Round 8: Sven Barray (HERO) vs. Guillaume Fronczak (Water)

Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Lille! We start off today with Round 8 and a game between two Duelists who both know each other from here in France. Sven Barray has come with his ‘Infinite Stratos’ deck while Guillaume Fronczak is here with his ‘pure’ Water Deck. Both Duelists are on a 5-2 record coming in to this game and ‘on the bubble’ so a loss here would send either player looking for the Public Events!

Fronczak won the roll and started off by discarding [adrag] for [a teus]. He searched [gunde] and [a leed] before dropping the Abyssleed and Gunde for [a megalo], searching [a sphere]. Gunde returned Abyssleed and he tributed megalo to take a [dprison] from Barray’s hand. [gaios] was next and a set [st] concluded his turn.

Barray opened with [rota], [coth], [ecall], [reborn] and [upstart]. He used the [rota] to search [stratos] and [ns]ed it. Fronczak used the effect of [gaios] to negate. Next up was [ecall] for [bubbleman]. Barray set the rest of his hand and [ss]ed his Bubbleman in defence. He [xyz]ed [maestro] before flipping [upstart], kindly giving his opponent 1000 LP. Maestroke’s effect turned Absysgaios face down and attacked over it. In his [mp2] Fronczak flipped [a sphere] to search [a linde] in defence. As Barray was still in his [mp2] he flipped [reborn] for [stratos]! It’s effect searched [bubbleman], he set another card and [ss]ed it. [dweller] was next and when Linde went to the graveyard in the [ep] Abyss Dweller negated it!

So you think Abyss Dweller is your ally? You merely adopted it!
So you think Abyss Dweller is your ally? You merely adopted it!

Fronczak drew for his turn and summoned [a pike], discarding [ahi] for it’s cost. Abyss Dweller negated the Infantry and Abysspike searched out a [a linde]. One set card concluded his turn.

Barray drew and studied his options. Both players were clearly respectful of each other and were clearly announcing their moves which is great to see! [coth] was flipped but it was blasted away by Fronczak’s set [mst]. Barray flipped his last set card, another [ecall] to search [ocean] and [ns]ed it. His battle phase was announced and Maestroke attacked over Abysspike while Dweller and Ocean attacked directly.

LP 8000-5600

Fronczak drew to 3 cards in hand and summoned [a linde] into [bth]. He set a backrow and passed.

In Barray’s [sp] he returned [stratos] to his hand and [ns]ed it. As soon as he announced he would be activating the destruction effect Fronczak combined his cards and went straight for the Side Deck!

[h2]Barray takes the first game thanks to Abyss Dweller and his infinite Stratos![/h2]

During siding both players joked about how many times Barray could summon [stratos] in a game, we already saw him do it three times in one Duel! Could he do it again to take the match?

Fronczak would start us off in game 2 by passing his turn. Barray set a card to each zone and passed straight back. He had [dprison], [ocean], [mst] and [mf] in hand.

A set [st] from Fronczak sent play back and he [fs]ed [voltic]! He declared an attack and Fronczak had nothing to stop it. [mp2] saw [ocean] come down and Barray [xyz]ed [dweller]! He set another card to his backrow and asked if Fronczak wanted to activate anything before his [ep]. He declined and play was across the table.

Fronczak drew and studied his hand before deciding the best play was to set another [st].

Dweller declared an attack and Fronczak flipped two copies of [mst] to destroy Barray’s Typhoon and [sw]. He took the damage and then [ss]ed [trag]. That Warning could have really hurt! In [mp2] Barray [ns]ed [stratos] and searched [bubbleman]. He [ss]ed him after setting his hand and made a second [dweller]!

Heavy Storm wiped away 3 of Barray's Trap Cards!
Heavy Storm wiped away 3 of Barray's Trap Cards!

Fronczak had the answer though: [storm]! It wiped away Barray’s entire backrow leaving him with just the two Xyz monsters on the field! Tragoedia attacked over one of the Dwellers and Barray activated it’s effect.

He drew and set his fresh [mf] but Fronczak had another [mst] for it! He had opened with 3 Typhoon and Heavy Storm – which might have been a bad hand 2 or 3 turns ago! Play was back with Fronczak who had 5 cards in hand and Tragoedia to Barray’s defence mode Dweller. Tragoedia attacked over Dweller which used it’s effect and a set card ended his turn.

Barray drew and played a [df].

Next turn Fronczak had a [a mark] to attack directly and bring [adrag] in to the fray! All his monsters attacked and one turn later Barray was in his Side Deck!

Could our HERO Duelist be rescued?
Could our HERO Duelist be rescued?

[h2]Fronczak evens the score after a slow start and we are going to game 3![/h2]

Barray would start us off in this deciding game and after wishing each other luck, it was time to Duel! He began with [bubbleman], [stratos], [dprison], [smonk], and two copies of [df]! He activated both of them and set his Prison and Summoner Monk before passing over.

He couldn’t stop himself laughing when Fronczak activated [storm]! Two backrow passed the turn and play was back with the HERO player. He flipped his Monk and summoned [voltic]! [dweller] was next to see play and he passed his turn.

This match was full of counters – would Abyss Dweller be enough this time?

Fronczak discarded [gunde] to [ss] [a teus] searching out [sturge]. Abyssteus rammed into Dweller forcing a head-on collision where both monsters were destroyed!

Barray [ns]ed [stratos] without using it’s effect! He set [upstart] before [ss]ing [bubbleman] and flipping the Goblin. It felt like Fronczak’s birthday with all these LP he was being given. Another Abyss Dweller was next but [mf] dealt with that! Barray’s last card was [e call] searching [bubbleman] and giving him another 2 cards! One of them was [df] and the other was a set [st].

[mst] from Fronczak dealt with the Fissure, making sure he could use his cards graveyard-orientated effects! [sturge] was next and [sw] kept it from hitting the field. [a sphere] was flipped searching [a linde] and an attack over Bubbleman concluded his turn.

Barray was feeling generous and drew another [upstart] which he played. He set the [mf] he drew and in the [ep] Absysslinde was sent to the graveyard, it searched an [a pike] which discarded [a mark] and searched another. Mirror Force was blown away and on the next turn the other Marksman bought out [adrag] when everything attacked!

LP: 200-10000

Barray drew [rota] and searched [bubbleman], giving himself two more backrow cards before passing back.

IT ALL CAME DOWN TO THIS...on the bubble in Round 8
IT ALL CAME DOWN TO THIS...on the bubble in Round 8

Fronczak drew and [xyz]ed [bahamut] using Dragoons and Abysspike. Bahamut [ss]ed [atrite] by detaching Dragoons. Time was called and there would be 5 more turns with a LP difference of 9800! Dragoons searched [diva] before Marksman attacked over Bubbleman.

Barray could draw nothing but Trap Cards for the next two turns and it was all over! With no way to make up the LP difference he offered his French comrade the handshake! Fronczak would move on with a chance of making the top 32 while Barray is headed home!

[h2]Guillaume Fronczak comes back from a game down to take the match 2-1![/h2]

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