Round 9: Matt Goodridge (Mermail) vs Jack Bruun (Dino Rabbit)

24.02.2013 | 9:57 |

[p]Today’s first round of action sees British Duelist Matt Goodridge face off against Jack Bruun from Sweden. Bruun is once again using Dino Rabbit, the Deck he piloted to victory in Barcelona a few months ago, whereas Goodridge is playing Mermail. Whoever wins this Match will still be in with a shot of making Top 32, let’s see how things unfold.[/p]

Bruun needs to ''win out'' to make Top 32.

[div]Bruun opened the Match with [tgu], Summoning [sangan] before Xyz Summoning [zenmaines]. He Set 2 cards to finish.

Goodridge Set 2 cards and passed, Bruun flipped [macro] in the End Phase.

Bruun Summoned [saurus] and turned Zenmaines to [atk]. He attacked with both monsters. He Set 1 [st].

Goodridge flipped [asphere], Summoning [pike]. Bruun let it through. Goodridge Summoned [adrag] and [xyz]ed [bahamut]. Bruun flipped [bth] and Goodridge negated it with [sj] to go to 2300 Life Points. Goodridge tried to use Bahamut’s effect but Bruun halted it with [fiendish].

Bruun Summoned [tgu], followed by [nass] to Xyz Summon [17]. That was enough for Goodridge to concede.[/div]

Jack Bruun takes an early lead.


It's like 2011 all over again!

[div]Goodridge opened Duel 2 with [diva], Summoning [amark] with its effect. That allowed him to [synch] [tghl] and Set 1 card.

Bruun played [hole] and followed up with [rabbit], banishing it to Summon 2 [kabaz]. He attacked with both monsters and [xyz]ed [laggia] along with 2 [st]s.

Goodridge played [hole] which Laggia negated. [asphere] gave him a [linde], which attacked Laggia. It was destroyed and its effect triggered to Summon [leed]. He Set 2 cards.

Bruun drew to 3 cards in hand and dropped [tgu], using it to Summon another copy. That allowed him to [xyz] [leviair], which brought back [rabbit]. That in turn brought out 2 copies of [saurus], giving Bruun 4 monsters in total. He played [bom] on [leed], but was halted by [sj]. Goodridge went to 1850 Life Points as Bruun Summoned [maestro], which flipped Leed down. The resulting attacks sealed the Match.[/div]

Jack Bruun wins with Dino Rabbit!