Sunday’s Speed Duel Giant Card Winner

27.10.2019 | 17:02 |
We have our second Giant Skill Card Winner of this event! It is Sean Jones from the UK. He’s a big fan of Speed Dueling and would love to see more support for the format.


Sean Jones


Name: Sean Jones Age: 27 Country: UK How do you feel right now? Made up! I was very nervous throughout the tournament… now I’m speechless! I won one of the coolest prizes here in London. What Deck did play today? Warrior – it’s got the biggest beaters, they are very resilient and the Deck is very versatile in general. How do you feel about the Public Events in general? Any last words? Hopefully Speed Duel keeps on seeing more support at events. Shoutouts to my friends Will, Steven, Mike and or OTS Card Den.