Round 9: Alpay Engin (Dragon Rulers) vs Lorenzo Susini (Dragon Rulers)

01.12.2013 | 10:33 |

First round of Day 2 at YCS Turin, it’s foggy and dreary outside but inside it’s beginning to heat up with our first Match: Alpay Engin versus Lorenzo Susini! You may remember Alpay from recent events by coming second in YCS London (and winning YCS Bochum). Playing the Dragon Rulers Deck he had at London with a few new bits of tech, he faces Susini’s Dragon Rulers Deck. It’s battle of the Dragons, who will come out of this victorious?! THE GAME IS ON!

[b]Game One[/b]

Susini's Dragons take flight, apart from Redox who doesn't have wings for some reason!

Susini kicks things off with a look at his mighty [ravine] he discards a [tidal] to bring a [blaster] to his Graveyard. Alpay nods seeing that this is his mirror match he was expecting, but is he ready for it? He banishes his [blaster] and a [tidal] from his hand to Special Summon [redox] in [def]. [tidal] and [blaster] fetch copies of themselves!

Engin wastes no time and activate [7ss] removing his [tdrag] and drawing cards, his [tdrag] allows him to set up later combos by bringing a [debris] to hand. He Normal Summons his [debris] and Special Summons [trigon]. Susini knows the play and quickly stops it with a [pwwb], quickly dashing Engin’s hope of ending this quickly. Engin sets two [fd] [sts] and ends his play. [redox] returns back from whence it came.

Susini removes [redox] and [blaster] and Engin quickly discards his [maxx] before the Special Summoning of [tidal]! [redox] and [blaster] get [f guard] and another [redox]. Susini pulls off a Synchro Summon by Normal Summoning [f guard]. [crimson blader] hits the field and it looks rough for Engin. Engin turns it round when [crimson blader] tries to attack with a well-placed [break]! Susini isn’t down as he plays [return] and brings back a massive myriad of Monsters! Two [blaster], a [redox] and [tidal] all hit the field. He attacks! He misses! Engin’s [scarecrow] makes sure of it. Susini still has options as he Xyz Summons not one, but two [sack]! He detaches a material from each and places Tokens on the field. He sets two [fd] [sts] and ends his overextended turn, hoping it won’t cost him later!

Engin attempts his [debris] and [trigon] play that was delayed the turn previous and successfully Synchro Summons a [brd]! [tt] is activated by Susini and Engin’s field is cleared. He isn’t out of it however, and uses his [ravine] to discard [tidal] and bring [tdrag] to the Graveyard. Engin busts out his [ddreincarn] and Special Summons his [tdrag], banishes [scarecrow] and [maxx] to Special Summon [redox] and attacks for the game!

[b]Engin wins Game One![/b]

[b]Game Two[/b]

Engin's getting his game on!

Susini opens and banishes [blaster] and [tdrag] to Special Summon [redox]. Susini realises he must set up his combos and gets a [trigon] and [debris] to his hand. He plays [ravine] and sends [trigon] to get [blaster] into the Graveyard. Susini Normal Summons [debris], Engin responds with his [maxx] and [trigon] is Special Summoned. [afd] is Synchro Summoned and [ravine] is sent to gain 1000 [lp] and get another [ravine] to hand. Susini sets one [fd] [st] and ends his first turn, advantage in field and [lp]!

Engin distrusts Susini’s set card and quickly dispatches it with a [pwwb]. He plays his own [ravine] and discards [tdrag] to bring a [corseca] to hand. He plays [consonance] discarding [corseca]. He sets three and ends, watching [redox] return to Susini’s hand.

Susini starts what he believes to be a great turn! This is quickly quashed by Engin [break]ing his [afd]. He plays his [ravine] and sends [redox] to get [tdrag]. He attempts to activate [blaster]’s effect but he’s [debunk]ed! He ends his turn, powerless!

Engin may feel the same, as he does nothing, and throws the turn back to Susini.

Susini takes the chance and uses [ravine]’s effect to send [redox] to the Graveyard to be joined by [blaster]. He removes [blaster] and [afd] from play but is [debunk]ed again! He still manages to get a [debris] with his [blaster] at least. He Normal Summons [debris] and Engin discards a [maxx]. He Special Summons [trigon] and attacks directly! [mp2] comes and a new [afd] is Synchro Summoned. Susini gets rid of his [ravine] for 1000 [lp] again and brings another [ravine] to his hand.

Engin discards his [electric virus] to take control of [afd]. He attacks Susini’s face, a humiliating blow, and then removes [afd] for [7ss]’s effect. He throws down a [fd] [st] and passes.

Susini has nothing to do, and waits for his defeat.

[7ss] is activated and [tidal] is removed. Engin brings another [tidal] to his hand. He removes [scarecrow] and [tdrag], Susini uses [maxx] and [redox] hits the field. [tdrag] brings a friendly [tdrag] to Engin’s hand. He sets a threatening [fd] [st] and finishes.

Susini attempts to activate [redox] but he is [debunk]ed! He then removes [debris] and [tidal] to Special Summon [tdrag]. Engin discards a [maxx]. [tidal] brings another [tidal] to hand. Susini plays [ravine] and discards [tidal] to get [corseca] and Normal Summons him. [aoz] is Syncro Summoned and attacks [redox]. In the end phase Engin [break]s Susini’s [fd] [st].

Engin banishes two [maxx] and Special Summons [redox]. He discards [f guard] to get [blaster] Graveyard and then removes [tdrag] and [corseca] to Special Summon [tidal]. He gets [debris] to his hand and Normal Summons him, Special Summoning [f guard] in the process. [scrap dragon] is Synchro Summoned, as is [star eater]. He banishes to Special Summon [blaster], destroys him for [scrap dragon]’s effect and attacks for the win!

[b]Engin wins 2-0![/b]