Round 8: Cano Polat (Dino Rabbit) vs Alexander Trivedi (HERO)

[p]Round 8, the last of the day, sees Munich Duelist Cano Polat face off against Alexander Trivedi from Finland! Trivedi is playing a HERO deck whereas Polat is using Dino Rabbit. Both Duelists are X-2 right now, so whoever loses this will not be likely to make it to Day 2. Let’s see how everything unfolds.[/p]

You may remember Cano Polat from YCS Barcelona.

[div]Trivedi opened the Match with [ecall] to search for [stratos], which was Summoned and got him an [alius]. He followed up with 1 Set card.

Polat Summoned [saurus] and ran over Stratos in battle. He set 2 cards.

Trivedi Summoned Alious which was negated by [warning]. He Set 1 card.

Polat attacked with [saurus] again and set a card.

Trivedi Summoned another Alius and Set a [st].

Polat attacked with [saurus], Trivedi let it go.

Trivedi Summoned yet another Alius and attacked directly.

Polat Summoned [rabbit], banishing it to get 2 copies of [saurus]. He attacked Alius with one and directly with the other, losing it in the End Phase.

Trivedi played [pod], adding [miracle] to his hand. He dropped [ccd] onto the table and it was destroyed by [tt].

Polat Summoned [guaiba] and [warning] shut it down.

Trivedi played [storm], clearing away 4 set cards total. He then followed up with [miracle]. Polat drew for [maxx] as Trivedi Summoned [shining]. He then played another [miracle] to Summon another [shining]! Following the first attack [gorz] was Summoned (and destroyed, the Token survived), CT having 300 Life Points remaining. Trivedi set 1 card to finish.

Polat Summoned [tgu], checked his Extra Deck and brought out [sangan]. He Xyz Summoned [leviair], using it to bring back (after much deliberation) Trivedi’s [stratos]. He turned his Token to [atk] and took down a Shining, which returned 2 HERO monsters to Trivedi’s hand. Polat set a card.

Trivedi Summoned [alius], ran over Leviair and then used [superpoly] to fuse his opponent’s remaining monsters to Summoned [shining] and attack for game![/div]

1-0 to the HERO Duelist.


In addition to Dueling, Trivedi does a lot of Judging in his native Finland.

[div]Polat opened Duel 2 with [tkr] and 3 Set cards.

Trivedi Summoned [alius] and clashed with [tkr]. [pod] gave him [storm], which he played right away. Unfortunately, the high risk play didn’t pay off as Polat flipped [road] to Summon [sdd] and keep his cards safe.

Polat attacked with Stardust and passed.

Trivedi Summoned [stratos], adding [alius] to his hand. He bravely declared an attack on [sdd], before playing [superpoly] to Summon [gtornado]! Tornado was banished by [bth] and [reborn] revived Stratos, giving Trivedi another Alius. He Set 1 card to finish.

Polat Set a monster.

Trivedi Set a [st] and Summoned [ccd], using its effect to draw 2 cards.

Polat flipped [mst] over to destroy [bth] and Summoned [rabbit]. He used its effect but the field was then cleared with [tt].

Trivedi Summoned [tkr] and attacked directly, CT dropping [gorz]. He set 2 cards.

Polat went on the offensive and declared an attack with Gorz, losing out to [lance]. The Token attacked directly and he set a monster.

Trivedi Summoned [alius] and clashed with the Token.

Polat [fs]ed [kabaz], attacked directly and [ns]ed [saurus] before bringing out [laggia] and setting a card, which was destroyed by [mst].

Trivedi Set 1 card.

Polat Summoned [guaiba] and both monsters attacked for game.[/div]

This Match is going to Duel 3!


You could cut the tension in here with a knife!

[div]Trivedi started Duel 3 with [rota] for [stratos], which in turn got him an [alius]. [pod] gave him [trag] and he Set a card.

Polat Set a monster and a [st].

Trivedi Set a [st] and Summoned [ccd]. [tt] cleared the field and Polat’s [sangan] earned him a [kappa].

Polat Set a monster and a [st].

Trivedi played [pod] to get [hole], which destroyed the Set [kappa]. He Summoned [alius] and attacked directly.

Polat Set a monster and 2 [st]s.

Trivedi attacked with [alius] into [snowman], which destroyed it. He Summoend another in [mp2] which was cut off by [warning]. He Set 1 card.

Polat Set a card and lost the other to [mst], but not before it was Chained to bounce [snowman] back to his hand (it was [ced]).

Trivedi Summoned [alius] and played [reborn] to revive [stratos]. Trivedi chose to destroy the [bth], which was used to banish Stratos. Alius attacked directly.

Polat Set a monster and [st].

Trivedi played [gspark] to get rid of Polat’s monster and Summoned [tkr] which attacked directly.

Polat played [hole] and Summoned [saurus] which attacked directly before Setting a card.

Trivedi set [honest].

Polat attacked into it and Set a card.

Trivedi played [miracle] to Summon [shining], attacking into [ced]. He had [superpoly] though and cleared the field to Summon [b]Elemental HERO Gaia[/b]! That was enough to seal the Match![/div]

Alexander Trivedi is headed to Day 2!

[p]After the Match both Duelists discussed Trivedi’s HERO build and its potential strengths and weaknesses., as well as the previous Matches. Polat had played HEROes in the past so the discussion was quite knowledgeable and provided great insight into how the Deck functions.[/p]

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