Round 9 Feature Match: Pierre Pardelles vs. Andrea Caruso

The Feature Match for Round 9 comes from Table 10, as France’s Pierre Pardelles takes on Italy’s Andrea Caruso. Both of these Duelists have lost only 1 Match so far, so they’re in with a great chance of making the Top 32, but the winner will have an even greater chance to go all the way. Pierre’s running LIGHT Gemini whereas Caruso’s gone with Formula Monarchs.

Pierre Pardelles has gone with LIGHT Gemini.

Caruso won the die roll and chose to go first. He discarded [treeborn] to Special Summon [swap], sending [ronin] to the Graveyard for its effect. Next, he returned [swap] to his hand to Normal Summon it, this time sending a second copy of [swap] to the Graveyard. After this he returned [swap] to his hand again, and Summoned the [ronin] from his Graveyard, removing [swap] from play.[br][br]

Pardelles Summoned [alius] and Set 3 cards to his back row.

Caruso Special Summoned [tree], and while still in his Standby Phase activated [econ] to Tribute it, trying to take Pardelles’ Neos Alius. Pardelles Chained [gspark], to Tribute the Alius before Caruso could get his hands on it, while also drawing a card and destroying [ronin]. [tree] was Summoned again, and Caruso Tributed it for [caius], which was negated by [warning]. Caruso ended his turn.

Pardelles Summoned [tkr] and attack directly.

Caruso activated [mst] in the Standby Phase to destroy Pardelles’ Set [bth], and then Summoned [tree] to field. He Normal Summoned [swap], sending his final copy from his Deck to the Graveyard before returning his on-field copy to his hand. He removed the [swap] in his Graveyard from play to Special Summon [ronin] and ended his turn.

[tkr] took down [tree] in battle on Pardelles’ turn.

Caruso Summoned [tree], and played [reborn] to Summon [caius] from his Graveyard. [swap] was Summoned next, and [dupe] was sent to the Graveyard. Caruso returned Caius to his hand with [swap]'[s] effect and passed.

Pardelles drew Honest, and [tkr] destroyed [swap] in battle to bring Caruso down to 5200 Life Points.

Caruso Trib [tree] for Caius, removed Thunder King from play, and attacked direct for 2400 points of damage.

Treeborn Frog was working overtime in this Match!

Pardelles played [hole], which he had in his hand for several turns, to clear the field. After this he activated [rota], added [stratos] to his hand, and Summoned [tkr]. Thunder King attacked directly and Pardelles set [mf] in Main Phase 2.[br][br]

Caruso Summoned [tree]. He activated [soul ex] to Tribute Thunder King for [cydra], and removed [swap] from play to Summon [ronin]. He chose not to attack, making a good read on Pardelles’ [mf].

Pardelles Summoned [stratos] and added [alius] to his hand. After this he set [hblast] and destroyed Treeborn in battle.

Caruso Summoned [tree] during his Standby Phase again, and [cydra] was destroyed by [mf] when he declared an attack. Caruso Set a monster to finish.

Pardelles drew [duality], Summoned [alius], and removed [dupe] from play with [noc]. [duality] came down next for Pardelles, revealing another copy, [gspark] and [hblast]. Pardelles added [gspark] to his hand and activated [hblast], targeting the Neos Alius in his Graveyard. Caruso responded with [crow] and Neos Alius was removed from play (Pardelles couldn’t destroy a [ronin] now). The [alius] on Pardelles’ field took down [tree] in battle, and Pardelles immediately activated [gspark] to destroy [ronin] and draw a card. That allowed [stratos] to attack directly, and in Main Phase 2 Pardelles added another Alius to his hand with [ecall].

Caruso Summoned [tree], removed [dupe] to Summon [ronin], and ended his turn.

Pardelles activated [duality] on his turn, revealing [book], [duality] and another [book]. Pardelles added the Duality to his hand and attacked Treeborn with Neos Alius, destroying it.

Caruso Summoned [tree] once again, this time Tributing it for [caius]. Caius removed [alius] from play and took down Stratos in battle.

Pardelles activated [duality], adding [reborn] to his hand and sending [drain] and [judgment] back to his Deck. He Set a Spell or Trap and passed.

Caruso Summoned [tree] in his Standby Phase, and [caius] attacked directly, knocking Pardelles down to 600 Life Points.

Pardelles tried to activate [reborn], but his target (Neos Alius) was removed from play with [crow]. He passed with no further plays.

Caruso Summoned [veiler] and Tuned it with [tree] for [fsynch], drawing a card in the process. Caius tried to go for the win but was flipped face-down by [book].

Pardelles draw another [book], Set it, and passed.

Caruso Summoned [tree] again, Flip Summoned his Caius and Synchro Summoned [stardust]. After this he Tributed Treeborn for [raiza] and Pardelles conceded!

Formula Monarchs race off into the lead!

There's the Formula, and there's the Monarch!

Pardelles started off Duel 2 with a set [bth].[br][br]

Caruso Set monster on his turn.

Pardelles passed, this was a cautious start for both Duelists.

Caruso Summoned [swap], sending [tree] to the Graveyard. [swap] attacked for 1000 before returning to Caruso’s hand in MP2.

Pardelles activated [ecall], getting [stratos] from his Deck, which then got [alius] when it was Summoned. He then Set a Spell or Trap, completing his turn.

Caruso Summoned [tree] and Flip Summoned [snowman] to destroy Stratos. Caruso tributed both monsters for [ladd] and Pardelles activated [bth]. [ladd]'[s] effect tried to negate it but Pardelles had another Bottomless Set! He flipped it over and [ladd] was removed from play. Caruso discarded [swap] to Summon another one, and sent [ronin] to the Graveyard before attacking directly. He then returned [swap] to his hand and Special Summoned [ronin] from his Graveyard (removing the other [swap] from play).

The second Bottomless trap Hole got the green light, and removed Light and Darkness Dragon from play!

Pardelles played [duality], revealing [gspark], [tkr] and another [duality]. He added [gspark] to his hand, Summoned [alius] and Set 2 Spells or Traps.[br][br]

Caruso Summoned [tree] and Pardelles used [gspark], Tributing Neos Alius to, destroy [ronin] (he didn’t want to face another [ladd]). Caruso Summoned [swap], sent another copy to his Graveyard and attacked into [hblast]. Pardelles got Neos Alius back to his hand and destroyed [swap], which was removed from play in Main Phase 2 to Summon [ronin].

Pardelles drew [duality] and played it, revealing [noc], [dyna] and [crow]. He added Dyna to his hand and Summoned it after first clearing the field with [hole]. After Setting 2 Spells or Traps Pardelles ended his turn.

Caruso drew for his turn and couldn’t Special Summon his [tree]. [hole] destroyed [dyna] and Caruso removed the [swap] in his Graveyard from play to Summon [ronin]. Caruso Tributed the [ronin] for [raiza], and sent Pardelles’ Set card back to the top of his Deck. Raiza attacked and Pardelles removed it from play with his other Set card, [prison].

Pardelles Summoned [alius] and attacked directly, leaving Caruso on 4900 Life Points.

Caruso Summoned [tree], and then activated [econ] to take Neos Alius. As this was still the Standby Phase he Summoned Treeborn again, and then Tributed his 2 monsters for [ladd], which attacked directly.

Pardelles Set a monster and a Spell or Trap.

Caruso attack with [ladd] and Pardelles flipped [mf] and then [prison], removing the dragon from play. In Main Phase 2 Caruso Summoned [cydra] and then [caius] to remove Pardelles’ Set Honest from play.

Pardelles played [rota] getting [alius]. [duality] came down next and he revealed [ecall], [noc] and [alius].He took his second copy of Neos Alius and Set one of them, but Caruso had the [raiza] for game!

Andrea Caruso’s Formula Monarchs take the win!

Could Andrea Caruso make it to the Top 32 after this result?
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