Second WCQ Regional Winner Sunday!

01.09.2013 | 16:45 |
YCS Brussels Day 2 is well underway now, but upstairs we already have a winner! William Gannon has conquered his opponents and has started his journey to becoming the next world champion!

William Gannon lost in concentration!

Everything William Gannon played led up to this point and his Evilswarm Deck is not a force to be trifled with, as his opponent, Luca Meroni discovered!

Luca Meroni, hard luck!

How did you defeat your opponent?
He needed to draw a third Spellbook Card to beat me in time, but he didn’t and I attacked for game.

If you were a Yu-Gi-Oh! Card what effect would you have?
I would have Glow-Up Bulb’s effect because I would like it to be no longer Forbidden.

How do you feel the Limited and Forbidden Card List has effected your Deck?
It made it a lot more difficult to play against Spellbook as Eradicator Epidemic Virus makes them much easier to defeat. Other than that it was unaffected.

Congratulations William Gannon! Have fun at next year’s European Championships!