Round 9: Fabio Minicozzi vs Walid Ben-Abbes

[p]Round 9 sees Italy’s Fabio Minicozzi square up to France’s Walid Ben-Abbes. Both of these Duelists are “on the bubble” and need to win to keep their hopes of topping alive. Ben-Abbes is playing Flamvell whereas Minicozzi is piloting Dino Rabbit. Let’s see how the match unfolds.[/p]

Minicozzi is an experienced competitor.

[div]Minicozzi started with [saurus] and 2 Set cards.

Ben-Abbes Set a monster and 2 [st]s.

Minicozzi Set a third [st] and passed.

Ben-Abbes set [sj].

Minicozzi Set another backrow card and weighed up his options before Summoning [rabbit]. Ben-Abbes cleared the field with [tt] but Minicozzi used [lance] to protect himself. Ben-Abbes had [veiler] though so Rabbit was unable to be used. [sangan] was destroyed and Ben-Abbes added [trooper] to his hand. Minicozzi passed.

Ben-Abbes Summoned [trooper] and it was destroyed with [warning] before he Set 2 more cards.

Minicozzi banished [rabbit] and brought out 2 [kabaz], which were both banished with [bth].

Ben-Abbes Summoned [tgu] and Minicozzi played [maxx]. A second Tour Guide was Summoned and both attacked directly before Ben-Abbes [xyz]ed [zenmaines].

Minicozzi Summoned [tkr], which Ben-Abbes let go before Minicozzi set another [st].

Ben-Abbes passed.

Minicozzi Summoned [ccd] and [tt] hit the field again. Minicozzi used [lance] to protect [ccd] and Ben-Abbes had another [veiler]! Minicozzi lost his [tkr] and Ben-Abbes’s [zenmaines] protected itself. Minicozzi then played [ced] but Ben-Abbes used his [sj] to stop it. Minicozzi Set a card and lost [mf] to Zenmaines’ effect.

Ben-Abbes Set a [st] and passed.

Minicozzi turned [ccd] to [def] and checked Ben-Abbes’s Graveyard before passing.[/div]

Ben-Abbes: ''Yep, that's really a Firedog.''

[div]Ben-Abbes Summoned [firedog] which got Minicozzi thinking before he countered with [maxx]. Firedog took down [ccd] and Ben-Abbes Summoned [fmag], which attacked directly. Ben-Abbes [synch]ed [sdd] and Minicozzi checked his cards before halting it with [sj].

Minicozzi Summoned [saurus] and Set a [st].

Ben-Abbes Summoned another [firedog] and then played [rekindling] to fill his field. Minicozzi tried to fight back with [tt], but Ben-Abbes’s Zenmaines was immune and attacked for game.[/div]

Ben-Abbes takes the lead!


Ben-Abbes' Deck was a surprise hit this weekend.

[div]Minicozzi opened Duel 2 with a Set monster and [st].

Ben-Abbes Summoned [firedog] and [tt] cleared the field. Minicozzi’s [sangan] got him a [rabbit] as Ben-Abbes Set a card.

Minicozzi played [saurus] and attacked directly before Setting 2 cards.

Ben-Abbes Summoned [trooper] and Minicozzi flipped [macro]!

Minicozzi [ns]ed [kabaz] and Ben-Abbes tried to flip it down with [bom] (preventing an Xyz Summon). Minicozzi used [lance] though and attacked with both his monsters, [xyz]ing [laggia] in [mp2] and Setting a card.

Ben-Abbes used [storm] but saw it get negated. [fmag] hit the table and [rekindling] brought back [firedog]. [scrap d] was Summoned and [warning] got rid of it right away.

Minicozzi Summoned [rabbit] and Ben-Abbes knew this Duel was done.[/div]

Minicozzi levels the score!


Either Duelist could win this.

[div]Ben-Abbes kicked off Duel 3 with [tgu], Summoning [sangan] and Setting [warning] and [ced].

Minicozzi Summoned a [sangan] of his own and [warning] was activated in response. He then revived it with [reborn] and [ced] sent it back to his hand! (That [sangan] just couldn’t catch a break!). Minicozzi Set 2 cards to finish.

Ben-Abbes turned his [sangan] to [atk] and attacked with both monsters, dealing 2000 damage. He Set a card and passed play over to Minicozzi.

Minicozzi Summoned [tkr] and was flipped down with [bom].

Ben-Abbes Summoned [firedog] and [tt] cleared the field. [sangan] got him a free [maxx] and he Set a [st].

Minicozzi Summoned [sangan] and this time it got to attack, although [trag] was Summoned right after! Minicozzi Set a [st].

Ben-Abbes drew [bls], adding it to his hand of [maxx] and [fmag]. He passed.

Minicozzi Summoned [rabbit], which was halted by [warning].

Ben-Abbes drew [lance] and passed as Time was called.

Minicozzi Set a monster.

Ben-Abbes had to make back a 3000 Life Point deficit, but Minicozzi had put up a good defense. Ben-Abbes [ns]ed [fmag], turned [trag] to [atk] and entered his Battle Phase. [trag] was targeted with [ced] and Ben-Abbes used [lance] and [trag] bounced off the Set [kabaz]! [fmag] destroyed [sangan] and Minicozzi added [rabbit] to his hand. Ben-Abbes discarded [fmag] to take control of [kabaz] and reached for his Extra Deck to [synch] [scrap d], which was stopped with [warning]. Minicozzi lead by 4000 Life Points to 2500.

Minicozzi Summoned [rabbit] and Ben-Abbes used his [maxx]. 2 [saurus] were Summoned as [trag] got stronger. One [saurus] took down [trag] and the other attacked for game![/div]

Fabio Minicozzi makes his comeback!


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