Round 7: Nicolas Petz (Watt) vs. Thierry Cyganek (Wind-Up)

07.07.2012 | 21:40 |

We’re getting closer to the conclusion of day 1 with only 2 more rounds to go! Facing each other are the 2 undefeated players Nicolas Petz from Germany, who is once again playing Watts (like he did at YCS Brighton) and Thierry Cyganek from France, relying on Wind-Ups.

Cyganek won the die roll and opted to go first.


Thierry Cyganek had no idea WATT Petz was packing!

Thierry Cyganek had no idea WATT Petz was packing!


He Set a Spell or Trap, activated Wind-Up Factory, Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit, used its effect, this triggered the effect of Wind-Up Factory and that got him Wind-Up Shark. That also concluded the turn.

Pot of Duality revealed Shard of Greed, Shining Angel and Effect Veiler and Petz picked Shining Angel, sending the other 2 right back! He Normal Summoned it, attacked directly, Set 3 Spells or Traps and passed the turn, but Cyganek flipped Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying Dark Bribe.

Heavy Storm followed the next turn, but The Huge Revolution is Over foiled that plan! Wind-Up Magician came down, Wind-Up Shark followed, this triggered Wind-Up Factory, this got Cyganek another Wind-Up Shark and Wind-Up Hunter was Special Summoned through Wind-Up Magician's effect. Wind-Up Magician was Tributed for the effect of Wind-Up Hunter, which cost Petz Watthopper. A Xyz Summon followed, which got Cyganek Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, the loop continued and I took a picture:


Shining Angel is not what you expect to see at the top tables!

Shining Angel is not what you expect to see at the top tables!


The next Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity Special Summoned a Wind-Up Shark from Cyganek’s Deck. He activated Instant Fusion to add a Level 5 Fusion Monster to his Deck and he then used it and Wind-Up Shark to Special Summon Tiras, Keeper of Genesis! He entered the Battle Phase and Tiras, Keeper of Genesis struck down Shining Angel. Petz searched his Deck for Wattdragonfly. Cyganek took a look at the card and then considered attacking Wattdragonfly as well. He did, which allowed Petz to search his Deck for another copy of Wattdragonfly, but this time in Defense Position. It was attacked by Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity and that caused Petz to Special Summon the last Wattdragonfly from his Deck. The effect of Tiras, Keeper of Genesis destroyed the Set Dark Bribe, Petz drew and he knew he couldn’t come back from this epic turn!


Thierry Cyganek takes an early lead!


Both players didn’t take long to check their Side Decks for answers. It seemed like they had a pretty good idea of what would work well against the opposing strategy.


Nicolas Petz felt confident he could still turn this around!

Nicolas Petz felt confident he could still turn this around!


Petz kicked things off, Setting 3 Spells or Traps and a face-down monster.

Cyganek Set 2 Spells or Traps himself and passed.

Petz Flip Summoned Wattdragonfly, attacked directly, Set a fourth Spell or Trap and ended.

Tour Guide From the Underworld was Normal Summoned the next turn and Petz immediately discarded Effect Veiler. Cyganek thought for a bit if he wanted to Chain to that, he didn’t, Set a third Spell or Trap and ended.

Play was back to Petz, who Normal Summoned Watthopper. Cyganek took another look at the card and reassured himself that the effects worked the way he thought. Petz was down to 1 card in hand, Wattdragonfly attacked Tour Guide From the Underworld, which allowed Petz to search his Deck for another copy, he also sent that in, the last copy followed and then Petz Special Summoned a second Watthopper in face-up Defense Position. That concluded the turn.


Setting up the combo!

Setting up the combo!


Cyganek added a fourth Spell or Trap.

Petz’ Pot of Duality got him Cardcar D. He Set a Spell or Trap and Normal Summoned Cardcar D. Cyganek had a response: Torrential Tribute. Petz Chained Dark Bribe, so Cyganek drew. Petz drew 2, thanks to Cardcar D.

Cygnaek simply Set a monster.

Mystical Space Typhoon from Petz hit Dimensional Prison. He Set another Spell or Trap and ended.

Cyganek now found a second Tour Guide From the Underworld. That was fine with Petz, so Cyganek searched his Deck for Sangan and Special Summoned it to the field. Both Tour Guide From the Underworld's were used to Xyz Summon Wind-Up Zenmaines, then Wind-Up Factory followed. Petz had no response. Dark Hole was met with The Huge Revolution is Over and Cyganek was done trying to find a way around Petz’ defense.

Wattcobra was attempted to be Normal Summoned, but it was met with Solemn Warning. Petz passed.


Cyganek tried to fight back with Xyz Monsters!

Cyganek tried to fight back with Xyz Monsters!


Time was working in Petz’ favor and Cyganek knew it. He activated Dust Tornado, targeting Fiendish Chain. Petz didn’t mind losing the Trap. Wind-Up Hunter was Normal Summoned next, but Petz flipped Rivalry of Warlords in response! This cost Cyganek both Sangan and Wind-Up Hunter as he was keen on keeping Wind-Up Zenmaines. He searched his Deck for Wind-Up Rabbit and ended his turn.

Petz simply Set a Spell or Trap. The same happened the following 2 turns.

It was up to Cyganek once again, who did not commit to any plays. Both continued to “do nothing” for their following turns, Cyganek did so again, then something happened.

Petz activated Raigeki Break, destroying Dimensional Fissure. He activated Shard of Greed and passed.

Nothing happened the following two turns, save Shard of Greed adding a counter.

Cyganek activated Mystical Space Typhoon on Rivalry of Warlords, but Dark Bribe foiled that plan. Cyganek Set a Spell or Trap.

Petz’ Shard of Greed received a second counter, he used the effect and drew 2 cards. Pot of Duality revealed Solar Recharge, which Petz immediately added, making it almost impossible to see the other copy of Pot of Duality as well as the last card. Wattcobra was Normal Summoned, it attacked directly, this got Petz Wattgiraffe from his Deck, he Set 2 Spells or Traps, so his whole back row was full of cards and he ended.


Petz finally found something to deal some damage!

Petz finally found something to deal some damage!


Cyganek drew and immediately Set his drawn card.

Petz Normal Summoned Wattgiraffe, but Petz had Solemn Judgment to negate it. He attacked with both Wattcobra and Wattgiraffe, searched his Deck for another Wattcobra, activated Shard of Greed and passed.

Cyganek drew, he had a lot of cards in hand, but none of them would provide him with a way out!


Nicolas Petz equals the score!


If Thierry Cyganek didn’t quite know what the Watt Deck can do, he certainly knew after this round. Petz unfolded all his combos, locking down his opponent completely and after he finally found his tools to dish out some damage, it didn’t take him long to seal the deal and win the game. Could he do it again or did Cyganek draw into the right answers to trump the strategy?

Tour Guide From the Underworld was Normal Summoned and its effect was activated. Petz bluffed a Effect Veiler and made it look like he considered discarding it, but he “opted against it”. Sangan came out. Cyganek wasn’t scared, he activated Wind-Up Factory, used both of his monsters to bring out Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, he searched his Deck for Wind-Up Shark with Wind-Up Factory's effect and Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity got him Wind-Up Rabbit. He Set a Spell or Trap and passed.


Petz used Pot of Duality, looking for answers!

Petz used Pot of Duality, looking for answers!


Petz started the last game activating Pot of Duality, looking for some outs. He took Shard of Greed, activated it, Set 2 Spells or Traps and a monster and he passed. Cyganek used the effect of Wind-Up Rabbit during the End Phase to add a counter to Wind-Up Factory.

The following turn, Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity's effect was activated again and when Wind-Up Factory triggered, Petz used Mystical Space Typhoon to get rid of it. Wind-Up Hunter came out regardless and it Tributed the Xyz Monster, stripping Petz’ hand off Wattcobra.

Heavy Storm followed and went through. Another Xyz Summon, another Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, this got Cyganek a Wind-Up Rat from his Deck, he used it to bring back Wind-Up Hunter and both were Tund to another Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity after Wind-Up Hunter's effect Tributed the earlier Summoned Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, leaving Petz with no hand.

The last Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity got Cyganek Wind-Up Shark, he added another one from his hand, used both to Xyz Summon Tiras, Keeper of Genesis and he attacked with it into Wattdragonfly. Petz got all copies out of his Deck thanks to Tiras, Keeper of Genesis's effect and the attacks, he ended up with Watthopper on the field, but Soul Taker in Main Phase 2 destroyed the only hope that Petz had.

He drew for his turn, but didn’t find an answer and extended his hand.


Thierry Cyganek remains undefeated!


Despite losing the match, Nicolas Petz is still in a great position to make it all the way to the knock out portion of the tournament. Thierry Cyganek will probably have overcome one of the hardest to beat opponents just now, since he’s one of the very few players at the top tables that doesn’t rely on one of the popular Decks.