Round 8 Feature Match: Adrian Madaj vs. Rodrigo Togores

The first day of the YCS Bochum was ended by a really huge match: Adrian Madaj was playing Rodrigo Togores! They both are very popular and very consistently playing Duelists. Actually, Madaj never won a big event, however he practically always made it to the tops when he participated. Before starting the Duel, they both talked about their achievements at the European Championship and at some other big tournaments, then they rolled a die to decide who would start the match; it was Togores.

Rodrigo Togores and Adrian Madaj didn't want to come across as opponents!
Rodrigo Togores and Adrian Madaj didn't want to come across as opponents!

He opened very quickly with one Monster Card and two Set Spells/Traps.

Madaj Set four cards in his back row and placed one Monster Card in front of them. However, in Madaj’s End Phase, Togores activated [mst] and his dice chose Madaj’s [delta crow] what Madaj really did not like at all. In fact, he asked Togores how one could possibly be so lucky.

Togores didn’t feel like answering Madaj’s question, instead he flipped his [doomcaliber], entered his Battle Phase and declared an attack, but Madaj chained his [icarus], tributing [bora] in order to destroy Togores’ [doomcaliber] and Set [prison].

Madaj activated [reborn] in his turn and wanted to reborn Togores’ [doomcaliber], however, he learned that [doomcaliber] could not be Special Summoned. He wanted to change his target and Rodrigo appealed because he was sure [doomcaliber] was a valid target; they learned that [doomcaliber] was an invalid target, thus Rodrigo used his [warning] to prevend Madaj from Special Summoning [bora].

After Madaj had ended his turn, Rodrigo activated [reborn] for the same target as Madaj did before and used [bora] to attack Madaj’s Life Points directly.

When play was back to Madaj, he Summoned [gale], used its effect to half [bora]’s Attack Points and intended to attack [bora] but failed to [bom]. So, he Set a Spell/Trap in his Main Phase 2 and ended.

Togores wanted to attack Madaj’s [gale] which now was face-down, but Madaj had [bom] too; so Rodrigo could just proceed as Madaj had already done: He Set a Spell/Trap and ended his turn.

Madaj flipped his [gale] back up, eventually attacked [bora] successfully and again Set a Spell/Trap before proceeding to the end of his turn.

Togores Special Summoned [cd], but now Madaj had [warning]. So, Togores activated [smashing] and left the field just like that.

Madaj Summoned [blizzard] and activated its effect to Special Summon Bora, but Togores chained his face-down [oppression]. Madaj Set his last card he had and ended.

Togores Summoned [banisher] which attacked Madaj and dealt 1600 damage and as Madaj had no cards in his hand left, it didn’t seem he could still win this game.

Still, he continued the game by activating his drawn [allure] and removed [blizzard]. Then, he Summoned [kalut] but Togores had yet another [warning]! All Madaj could do now was to end his turn!

Togores wanted to attack, but Madaj activated his Set [bom]. Hence, he Set another Spell/Trap before he ended.

Madaj could not do more than Set his drawn card.

Togores, on the other hand side, flipped his [banisher] which Madaj wanted to avoid using [warning] but Togores had [solemn] which decided the game!

Solemn Cards lead Togores to the first victory over Madaj!


After both Duelists had finished their conversation (which seemed to have a higher priority to them than Side-Decking), Madaj started the second game with only one card back row.

Togores practically had the perfect answer: [breaker]! He destroyed Madaj’s Set [coth], attacked and ended after having Set two Spells/Traps on his own.

Madaj Summoned [cd], but Togores responsed to the Special Summon with [bth]. He followed with [sirocco], successfully attacked [breaker] and play was back to Togores.

Togores only Set one Monster Card and one Spell/Trap before he ended his turn.

Madaj attacked Togores’ Set [snowman] with [sirocco] which resulted in a destruction of both monsters, then he Set one Spell/Trap.

Togores had another [breaker] which this time was countered by [bth], then play was back to Madaj.

He again just Set one Spell/Trap and ended.

Togores activated [mst] and hit [prison], hereon he Summoned [gale] and attacked, dealing 1300 damage.

Madaj wanted to respond to Togores’ turn with his own [gale] but failed to [warning]. Thus, he activated [reborn] for [gale] but the attack was prevented by [prison]. He Set one Spell/Trap and ended.

Now, Togores could just attack direclty with [gale] and ended by Setting a card back row.

Madaj summoned [shura] but again failed to [bth].

Togores attacked with [gale] in order to deal some more damage damage and Set another Spell/Trap.

Madaj Set filled one column of each row and ended.

Togores attacked Madaj’s face-down [kalut], in his Main Phase 2 he activated a face-down [dark hole] and after that Summoned his [rai oh].

Madaj also activated [dark hole] but didn’t do anything else in his turn.

Togores Summoned the [doomcaliber] he had just drawn and used it to attack Madaj directly.

Madaj Special Summoned [cd] and attacked the [doomcaliber], dealing far less damage than Togores had already dealt him by now.

As play was back to Togores, he activated [smashing] to get rid of Madaj’s [cd] and ended with a Set Spell/Trap.

Madaj could only Set a card back row before he ended his turn.

Togores activated [duality] and retrieved [rai oh] on this way. Subsequently, he Summoned it but the attack was prevented by the use of [bom].

However, Madaj still didn’t seem to draw anything he liked. He only Set his drawn card and mumbled something about his luck at that moment.

Togores just used [rai oh] to attack but failed to another [bom].

When Madaj had seen his drawn card, he stated to draw the wrong cards all day and had no option left than to concede.

2010 European Champion Rodrigo Togores emerged victorious!

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