Sunday Attack of the Giant Card Winners

28.02.2016 | 16:56 |

As the Main Event proceeds Public Events become more popular. Here are your Sunday Attack of the Giant Card Winners!
[b]Name: [/b] Maximilian Brinkhoff
[b]Age: [/b] 20
[b]Country: [/b] Germany, Münster
[b]What Deck did play today? [/b] Kozmo – the deck runs really well, but unfortunately not in the Main Event.
[b]Who was your toughest opponent today? [/b] That was in the Top 8 vs. Monarchs. Game 1 took 35 minutes to finish and my opponent won. I managed to strike back in the remaining 5 minutes. In overtime my opponent bricked completely. I was really lucky to win this one.
[b]Any last words? [/b] Shoutouts to Florian Gieser and Jan Hausmann!
[b]Name: [/b] Adam Belohradsky
[b]Age: [/b] 23
[b]Country: [/b] USA, California San Jose
[b]What Deck did play today? [/b] Draco Slayer Turbo – it mains three copies of [painful] and [face off] making it a lot faster than all the other PePe decks.
[b]Who was your toughest opponent today? [/b] Monarch due to [b]Domain[/b]
[b]Any last words? [/b] Shoutouts to Team Jobber, Lex Wingate and Denny Yu.
[b]Name: [/b] Renato Smijulj
[b]Age: [/b] 19
[b]Country: [/b] Croatia, Zagreb
[b]What Deck did play today? [/b] Mermails, I worked out very well.
[b]Who was your toughest opponent today? [/b] Nobody in particular.
[b]Any last words? [/b] I want give shoutouts to all my friends.
[b]Name: [/b] Joshua Oosters
[b]Age: [/b] 21
[b]Country: [/b] Netherlands, Rotterdam
[b]What Deck did play today? [/b] Burning Abyss Phantom Knights – it’s still my favourite deck and the Phantom Knight engine is a strong addition to the archetype.
[b]Who was your toughest opponent today? [/b] I played against a Monarch FTK deck, but he bricked Game 3 so I won.
[b]Any last words? [/b] Shoutouts to Mathijs Giltjes and Raphael Neven.