Statistics: Match-Ups and Win Ratios

23.09.2018 | 13:47 |
As part of our statistics coverage we provide you - for the first time ever – with a chart comprising all the Match-Ups and win ratios of YCS Utrecht 2018. Disclaimer: please consider that this numbers are be subject to statistical accuracy. We did our best to gather and process the data, but it might happen that numbers do not add up completely.


Stats Please click on the picture to make it full screen.


The data underlying this chart are all the matches that were played during the Swiss Rounds of this YCS. The chart shows all Decks that were represented in the Main Event of YCS Utrecht and the Match-Ups. If you pick any Deck, for example Trickstar, you can figure out the win ratios against all the other Decks in the field. Trickstar have a 55% win-rate against Altergeist, whereas only a 45% win-rate against Pure Sky Striker. Hope this information helps when analyzing this event and for your preparations for the next one.