Round 9: Ben Sherman (Mermails) vs Adam Kent (Fire Fist)

10.05.2014 | 21:48 |

The last round of swiss in today’s National Championship starts soon and we look at two players on the bubble! It feels like we’ve gone back a format or two as Adam Kent plays Fire Fist against Ben Sherman’s Mermail!

[header]Game One[/header]

Ben Sherman is pretty pleased with himself!

Ben Sherman is pretty pleased with himself!

Sherman starts with a Set Monster card.

Kent plays [ff tenki] and then [ff leo], the effect of which pulls [ff tensu] from the Deck. [ff tensu] is activated and [ff gorilla] is Summoned. [linde] got [megalo] and [ff gorilla] got [ff gyok] [fd]. Kent played two more [fd] [sts].

Sherman played [diva] and Kent wasn’t having any of it. Kent played [fiendish] and [megalo] tributed [diva] before attacking. In [mp2] Sherman Set a card and ended.

Kent played [ff gyok] and passed.

Sherman discarded [a mark] for [teus] and it was [sw]ed! He played [sturge] and Kent conceded.

[b]Sherman wins game one![/b]
[header]Game Two[/header]

Siding furiously!

Siding furiously!

Kent went first and played [ff tenki] getting [ff leo] to the field and used her effect to Set [ff tenki]. He Set two more [fd] [sts] and ended.

[a mark] and [tidal] are discarded for [megalo] but [sw] was activated. [maxx] was discarded in response to [tidal] being Special Summoned and [controller] was played. Sherman attacked and [leo] was Synchro Summoned. He Set one [fd] [st].

Kent entered his Standby Phase and [mst] took out his [fd] [ff tenki]. He played [ff tensu] and [ff spirit] Special Summoned [ff leo]. He Synchro Summoned [ff horse] and Special Summoned [ff rooster]. Next, he brought [ff bear] to hand and used [ff rooster]’s effect to Set [ff tenki]. He flipped it up and got [wolfbark] to hand, Normal Summoned [ff leo] and [xyz]ed into [ff lion]. He used the effect to get [ff spirit] to hand and passed.

[leo] attacked [ff lion].
[ff gyok] is played and [ff bear] came out twice. They were [xyz]ed to bring out [ff card] in [def]. He switched [ff horse] to [def] and finished his turn.

Sherman attacked [ff card].

[wolfbark] was Summoned along with [ff bear] and it is [xyz]ed into [ff tigerking]. The effect of [ff tigerking] brings [ff gyok] to the field. Kent turned [ff horse] to attack and [ff tigerking] brought out a [ff bear]. [ff tenki] was sent to the Graveyard to destroy [leo] and Kent attacks!

[dragon ice] was discarded for [teus] and [maxx] was discarded for card draw! [pike] hit the field and [undine] came to hand. [tidal] was Special Summoned and [11] is [xyz]ed. [ff bear] was stolen and [eek] came into play! The field was decimated.

Kent played [mind control] and there was an intake of breath from the crowd. [ff tenki] was played and [ff rooster] attacks for game.

[b]Kent wins game two![/b]
[header]Game Three[/header]

Kent has got to take this back!

Kent has got to take this back!

Kent played [ff tenki] and was met a [mst]. He Set two [fd] [sts].

[diva] hit the field and it was negated by an [veiler]. [linde] was flipped face up and met a [sw]. [diva] attacked. Kent says “ouch”.

[mst] hit a [mst]. [ff rooster] came out and attacked the [diva]. He Set a card and ended.

[undine] was [ns]ed and [adrag] was sent to the grave. [megalo] and [controller] came to the hand. [linde] and [gunde] was discarded to Summon [megalo]. [linde] was Special Summoned but [megalo] was [fiendish]ed. [linde] went to the Grave and a second [megalo] hit the field. He attacked directly and [xyz]ed [gaios].

Kent concedes!
[b]Sherman wins 2-1[/b]