Saturday’s Giant Card Winner

04.07.2015 | 22:31 |

We have another Giant Card Winner! This time it’s Darjan Žužul who also happens to be the Croatian National Champion. The Main Event didn’t go too well for him, so he dropped and entered the Attack of the Giant Card Public Event. Obviously it worked out for him!




Name: Darjan Žužul
Age: 17
Country: Slovenia

What Deck did play today?
I played Nekroz. For the Main Event I was prepared for mirror match, but I didn’t play a single one. After going 0:3 I dropped out and entered the Public Events. I made a few changes to the Deck and it worked out fine. I added Mystical Space Typhoon to the Main Deck and cut Shared Ride as well as Maxx "C".

Who was your toughest opponent today?
Basically I 2:0ed everybody in my Public Event. The final game was the toughest, because I struggled to keep focused. I was pretty nervous and the pressure was on.

Any last words?
I want to give shoutouts to my friends that are still doing well in the Main Event and everybody from Slovenia. Thanks to those that lend me cards for my Deck. Hope to see you soon again.