Saturday Venue Lookaround

YCS Sydney is a huge event so far, and we’re well into Round 3 at the moment! While that’s going on, let’s take a look around and see what’s going on during the event.

We’re inside the Millennium Room at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia. No, you won’t find any Milennium Items here, only a ton of Duelists who are ready to prove themselves in Oceania’s first major event. Here’s a photo I took while the room was empty.

And here’s one now that the room is full of Duelists!

Here are the 2 Attack of the Giant Card! Prize Cards for the Side Events running tomorrow, these cards are currently in the centre of the room for all to see. We have Cyber Dragon Nova from the upcoming Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck, and Mobius the Mega Monarch, a powerful new Monarch monster appearing in Legacy of the Valiant.

Molten Conduction Field is giving this Duelist an amazing setup! Can he follow up with Rekindling?

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