Saturday’s Giant Card Winner

08.07.2018 | 8:21 |
We have our second Giant Card Winner of this event! It is Michael Ashworth from the UK. Michael didn’t too well in the Main Event and decided to redeem himself at the Attack of the Giant Card. Obviously it worked out for him!


Michael Ashworth
Name: Michael Ashworth Age: 21 Country: UK What Deck did play today? I decided to go with Sky Striker Trickstar. Unfortunately, I had a few bad opening hands and faced Pendulum early on resulting in a drop after Round 3. I took my chances, entered the Attack of the Giant Card and got lucky! How do you feel about the Giant Card events? I’m glad I finally got one. I wish I had won Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion, but this one is fine as well. The Giant Cards are a fine addition to the whole tournament experience. It’s worth entering and you can take home a very special prize. After all these events are the only place to get one. Any last words? Shoutouts to my friends who cheered at me today.