Saturday’s Attack of the Giant Card Winner

18.03.2017 | 21:45 |

Even if the Main Event is not going to well for you, you get a second chance to redeem yourself and try your luck at the Public Events. We present you Saturday’s Giant Card winner!

Michael Lutz

Name: Michael Lutz
Age: 25
Country: Germany, Augsburg

What Deck did play today? I entered the Main Event with a pure Zoodiac build. I made a few tweeks and changes before going into the Attack of the Giant Card, but nothing serious. After losing the first two Rounds of the Main Event I decided to quit an try my luck at Public Events. I didn’t want to finish x:2 ending up 34th just like last year.

A memorable moment? The final was close. My opponent played Metalfoes and he had Forbidden Apocrypha set. I wanted to make a push as he dropped Maxx "C" on me. I decided to strike it and when he activated Forbidden Apocrypha I thought that was it. I was able to put at least one monster to field using Zoodiac Barrage and he had no follow up play!

Any last words? I want to give shoutouts to Shsner and Tanja.