Round 8’s Top 10 Tables

15.04.2012 | 9:42 |

[p]Let’s take a look at what’s in contention for Top 32 spots later today, by visiting the Top 10 tables right now![/p]

Remember these guys? Of course you do!


1 Noel Garde Dark World vs. Dino Rabbit Tudor Mitchell
2 Abdou Toure Dark World vs. Dino Rabbit Dimitri Ianopoulos
3 Jean-Francois Celentano Dark World vs. Dino Rabbit Kristoffer Nielsen
4 Rodrigo Togores HERO vs. Wind-Up Stefan Faust
5 Max van Nijversteel Inzektor vs. Dino Rabbit Marco Ahr
6 Kevin Thiebaut Twilight vs. Six Samurai Cedric Magendie
7 Frederico Zoppini Inzektor vs. Dino Rabbit Franck Bourgerie
8 Yanis Benkhedda HERO vs. Dino Rabbit Simon He
9 Charly Boudjema Inzektor vs. Chaos Luigi Alici
10 Leeroy Bitbol Dino Rabbit vs. Dino Rabbit Jack Bruun


Togores vs. Faust, HEROes and Wind-Ups

Simon He is at the top tables yet again.