Saturday Attack of the Giant Card winner

29.10.2016 | 21:01 |
Even if the Main Event is not going to well for you, you get a second chance to redeem yourself and try your luck at the Public Events. We present you Saturday’s Giant Card winner!


Saturday Giant Card


Name: Niklas Lindroth Age: 23 Country: Sweden What Deck did play today? I was running ABC with the artifact engine. Basically, it’s the same Deck as in the Main Event. Who was your toughest opponent today? I had to play Long Dao in the finals. He was a very well-known player. My hardest match-up was Blue Eyes in Round 1. I bricked but I still won somehow. After that I opened god like. Any last words? Shoutouts to Albin Christansson and the people that made my Deck David Bagstevold and Mikael Westlund and the rest of the Swedish people here in Liverpool.