Round 7 Top Tables Update

18.03.2017 | 20:47 |
Day 1 is almost over. This is Round 7 of YCS Prague and everone is starting to get tired. The players need to stay focused to maintain their chances of reaching Top 32. TT Rd 7 1 Table 1 shows Patrick Schmidt piloting Metalfoes. He's up against Eldin Sadiki who is running a Lightsworn Invoked Deck. Two strategies that were a little bit under the radar. This might change after YCS Prague.


TT Rd 7 2 Adrian Dursun from Germany is up against Ben Russel from the UK. Adrian is running a regular Zoo build whereas Ben decided to play Paleozoics for Prague.


TT Rd 7 3 Moritz Heim is still undefeated with his Metalfoes Deck. His opponent is Kai Czora who's running Zoo. Both players are joking and having a great time it seems. Will Kai be able to muster a comeback?


TT Rd 7 4 The highest placed Invoked Wind Witch Deck is at table 4. Dominic Nivens runs it and he has to overcome Ceylan Sarkrak from Germany to stay undefeated. His field is quite impressive, but as Ceylan is running Paleozoics Clear Wing Synchro Dragon doesn't do much.


TT Rd 7 5 It's Zoo vs. Paleozoics on table 5. Fabio Zuccato is the highest placed Italian Duelist right now. His opponent is Ralph Stutz with Paleos.


TT Rd 7 6 At table 7 we witness a Zoo mirror match. It's Simon Jungclaus vs. Giorgio Quintavalle.


TT Rd 7 8 At table 8 we see the eternal duel: Germany vs. Italy. Harald Rose is piloting a Zoo Lunarlight Deck. His opponent is Paolo Pacchiana who is also relying on Zoo.


TT Rd 7 10 A very interesting mirror match goes down at table 10. Dimitrie Gordienko and Florian Spitzer are both running Invoked Wind Witch. Usually the mirror match comes down to the dice roll and the opening hand. Who will prevail and stay undefeated.