Sunday’s Attack of the Giant Card Winners

27.08.2017 | 19:22 |
Here are the Giant Card Winner of Sunday! All of them played at the Main Event, but ran out of luck. They signed up for Public Events and made up for it by winning a Giant Card. Congratulations to all of them. Enjoy your new card!


Nico Schlierkamp
Name: Nico Schlierkamp Age: 18 Country: Germany, Karlsruhe What Deck did play today? Zoo with 20 traps, the Main Event didn’t go all that well for me. I changed my Deck to Zoo and it worked out. The traps give me the edge in the mirror match. The game is a lot slower than it was before therefore traps became a lot more playable. How do you feel about the Giant Card events? It’s the most popular Public Event because the prize support is great and it doesn’t take too long to finish. Any last words? I want to give shoutouts to Team Complexity Card Gaming, Noah Riffl, Niels Nowatzky and Tom Viergutz.


Adrien Guyader
Name: Adrien Guyader Age: 20 Country: France, Paris What Deck did play today? Pure Zoo, I swapped two to cards from my Side to my Main Deck. The format is still very much dependent on the die roll. We need to get a new Forbidden List to get rid of Zoo and True Draco and make the game more interesting again. How do you feel about the Giant Card events? Basically, each time I go to a YCS I enter a Attack if the Giant Card. I think it is a very nice prize. Any last words? Thanks to my new team Ultrajeux


Name: Raphael Nevens Age: 19 Country: Netherlands, Rotterdam What Deck did play today? Pure Zoo, with a lot of traps in the Main Deck. We were running no handtraps in the Main Deck. The Deck was really good, but I ran out of luck in Round 11 and lost on the bubble. How do you feel about the Giant Card events? Actually, I like them a lot. I won one before. It is the most prestigious event of all the Public Events and since it’s single elimination there is a lot more at stake. After all, it is only available at a YCS. Any last words? Shoutouts to the best team in the world CCG and my friend Joshua.