Round 9: Claudio Kirchmair (Mermail) vs. Robin Bachofner (Geargia)

Welcome to Round 9 of YCS Paris! This round we have Claudio Kirchmair and Robin Bachofner. The two sat down and had a friendly chat in their native tongue whilst waiting for the round to start. It looked to be a respectful match between equals.

Kirchmair shouts Yu-Gi-Oh! As he rolls the dice hoping for a high roll! He doesn’t receive it.
[header]Game One[/header]

Kirchmair isn't may be playing Mermails but he isn't wet behind the ears!
Kirchmair isn't may be playing Mermails but he isn't wet behind the ears!

Bachofner goes first and plays not one but two [upstart]! He plays two [g accel]s and overlays into [ggx]. He sets three [fd] [sts] and ends.

Kirchmair looks at his hand long and hard, the giant being a giant problem for him. He plays [linde] and it is [sw]. He sets two [fd] [sts] and ends.

[ggx] gets a [g accel] to hand and he plays a [g arsenal] and special summons [g accel]. He attacks with his horde of gears and uses the effect of [g arsenal] to bring out [geargiano]! Kirchmair reads the effect and asks his opponent about it, I’m assuming he got it correct because I understood the word “genau“ (“exactly”). He uses the effect to bring out [g arsenal] and overlay into a second [ggx]. He uses its effect and sets one card.

Kirchmair uses [a sphere] but Bachofner is ready with [7tools]. Kirchmair uses a second [a sphere] and Special Summons [linde] using the effect to bring [pike] to the field discarding [a mark] in the process! He brings [undine] to hand and uses [a mark] and hits a [geargiagear]. Kirchmair summons [undine] and gets [a drag] to grave and [controller] to hand. [a megalo] enter his hand and he discards [a mark] destroying a backrow and [ahi] to destroy a [ggx]. [a megalo] then brings [a sphere] to his hand. He attacks with [a megalo] and [geargiano] enters the field. It’s destroyed by [undine] and he attacks directly.

[g mk2] comes out and brings out arsenal. Arsenal equips [pike] and overlays into [eek]. [a sphere] is activated bringing out [linde] and sends it to the Graveyard. He gets out [pike] and sends [leed] to the Graveyard and [undine] to hand. Bachofner attacks and ends.

[undine] is summoned and [tidal] goes to the graveyard. Kirchmair removes two and summons [tidal]. He attacks! Bachofner chains [g gear] and uses [eek]’s effect. Two [g mk2] hit the field. Kirchmair plays [a spirit] and turns [eek] to defence mode.

Bachofner grunts and looks through his Extra Deck. He complains about something; I catch the words ‘exciton’ and ‘in graveyard’ and he shares a laugh with his opponent. He plays [dweller] and attacks.

Kirchmair summons [controller] and attacks [eek]!

Bachofner attacks and sets a [fd] [st]. He uses [dweller]’s effect.

Kirchmair discards [pike] and reveals [teus]! Bachofner reveals a [vane]!

Bachofner attacks and ends.

Kirchmair plays [allure] and summons [a turge]. He discards [leed] and searches his Graveyard. Something funny happened but my German is too rusty to understand what happened. I laugh along anyway and hope no one calls me on it! Kirchmair returns [a mark] to hand and attacks into [dweller]. He banishes two cards and plays [tidal]. He sets one [fd] [st] and finishes his turn.

Bachofner sets one Monster [fd] and watching the [tidal] return to hand.

Kirchmair discards [tidal] and [a mark] and gets [hilde] to the Graveyard. He destroys [g accel] and it gets a [geargiano] to hand.

Bachofner plays [mst] on [sw] and Summons [g mk2]. He brings out a second and it is washed away in a [tt].

Kirchmair banishes two and Special Summons [tidal] attacking directly.

Bachofner sets one [fd] [st] and ends.

[mst] washes away [7tools]. Kirchmair again banishes two for [tidal] and attempts an attack but is flipped by a [bom].

Rather than flipping the table Bachofner concedes.

Kirchmair wins game one!
[header]Game Two[/header]

Bachofner really grinds his geargia!
Bachofner really grinds his geargia!

It’s nice to see both players smiling and laughing in between games rather than staring each other down. They discuss tactics and rulings whilst siding.

Bachofner sets three [fd] [sts] and a [fd] Monster card and ends his unrevealing turn.
Kirchmair hums at his hand. He sets three [fd] [sts].

Bachofner [dust]s a [dust] in a bold and tactical move! He plays [g armor] and Arsenal. He attacks directly and Kirchmair has no response. He uses the effect of arsenal to get another Armor. He flips them both [fd] . Kirchmair plays [a sphere] but receives a [sw]. Bachofner sets another [fd] [st] and passes.

Kirchmair summons [undine] and sends [a drag] to the grave bringing [controller] and [a mark] to hand. He discards [a mark] for [a megalo] and destroys a [g armor]. He brings [gunde] to hand and discards using [tidal]. [tidal] gets [a megalo] to the Graveyard and it is Special Summoned. “Battle phase!” Kirchmair declared happily and attacked. His smile was wiped by a [bom]!

Bachofner flips [g armor] and gets [g armor] to the field. He overlays into [ggx] and Kirchmair flips a [horn]. He silently nods at puts it in the Graveyard. He plays [df] and [hole]! He decimates Claudio’s field and Summons [geargiano], [ss]ing [g mk2]. He attacks and then overlays into [zenmaines] in [def].

Kirchmair looks a little distressed, the laughing has stopped. Only stern poker faces look at the field. At this point time is called. He summons [linde] and thinks long and hard about what he needs to do. He passes.

Bachofner sets one [fd] [st]. He knows that he could win if he can hold out a little longer with no damage happening.

Kirchmair is taking his time, looking from his Grave to his hand. He takes a little more time, it’s a tough decision. He banishes two for [tidal] and normal summons [controller]. He then Synchro Summons [leo] and ends.

Bachofner sets one [fd] [st] and ends. Just a little more time.

Kirchmair plays [linde] and overlays into [gt alucard]. He removes one and destroys [vane] but it’s not enough, the match ends in a draw.
[b]Draw 1-1[/b]

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