Saturday’s Attack of the Giant Card Winner

26.08.2017 | 21:42 |

We have our first Giant Card Winner of this event! It is Onur Benek from Germany. Onur kind of scrubbed out in the Main Event and decided to redeem himself at the Attack of the Giant Card. Obviously it worked out for him!


Saturday Giant Card

Name: Onur Benek
Age: 25
Country: Augsburg, Germany
What Deck did play today? Pure Zoodiac: I was very unlucky in the Main Event. Round 1 I lost to True Draco, because he won the die roll. After that I had to face Chain Burn and lost again, because I lost the die roll once more. The pressure was getting to me, I made some unnecessary mistakes due to the high pressure that I felt here at YCS Rimini. After that, I dropped out and decided to play at the Giant Card event.
How do you feel about the Giant Card events? I’m really happy with my card. It’s my first trophy and I would like to put it on display somewhere. Unfortunately, we don’t have a local store or a place to meet in Augsburg, even though we have a large community. But we are working on it and hopefully someday there will be a local in Augsburg as well.
Any last words? I want to give shoutouts to all my people from Augsburg and Raymond Torres and Team 1000% in particular. Ray is my mentor and this card is as much his success as it is mine!