Round 9: Danny Jackson (Gravekeepers) vs. Jacob Schoonover (Lightsworn)

[p]Round 9! Britain’s Danny Jackson faces off against Jacob Schoonover from Lincoln, California. Jackson’s doing well with Gravekeepers here whereas Schoonover’s been demolishing opponents with Lightsworn! Both Duelists are x-1 at the moment and need to win to get closer to Top 64, so let’s get right to the action![/p]

Danny Jackson travelled over 3000 miles to get here!

[div]Schoonover started the Match with [trooper], sending [wulf], [poa] and [charge] to the Graveyard, Summoning Wulf for free.

Jackson discarded [gk com] to add [necrov] to his hand and activate it. He Summoned [gale], halved Wulf’s ATK and ran over Trooper (Schoonover drew a card). Jackson Set 3 and then played [tribute]! Wulf, 2 [gardna][s] and [lumina] went to the Graveyard! Jackson followed up with [pod], adding [mf] to his hand and Setting it.

Schoonover turned [wulf] to [def] and passed.

Jackson ran over Wulf with Gale and set a monster.

Schoonover activated [hole] and Jackson let it through (losing his Set [spy]). He Summoned another [trooper] and boosted its ATK before attacking directly.

Jackson flipped [stele] over, adding [gk com] and Spy to his hand before Setting a monster.

Schoonover used Trooper’s effect again, losing [storm], [decree] and [lyla]! He Set a card which was destroyed by [mst] in the End Phase.

Jackson Flip Summoned [spy], Summoned [gk ass] and Normal Summoned [recruiter]. Assailant attacked over Trooper and his other 2 monsters attacked directly. Jackson set 1 card to finish.

Schoonover activated [recharge], discarding [ryko] to draw 2, sending [decree] and [trag] to the Graveyard. He Set a monster.

Jackson [ns]ed [gk com] and attacked with Recruiter. The flipped [ryko] destroyed [necrov]. Spy attacked directly and 2 [gardna][s] kept Schoonover safe! In [mp2] Jackson Xyz Summoned [roach] and passed.

Schoonover made light of his current situation; “Why can’t you Summon Utopia like normal people…”, obviously stymied by that [roach] (maybe he drew [jd]?). He Summoned [lumina], discarded [foolish] to target the other copy, and Jackson responded with [fiendish], which was enough to seal the Duel![/div]

1-0 to the UK!


Jacob Schoonover's Lightsworn Deck can pack a punch!

[div]Schoonover kicked off Duel 2 with [garoth] and a Set card.

Jackson Set [reaper] and [warning].

Schoonover Summoned [aurkus] and 4 cards to the graveyard in the End Phase, including a [wulf], which was Summoned!

Jackson Set another Spell/Trap.

Schoonover played [charge] and added [lyla] to his hand. He Summoned [lumina], discarded [lyla] to target it, and Jackson responded with [warning]. He then Summoned [bls] and flipped [sim]! Schoonover declared an attack with [bls], but lost all 4 of his monsters to [mf]!

Oh no!

Jackson Set 2 more cards.

Schoonover Summoned [lyla] which was flipped down with [bom]. Schoonover followed up with [jd] though, and attempted to clear the field, but [fiendish] prevented that from happening. He set a Spell/trap.

Jackson flipped [reaper] over and took down Lyla before Setting a Spell/Trap.

Schoonover set a monster.

Jackson Set a Spell/trap.

Schoonover Flip Summoned [ryko] to destroy [fiendish], but [jd] was then negated by another one! Schoonover sent back 5 monsters with [poa] and drew 2 cards. He set another Spell/Trap.

Jackson set a Spell or Trap.

Schoonover turned Ryko to [def] and passed.

Jackson passed.

Schoonover activated [recharge], discarding [wulf] to draw 2 cards and send 2 more to the Graveyard. He Set a Spell/Trap.

Jackson Set a monster and was hit with [decree] in the End Phase!

Schoonover activated [jd] again and Jackson Chained [mst] to destroy Decree! Schoonover Summoned another [jd]! Finally he cleared the field and Summoned yet another one! That was enough to tie the Match![/div]

It’s all square!


Royal Tribute wins games!

[div]Jackson started with [duality], adding [recruiter] to his hand. He Set a monster and a Spell/Trap.

Schoonover played [recharge], discarding [wulf]. He followed up with [charge] to add [lyla] to his hand and fill his Graveyard with more monsters. He Summoned Lyla and Jackson cleared the field with [tt]. Schoonover set 2 cards.

Jackson discarded [gk com] to get [necrov] and play it. He Set a monster and the rest of his hand before flipping [tribute]! Schoonover lost 3 monsters and Jackson flipped up [stele] to get back 2 monsters.

Schoonover passed.

Jackson Summoned [recruiter] and was hit by [tt] and [sim].

Schoonover passed again.

Jackson Summoned [gk com] and attacked directly.

Schoonover Summoned [jain] and crashed it into Commandant.

Jackson Summoned [recruiter], Set a card and flipped another [tribute]! Nothing went this time though. Recruiter attacked directly.

Schoonover Summoned [trooper], boosted it and ran over Recruiter.

Jackson Summoned [tkr] and took down Trooper.

Schoonover set a Spell/Trap and played [hole].

Jackson Summoned [gk des] and attacked directly.

Schoonover set a monster and when Jackson revealed the [gk ass] the Match was done![/div]

Danny Jackson presses ahead in the quest to make Top 64!


Both Duelists discussed Side-Deck strategies after the Match!


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