Setting up the stage

Players queuing up for the registration

Every other Saturday during the season, thousands of football fans stand in line to make their way to the “Ruhrstadion”, the stadium of the local football club, which is located right next to our venue. It’s no surprise that people living in this area are used to seeing people queuing up. What they probably didn’t expect were hundreds of Duelists, trying to register for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Bochum, the first YCS in Europe!

Let's talk decks!

You could certainly feel the tension rising walking through the crowd and talking to some veteran Duelists. Everyone was excited and even the players that didn’t expect a huge turnout were surprised by the strong showing of the European community! Naturally, most participants standing in line were Germans, however, we could already see Dutch, French, English and Italian players. It’s a truly international tournament and we can’t wait for the different nations to battle it out and present their unique tech!

Meanwhile, behind the still closed doors, everyone was getting ready to accomodate to the wishes of the Duelists. Our vendors featured sleeves, single cards and lots of other products that would come in handy if a Duelist didn’t properly prepare for the tournament or couldn’t get his hands on that third copy of [black rose] for his Dandywarrior deck.


Our judges were also ready and up to the task. It couldn’t be much easier for the players – every judge got his very own badget that listed his name and indicated the languages he was able to speak. Most European judges speak two languages, English as well as their respective mother tongue.

We can’t wait for the tournament to begin and our live coverage team is also up to full speed already! Look forward to feature matches, pictures, interviews, deck features and more today and make sure to check back regularly!

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