Sundays Attack of the Giant Card Winners

26.11.2017 | 17:28 |

Here are the Giant Card Winners of Sunday! All of them played at the Main Event, but ran out of luck. They signed up for Public Events and made up for it by winning a Giant Card. Congratulations to all of them. Enjoy your new card!
Evangelos Argyris
[b]Name: [/b] Evangelos Argyris
[b]Age: [/b] 26
[b]Country: [/b] Greece, Heraklion
[b]What Deck did play today? [/b] SPYRAL – I was the same deck as in the Main Event. In the finals, I played against Samir Bachar and Pendulum Magicians. We had a great Duel and in Game 3 I had to call a blind Super Agent in order to get over his Bagooska and proceed to win the game.
[b]How do you feel about the Giant Card events? [/b] It’s a great event. I met a lot of nice people and had fun playing it.
[b]Any last words? [/b] Shoutouts to Errikos Beck and Themis Gkzyis and to all my friends on the Skype calls for sharing ideas and the decklist. Shoutouts to Ilias Rodios for his top 32 finish.
Adrian Dursun
[b]Name: [/b] Adrain Dursun
[b]Age: [/b] 21
[b]Country: [/b] Germany, Frankfurt
[b]What Deck did play today? [/b] SPYRAL – we built the deck geared towards the Mirror Match. I lost Round 10 in the Main Event and dropped out afterwards.
[b]How do you feel about the Giant Card events? [/b] I feel they are a great addition to the YCS tournament structure. It is the only chance to win a cool prize like this. I feel like the second place should get a prize as well.
[b]Any last words? [/b] Shoutouts to Team United Gosus, to my brother and all of my friends who came here with me.
Hassan Ghalbzouri
[b]Name: [/b] Hassan Ghalbzouri
[b]Age: [/b] 21
[b]Country: [/b] The Netherlands
[b]What Deck did play today? [/b] Handtrap Control aka Trickstar – I made minor changes to the side deck before entering the Attack of the Giant Card like adding [rai oh] for the mirror match. I was happy to see more SPYRALs in the Giant Card event.
[b]How do you feel about the Giant Card events? [/b] They are really good. They are much faster than the Mega Regional for example, so you don’t have to spend as much time waiting for the next round.
[b]Any last words? [/b] Shoutouts to Leonard König and all the Dutch people and Team Trent.
Mattia Ardesi
[b]Name: [/b] Mattia Ardesi
[b]Age: [/b] 23
[b]Country: [/b] Italy, Vigevano
[b]What Deck did play today? [/b] True Draco! I made a few changes. I added [b]Unending Nightmare[/b] and cut [terraforming]. They very really putting in some work for me. True Draco wants to build a field of floodgates with a boss monster. What floodgates can’t handle, [m peace] handles the rest.
[b]How do you feel about the Giant Card events? [/b] I like the prize card, but I like the single elimination the most.
[b]Any last words? [/b] Shoutouts to my Team Blaze Phoenix Team. Shoutouts to my friend Luca, who supported me during my trip here and to all of my friends.
Niklas Krebs
[b]Name: [/b] Niklas Krebs
[b]Age: [/b] 19
[b]Country: [/b] Germany, Mühlheim/Ruhr
[b]What Deck did play today? [/b] I entered the Giant Attack of the Giant Card. At first I only wanted to get playmat. But it really caught me using the Structure Decks. The longer the event lasted the more I enjoyed the format. It is something different to the usual constructed format. We played 7 Rounds of Swiss, but basically, you had to go undefeated to win. I feel like I won because I adapted very well to the format and I opened godlike in the finals.
[b]How do you feel about the Giant Card events? [/b] I like the prize support a lot. It was my first Giant Card event and I was lucky enough to win.
[b]Any last words? [/b] Shoutouts to all my friends ho came her with me.