Steven Parkes’ “Shooting Star Synchro!” Deck

[STBL] has added many exciting new cards to the Decks of Duelists today, from [fsynch] to [recruiter], and everything in between. One of the Decks to get a nice boost is Quickdraw, and we’re seeing many different versions of the Deck here today, but none as stellar as this! Steven Parkes is from the United Kingdom and has changed his Quickdraw Deck around to focus on Yusei’s most powerful monster. His Deck was so exciting and effective that he’s convinced 2 other UK Duelists to use it as well!

Gehan Amaranayake (left), Steven Parkes (centre) and Paul Doherty (right) have all brought the same Deck to Milan!

[quote][b][u]Monsters: 24[/b][/u]
1 [tyt]
2 [caius]
1 [cydra]
2 [qd]
3 [debris]
2 [lonefire]
3 [ryko]
2 [dandy]
2 [veiler]
1 [plague]
1 [trooper]
1 [sangan]
1 [gale]
1 [spore]
1 [glowup]

[b][u]14 Spells[/b][/u]
3 [book]
3 [avarice]
1 [trunade]
1 [hole]
1 [wave]
1 [charge]
1 [141]
1 [foolish]
1 [reborn]
1 [mind]

[b][u]Traps: 3[/b][/u]
3 [decree]

[b][u]Extra deck: 15[/b][/u]
1 [shooting]
1 [rda]
1 [colossal]
1 [junkd]
2 [stardust]
2 [blackrose]
1 Iron Chain Dragon
1 [drill]
1 [brionac]
1 [catastor]
1 [arm]
2 [fsynch][/quote]

At first glance this Deck looks a lot like the standard Quickdraw variants we’re used to seeing, until you realise how many Tuners are present. There’s a total of 11 Tuners in here, which makes Synchro Summoning extremely easy. On top of [qd], [debris] and [spore] which the Deck is known to run, the UK Duelists have added [veiler], [plague] and [gale], along with [glowup] from [STBL]. Several of these Tuners are Level 1, and make for a quick and easy [fsynch] to set up [shooting] or several other tricks, such as Synchro Summoning on the opponent’s turn to avoid cards like [caius] and [book].
The ‘star’ of the Deck of course is [shooting], the 3300 ATK Synchro monster with several devastating effects. In order to Summon [shooting], first you must have [stardust] and [fsynch] on the field. Formula is easy to Summon thanks to the Level 1 Tuners and the [fluff][s] that are Summoned through [dandy]. As with all Quickdraw and Plant Synchro variants, the [debris]/[dandy] combo takes centre-stage, allowing for an easy [black rose] on their own, and [stardust] (along with [scrap d] and [rda]) when combined with [fluff][s]. It’s actually possible to Summon [shooting] on the very first turn of the Duel as well, by using [lonefire] and [reborn] to set up an elaborate combo involving [dandy] and [spore] to end up with [fsynch] and [shooting].

Formula Synchron's a key card in the Shooting Star strategy.

Once [shooting]’s on the field it’s very hard to stop, especially when it’s backed up by [decree], [book] or [veiler]. At 3300 ATK it can take down everything in battle, and by revealing multiple Tuners it can attack up to 5 times in a single turn! When I saw the Deck in action before the start of the event [shooting] was constantly attacking at least twice per turn thanks to the 11 Tuners in the Deck. [shooting]’s second effect is the same as [stardust]'[s] effect to protect cards from destruction, but [shooting] stays on the field, so your opponent can’t try to play around it by making it go to the Graveyard and following up with [hole] or [ground] on your other cards. The final effect of [shooting] can also lock down opponents, cutting off their first attack and then sending itself off to safety until the End Phase.[br][br]

There’s also quite a few other unique choices in this Deck. [141] makes perfect sense considering the high amount of Level 1 monsters in the Deck, and [mind] can put those Tuners to good use when the opponent has the right monster in control. [charge] loads up the Graveyard before adding [ryko] to the hand, possibly sending a [dandy] to the Graveyard along with way. All 3 Duelists are using different cards in their Side Decks, and Gehan has gone for [lyla] to work with [charge] and get rid of opposing Spells and Traps. Steven’s gone with [snowman] to serve as his 4th and 5th copies of Ryko, and Paul’s opted for [gec] to take down X-Sabers. For all 3 Duelists though, the Main Deck is the exact same and is set to bring about some explosive action today. Steven’s already won his first round, while Paul and Gehan are still playing, so be sure to check the Standings later on to see how they all did!

These 3 Duelists are just a small representation of the UK players who’ve made the trip to Italy today (over 20 are playing in total).

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