Stats of the Dragon Duel Championship

07.07.2012 | 20:11 |

Our helpful judges were kind enough to crunch some numbers and check some Decklists for us. This meant we can now present you with some stats about the European Dragon Duel Championship! Head inside to learn about where these junior champions came from and what they were playing!

Let’s start with our country breakdown. As you can see, Italy wasn’t able to claim the title of the country with the most representatives as those travel-crazy German families drove all the way to Europe’s sunshine state country to spend some very special holidays, featuring some Dueling action for their youngest members!


The Duelist Breakdown of the Dragon Duel Championship


Since we took care of the costs for the National Champions, it’s no big surprise we saw so many different countries represented on site. Those “Other countries” add up to a whopping 13, leaving us with an impressive total of 18 (!) countries!


Alright, so much for the country breakdown. A look at the metagame breakdown shows us that Chaos Dragons and Inzektors were able to get ahead of the competition. The other 3 Decks of the format (Wind-Up, Dino Rabbit and Dark World) are clearly underrepresented when compared to their performances at past events.


The Metagame Breakdown of the Dragon Duel Championship!


Hero Beat was the Deck that took the most advantage of this fact, sneaking in on 3. This is particularly surprising since many players still consider Dino Rabbit to be the most flexible Deck of the format. It follows in 4th place, though, just slightly ahead of Six Samurai and Dark World.

It’s nice to see that our younger Duelists are willing to experiement and play so many different Decks. I for one am curious to find out which Deck will claim the top seat tomorrow when we’re crowning the new European Dragon Duel Champion!