Saturdays Giant Card Winner

28.10.2017 | 21:31 |

We have our first Giant Card Winner of this event! It is Philip Hürter from Germany. Philip dropped out of the Main Event after a bad start to go and visit the Comic Con. He decided to redeem himself at the Attack of the Giant Card. Obviously it worked out for him!


Philipp Hürter

Name: Philipp Hürter
Age: 22
Country: Germany, close to Cologne
What Deck did play today? Trickstar! I decided to run it, because it has a decent SPYRAL Match-up and you are able to maindeck most handtraps. They support your own gameplan like Droll & Lock Bird instead of being just a handtrap only. At the Giant Card event I faced far more SPYRAL Decks. I came prepared for that Match-Up, but was unlucky at the Main Event where I faced mainly rogue Decks.
How do you feel about the Giant Card events? I feel like they are a very valuable addition to the whole YCS circuit. The Giant Cards are for collectors and it is something different than the regular Win-A-Mat.
Any last words? The Comic Con was great. I met a lot of people and enjoyed talking to people that I usually don’t get to see. It’s cool to meet so many different people with different backgrounds that share a common interest. Shoutouts to my Team United Progamers and my friends.