Saturday’s Giant Card Winner

29.08.2015 | 21:07 |

We have the first Giant Card Winner of YCS Rimini! It’s Top 8 Dragon Duelist from Dublin Leonardo Pesci. I just watched him beat Oliver Lukenda in a tense Game 3 of the final pushing through Shared Ride. Take a look at the profile of this young and upcoming Duelist from Rome.




Name: Leonardo Pesci
Age: 12
Country: Italy, Rome

What Deck did play today? Nekroz

Who was your toughest opponent today? It was the finals: I lost Game 1 and had to win two games in a row to take home the Giant Card. The last turn I pushed through Shared Ride giving my opponent 6 additional cards just to win with Nekroz of Decisive Armor. He tried to Nekroz of Valkyrus but I negated it with the help of Number 104: Masquerade.

Any last words? I really enjoyed the fair play throughout the whole tournament. It was great fun!