting a backrow and revealing [wyvern] in the End Phase to keep the Drago on the field.

Caruso [ns]ed [tree] and then played [cs]! Both Duelists exchanged monsters and Drago attacked Frog, dealing some damage before going to the Graveyard (there’s no Dragon-Types in Caruso’s Deck).

Diaz Summoned another [drago] and attacked directly.

Caruso used [soul ex] to Tribute Drago and Summon [raiza],sending the Set [debunk] to the top of Diaz’s Deck but getting banished by the other Set card ([bth]).

Diaz Summoned [wyvern] and attacked directly before Setting 2 Spells or Traps.

Caruso activated [storm], destroying [debunk] and [tt]. He Set a monster and called it a turn.

Diaz attacked with into the Set [ronin], and neither monster was destroyed.

Caruso tried to Summon [tree], but [debunk] negated its effect and banished it from the Graveyard. Ronin was Tributed so Caruso could Summon [caius], which banished [wyvern] and attack.

Diaz Set a monster and a Spell or Trap Card on his turn.

Caruso Tributed his [caius] for another one, and banished the Set [exploder]. Caius scored a direct attack as a result.

Diaz Set the [call] he drew.

Caruso attacked, but Diaz used [call] to Summon [drago] and stay alive! Caius took it down and in Main Phase 2 he Summoned [swap], sending [tree] before returning to his hand.

Diaz Set the card he drew.

Caruso Summoned [tree] and lost it to [chain], all 3 copies were now banished. That didn’t matter though as Caruso Summoned [swap] and attacked for game![/div]

Andrea Caruso wins 2-0!


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